Looking for the Best Treatments for Sleeping Difficulties? Does Your Job Cause Insomnia?

What are really the best treatments for sleeping difficulties? Looking for the Best Treatments for Sleeping Difficulties? Does Your Job Cause Insomnia? Read on here to find out how you can beat your insomnia without using any medication.


You would think that night workers or shift workers might suffer the worst in sleep patterns.


Or maybe people with lots of stress, such as doctors working in the emergency room or the police.


And this may be true. However, a new study in the Journal of Sleep Research illustrates that a different kind of job that is often overlooked. But this is the kind of job that more and more people are taking on.


It is becoming increasingly common for people to work in the so-called gig economy, or in contract jobs with poor job security.


To learn how these kinds of jobs affected sleep, researchers asked 24,553 workers aged between 25 and 65 across 31 European countries whether they had suffered from insomnia or other sleep difficulties over the past year.


They also asked them about their jobs and their security within these jobs.


When they combined the results for all European countries, they found that people who were insecure job wise were likelier to report insomnia.


In fact, with everyone unit lowered in job security, their chance of suffering from sleep difficulties rose by 47%.


Still looking for the best treatments for sleeping difficulties? Watch this video – How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes According to the US Navy

The conclusion held for people of all ages, for both genders, for locals and immigrants, all household sizes, all types of domestic relationship statuses, any number of children, all education levels, all income levels, all workplace sectors, and all workplace sizes.


The good news is that anyone can be fast asleep in 10 minutes using the simple technique found here


Looking for the Best Treatments for Sleeping Difficulties? Can Insomnia Ruin Your Sexual Function?


Health researchers have long known that anxiety, stress, and depression can cause insomnia, and that they can independently cause sexual dysfunction, but what happens when these psychological problems are excluded from the analysis?


Would insomnia and sexual dysfunction be found to be related?

That’s what a new study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research wanted to find out, and the answer really sheds a new light on this issue.


They recruited 703 American adults through Mechanical Turk, the online crowd-sourcing platform, and gave them a series of questionnaires to complete.


The questionnaires included The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, the Insomnia Severity Index, the International Index of Erectile Function, the Female Sexual Function Index, the Perceived Stress Scale, the Patient Health Questionnaire, and the General Anxiety Disorder scale.


With all this information available, they found that insomnia severity was definitely related to sexual function, and it was found that the worse the case of insomnia, the worse the sexual dysfunction.


Even when they excluded depression, anxiety, and perceived stress as possible influencing factors, the relationship remained.


So that’s one more reason to beat your insomnia as soon as possible. Fortunately, a simple method that can be found here that will knock you out in ten minutes and keep you snoozing for eight hours


And for men suffering erectile dysfunction, here are easy home exercises that will make you a marathon man in bed – with results as soon as tonight


Looking for the Best Treatments for Sleeping Difficulties? How Snoring Kills (even in absence of sleep apnea)


We usually think of snoring as a harmless annoyance.


Yes, it’s loud and it may keep your partner (and you) up at night. But doctors often consider its sister, disease sleep apnea, to be much more dangerous.


But a new study just presented a study at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America revealed the real danger of snoring.


In fact, it’s death toll makes it the #1 killer in today’s society.


The researchers obtained the information they analyzed from the UK Biobank, a research project that recorded the health of 500,000 volunteers over time.


They then analyzed the data of 4,877 of these volunteers for whom cardiac MRI scans were available.


Study subjects were divided into three groups: 118 of them who had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, 1,886 who self-reported as being snorers, and 2,477 who reported neither of the two.


Compared with the unaffected group, both sleep apnea sufferers and snorers were more likely to have enlarged left ventricles.


The left ventricle is the bottom left chamber of your heart. It is the largest of your heart’s chambers and the main pumping chamber, and it is responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood to your whole body.


Enlargement of the ventricle and thickening of its walls, which is caused by snoring and sleep apnea in this study, are big problems that are similar to those caused by high blood pressure.


It means that your heart has to work harder and would thereby eventually lead to heart failure.


The good news is that snoring and sleep apnea can be eliminated from as soon as tonight by using the simple throat exercises found here


This post is from The Cure Insomnia and Stop Snoring Program offers a revolutionary new approach to help people stop snoring. Snoring is not only disruptive to our partners, but it poses health risks as well, especially for those folks who suffer from sleep apnea.


Christian Goodman, the creator of the program, has discovered that a selection of specific exercises can actually correct the issues that lead to excessive snoring, and help snorers and their bed mates to overcome insomnia and get a better night’s sleep.


The program is created for people who are looking for the best treatments for sleeping difficulties without using medication. This program will allow you to shake your pesky and unhealthy snoring habit using only easy to perform natural exercises. No drugs, surgery, funky contraptions to sleep with, hypnosis or any other invasive techniques. If you can spend 7 minutes per day performing these exercises you can say goodbye to snoring for good and overcome insomnia.


To find out more about this program, click on Best Treatments for Sleeping Difficulties Revealed Here

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