Permanently Cure ED – ED and Gum Connection Discovered (study)

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Sexual function can be so easily derailed by a wide range of serious and non-serious conditions elsewhere in your body.

A new study in the journal Andrology has now revealed a fundamental cause of ED.

And it starts in your gums, of all places.

Periodontitis is the sixth most common disease in the world. This inflammatory infection of your gums is caused by bacteria that live and accumulate on your teeth and gums.

Bacterial plaques accumulate on your teeth and spread towards their roots. This causes the gums to pull away from your teeth and allows bacteria to accumulate in the holes that consequently form between your teeth and gums.

Your immune system tries to fight these bacteria with inflammation, which damages the gums even further. Eventually, the gums and the bones that support the teeth completely dissolve, causing the teeth to fall out.

Having missing teeth is already a self-esteem problem; to make things worse, consider the ED that the French and Canadian authors of the new study believe may result from periodontitis.

They noticed that previous studies had found a relationship between periodontitis and ED. They conducted a review of the literature to determine how common this finding is.

They identified 19 relevant studies; the smallest had 53 subjects and the largest had 197,136. They were all performed on adults, with an average age of around 41 years.

Almost all of the studies found a significant link between periodontitis and ED, with the most severe cases of periodontitis also having the most severe cases of ED.

As one would expect, age was one of the most common factors the two conditions shared, with elderly people being the most likely to suffer from both periodontitis and ED.

Tobacco use and systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes were also common in people with both conditions, as were obesity and medications that reduce saliva production.

Some of the studies also examined the relationship between periodontitis and sexual hormones, with lower testosterone levels found in people with periodontitis in two of the three relevant studies.

So how can a condition in your mouth affect your sexual health?

Most of the researchers speculated that the high levels of inflammation in the mouth that result from the fight against the bacteria become systemic. In other words, inflammatory substances spread from your mouth through your bloodstream to your entire body, including the penis.

Inflammation damages the inner linings of blood vessels. This causes endothelial dysfunction, which many previous studies have proven to play a role in both heart disease and ED when blood vessels in the penis are affected.

Systemic inflammation also causes oxidative stress and reduces nitric oxide levels in blood vessels, which further reduces blood vessel function.

So the most important thing is to tackle inflammation in your body at the source. There is one single cause of almost all inflammation—and it’s quite easy to counteract, as I explain here…

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To Permanently Cure ED, Cut This Out (literally, slash it)

In a small research study, 67% of men had their ED cured as a “side effect” of a simple, low-risk surgery.

The weird thing is, the surgery took place nowhere close to the genitals. In fact, it was done on a small gland in the throat.

Although there has been no proof until now, a connection between hyperparathyroidism (overactive parathyroid gland) and erectile dysfunction has been speculated by many doctors.

The researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wanted to put this theory to the test.

They analyzed data from 160 men who underwent parathyroidectomy (a surgery where one or more of the parathyroid glands is removed). Every patient completed a list of “yes or no” questionnaires before surgery and again six months after surgery.

Twenty-one men reported erectile dysfunction before the surgery. Two were using erectile dysfunction medications.

Six months after the surgery, only seven men (one-third) still suffered ED. And the two men who were taking medications didn’t need them anymore.

This was, of course, a very small study. Much more research is needed to get any reliable data. But you may want to have your doctor check your thyroid activity if you experience erectile dysfunction.

What the study shows for sure is that your hormones do affect your erection strength. Therefore, it is essential that you take supplements that balance your gland’s efficiency and hormone levels.

But even better are a set of easy erectile dysfunction exercises. These exercises boost the blood flow to the genital, guaranteeing a strong, powerful erection…

Permanently Cure ED – Why ED Medications Do Not Work and What to Do Instead

ED medications have become so common that they’re almost considered the norm for men over 50.

But according to new research, there is a big problem with these drugs. Even for men who have 100% success using them and few side effects, these drugs leave them unsatisfied in the bedroom.

In this Manchester University study, 2,612 men taking Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) or Levitra (vardenafil) were questioned about their attitude towards sex.

Although many of the men claimed, the drugs had somewhat positive or very positive effects on their sex lives, even those who gained 100% erection reported being unsatisfied sexually.

It’s like something is still missing.

I believe the reason is that although the drugs force more blood flow into the penis, causing erection, they do not address the real underlying cause of erectile dysfunction.

In almost all cases, erectile dysfunction is physical (blood flow), hormonal (testosterone is one example), and emotional. Unless you address all three levels of the condition, you’re not going to feel satisfied in the bedroom.

I’ve helped many couples throughout the years. One of the most successful methods is a set of exercises to strengthen erection.

You can do the pelvic muscle exercises to boost blood flow into the penis. These exercises require no help from a partner and nobody needs to know you’re doing them. Research shows these PC exercises are even more effective than prescription medications.

But then you can take it to the next level. When we were in our twenties, we had desire and stamina to spare. As we get older, this approach also gets old. We want something more, deeper, more pleasurable. It’s the same difference as gulping down a six pack of cheap beer to get drunk or enjoying a fine wine in a good restaurant.

Our expectation and appreciation for pleasure deepens as we get older.

Partner exercises strengthen the connection in the relationship and take your sexual intimacy to a whole new level.

Many men have told me that even if they cured their erectile dysfunction using the PC muscle exercises, they didn’t begin enjoying sex again till they began working the partner exercises.

Maybe it’s also because your partner will enjoy them even more than you do. She will probably experience pleasure on a level that was never possible in her twenties and thirties. And that will make you feel great.

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So here is more info on how you can try out both the PC muscle exercises and the partner exercises to heal erection dysfunction on all levels…

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