What is the Best Way to Cure Insomnia Without Medication?

What is the Best Way to Cure Insomnia Without Medication? Revealing Here – How to Improve Your Psychological Well-Being and Cure Insomnia Without Medication. Read on to find out more.


Causal Circle of Insomnia & How to Cure Insomnia Without Medication


You wake up in the night from a nightmare and can’t fall asleep again.

So, after some twisting and turning, you go to the fridge and grab a snack. You still can’t sleep.


In the morning you feel wasted, anxious and even depressed. And it is no wonder what.


But what if this was all the reverse? What if it wasn’t really the nightmares that woke you up or insomnia that prevented you from falling asleep?


In a new study, Korean researchers decided to investigate whether people with anxiety or depression are more likely to have nightmares than the general population.


After all, if we can identify the cause of the nightmares, we can stop the nightmares, the night eating, and the insomnia.


They recruited 171 female undergraduate students with an average age of 21.7.


They gave them a barrage of questionnaires to complete, including the Disturbing Dream and Nightmare Severity Index, the Night Eating Questionnaire, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and the Insomnia Severity Index.


Once they had all this information available, they were able to crunch the numbers.


As expected, they found that participants with the most severe nightmares were the most likely to suffer from night eating syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.


They didn’t unearth the direction of these relationships, as they were probably bidirectional in most cases.


For example, anxiety brings about nightmares, but nightmares can also create subsequent anxiety that, according to one of the studies reviewed, can last for three days.


Similarly, nightmares can cause insomnia, as you are too disturbed to go back to sleep. However, insomnia can also produce the feeling that you’re having a lot of nightmares, because if you wake up after every dream, you are more likely to remember them, including the scary ones.


When they took insomnia out of the picture, they discovered that the girls who experienced the highest levels of anxiety were the most likely to have nightmares and have night eating syndrome. Depression was not relevant when insomnia was excluded.


This means that we can open the door to addressing these three conditions by removing anxiety: insomnia, nightmares, and night eating.


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How Marijuana Affects Insomnia & How to Cure Insomnia Without Medication


With the big surge of medical Marijuana, researchers are testing this substance on every condition under the sun.


And why not insomnia? After all Marijuana makes many people feel sleepy, relaxed and drowsy.


But will it actually help you sleep or does it simply mess up your ability to get a good night’s sleep?


In a recent edition of the Journal of Addictive Diseases, researchers divided their 98 subjects into three groups:

– daily marijuana users,
– non-daily marijuana users,
– and non-users.


38.8% of daily users had insomnia, compared to 10.3% of non-daily users, and 20% of non-users.


This indicates that Marijuana is rather more harmful than helpful when it comes to sleep.


But when they took into account their subject’s levels of depression and anxiety, they could no longer find an association between daily marijuana use and insomnia.


This suggests that the negative mood that marijuana brings about in some people plays a larger role in insomnia than the marijuana itself.


So, if you’re being prescribed medical Marijuana for pain or whatever other reason, pay attention to the mood effects it has on you.


If your mood doesn’t change (or improves) keep on, but if you begin experiencing depression or anxiety it’s better to find other medicine.


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Revealing Here – How to Improve Your Psychological Well-Being and Cure Insomnia Without Medication


Two Unexpected Things Cured by Treating Insomnia


Stress, anxiety and depression have often been considered to lead to difficulty sleeping.


But what if it was the other way around? What if the sleeplessness was actually the root of those troubles?


British researchers put this theory to the test and published the results in Lancet Psychiatry. What they discovered may surprise you.


They recruited 3,755 insomniac students from 26 British universities with an average age of 25, all experiencing some level of stress, anxiety or depression.


The students were randomly divided into two groups. Half received 6, 20-minute online sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy and the other half received no treatment but just advice for countering their insomnia.


The program ran for 10 weeks, and the students’ mental health was assessed via online questionnaires before commencement of the therapy, at week three, week 10, and at week 22, (12 weeks after the program ended).


Compared to the students receiving only the advice, the students who received the cognitive behavioral therapy showed a large improvement with sleep.


They also experienced a reduction in their depression, anxiety, and nightmares, and an improvement in general psychological well-being and work and home functioning.


Up to now, insomnia treatment has not been used as part of a treatment program for depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems, as it has been seen as a symptom of these conditions, and not as a cause.


This study suggests that it is time to treat the insomnia of people who suffer from psychological disorders, because it seems to be a contributing factor to these disorders.


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