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Get Hard and Stay Hard as Long as You Want – ED Caused by This Sexual Activity

ED is most often caused by either emotional factors like stress or anxiety or by physical issues such as plaque buildup in the arteries.

But there is another problem that can cause permanent ED if you don’t take immediate action when it happens.

And this one thing happens while making love.

Repeated studies have shown that men are at serious risk of erectile dysfunction if they delay a visit to the emergency room for more than 72 hours after fracturing their penis. Especially if they’re over 50.

You may be asking, “A fractured penis, is that a joke?”

No, it’s more common than you may think.

And while men are often worried about injuries caused by blunt force trauma, as in being hit or kicked, sexual intercourse is by far the most common cause, with 76.5% of penile fractures caused by sex.

A team of researchers surveyed 90 men with an average age of 39 who had suffered penile fractures. They published their results in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Of those cases, 41% were caused by the doggy style position, 25.5% by the man-on-top (missionary) position, and 10% by the woman-on-top position.

Masturbation, or penile manipulation, did not pose a significant risk.

The missionary and doggy styles caused the worst injuries, and thereby pose the biggest risk for developing ED.

This does not mean you have to cut these sexual activities from your repertoire, but they probably require that you keep just enough of your wits to remain in control of them.

To put it bluntly, penile fractures happen when the penis is shoved into something hard, causing it to break.

During both missionary and doggy styles, it is possible for the penis to slip out and be shoved into the bed, table, chair, or wherever you happen to be.

Doggy style poses the extra risk that you can aim poorly and shove the penis into the woman’s pelvic bone.

Woman-on-top is risky when she suddenly leans forward or backward, bending the penis unnaturally quickly and causing it to break.

So how do you know when your penis has fractured so you can seek immediate medical help to reduce your chance of ED?

Luckily, it is rather obvious. If you hear a cracking sound during sexual activity, your penis appears to be unnaturally bent, there is a lot of blood around, and you suffer severe pain, swelling, and a sudden loss of erection, an immediate hospital visit is crucial.

Luckily, erectile dysfunction most often has less painful causes and is easier to cure.

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Get Hard and Stay Hard as Long as You Want – This Is What Happens Immediately Switching to Organic

Eating organic is expensive and often difficult to manage (you’re not spending as much time at McDonald’s). But is it worth it?

A new study from The Swedish Environmental Research Institute put this question to the test, having a family of five switched completely over to organic.

What happened immediately was astonishing!

This was a typical Swedish family who very rarely ate organic. But with the support of The Swedish Environmental Research Institute and a supermarket chain, for two weeks they switched everything to organic.

That included food, cleaning products, all hygiene products, and even the father’s chewing tobacco.

Before switching, urine examples were taken daily, for a week, from every member of the family. The same procedure continued during the two weeks’ organic.

In the beginning, and unbelievable amount of pesticides and other chemicals were found in the samples. That included: 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (herbicides), Atrazine (herbicide), Boscalid (fungacide), Chlormequat chloride (CCC) and mepequat (growth inhibitors), Chlorpyrifos (insecticide), Ethylenebisdithiocarbamates (fungicide), MPCA (herbicide), Pyrethroids, such as cypermethrin and esfenvalerate (insecticides), Propamocarb (fungicide), Thiabendazole, iprodione, diuron, vinclozolin (fungicides).

Long story short, after only two weeks of using nothing but organic, most of these chemicals had completely disappeared.

Now authorities claim that the amount of each chemical was never above risk level.

But there is no long term study taking into account the combined amount of so many different chemicals and what they will do.

I believe these are major causes of many cancers as well as inflammation diseases such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure).

Get Hard and Stay Hard as Long as You Want – Not only that, reliable studies have shown that many of the commonly used or “normal” chemicals cause erectile dysfunction.

Get Hard and Stay Hard as Long as You Want – ED Medications Cause This Deadly Disease (what to do instead)

What is the use of managing ED if you’re dead?

That’s a pretty drastic statement. But according to a new research from New York University, the most common ED medications will drastically increase your risk of developing one of the deadliest diseases there is.

The ironic fact is that it’s easy to overcome ED without these medications and therefore avoid the deadly disease altogether.

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5), the active ingredient in Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and most other erectile dysfunction medications, significantly increases your risk of malignant melanoma.

And with both erectile dysfunction and malignant melanoma being on the rise, you can’t afford to take this risk.

The stats for 4,065 Swedish men suffering melanoma and 20,325 cancer-free Swedish men was analyzed.

11% of the melanoma group had taken PDE5 type erectile dysfunction drugs, but only 8% of the cancer free group. This means taking these drugs can increase your risk of melanoma up to 30%.

Pretty scary!

This is only one of myriad potential risks and side effects of erectile dysfunction medications; I hope all men will stop taking them. Plus, popping a pill every time you want to have sex is no fun.

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