What is the Best Way to Beat Insomnia Naturally?

What is the Best Way to Beat Insomnia Naturally? Beat Insomnia Naturally - Insomnia Increases Risk of Heart Attack 45% - The scientists investigated the connection between sleeping patterns and heart attack risk in a group of 50,000 men over the course of 10-years. They discovered that insomnia increased heart attack risk by approximately 45 percent –similar to smoking or being severely obese. Read on here to find out about this Cure Insomnia and Stop Snoring Program that can help you to get better sleep every night.


Beat Insomnia Naturally – Insomnia Increases Risk of Heart Attack 45%


Chronic insomnia makes people tired and irritable –and it may increase heart attack risk to boot—according to a research team from Norway.


The scientists investigated the connection between sleeping patterns and heart attack risk in a group of 50,000 men over the course of 10-years. They discovered that insomnia increased heart attack risk by approximately 45 percent –similar to smoking or being severely obese.


Scientists note that poor sleep may increase levels of inflammation in the blood, which can damage arteries and contribute to plaque formation.


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Beat Insomnia Naturally – This Tea Helps Insomnia-Sufferers Get a Good Night’s Sleep


Sipping a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed has a centuries-long history as an insomnia remedy. Now, a new study published in the latest BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine has found that the supplemental form of chamomile promotes shut-eye in adults suffering from insomnia.


In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 34 adults, researchers gave the group either a placebo or 250mg of chamomile. They found that chamomile modestly improved the amount of sleep that the participants experienced. The researchers note that chamomile helps increase levels of GABA –an important neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes healthy sleep patterns.


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Beat Insomnia Naturally – Michael Jackson’s “Doctor” License to Kill?


Today, I’m touching some very sensitive, controversial and moral issues. So whether you agree with me or not, I’ll really appreciate your comment on this topic.


The verdict had come out on Conrad Murray’s guilt and I believe that’s pretty much in line with public opinion.


I believe most of us connect to Dr. Murray with feelings of betrayal. After all, doctors are supposed to be helping people, not overdosing them with dangerous medications only meant for hospital use.


It doesn’t even matter if Murray in fact injected Jackson with the overdose or if Jackson somehow did it himself, the drug should never have been there in the first place.


It’s like hiring security guard to protect your house and have him show up with a nuclear bomb for your kids to play with. The security guard was supposed to protect you, not harm you. The same goes for doctors.


The scariest thought however is that Murray’s case is so far from being isolated. Although unusually dramatic, similar things happen in thousands of doctors’ offices every day.


Doc in a box will prescribe sleeping pills or Valium to a person for years even if he knows very well that these drugs are never supposed to be used for more than a few weeks.


Not all doctors use methods described here but the fact is that most doctors receive some kind of direct or indirect payments from drug companies to push their drug. Most likely your doctor does too. You might want to shoot the question in your next visit. Legally he’s obligated to tell the truth.


The fact that many patients – like Michael Jackson –  ask for or even insist on receiving addictive drugs that are only meant to use for a short period of time, doesn’t relive the responsibility from the doctor. His Hippocratic Oath is to practice medicine ethically in the best interest of the patient. That means sometimes saying NO.


Some of Murray’s attorneys’ reasoning was that Jackson was determined to get this drug and if Murray hadn’t given it to him, someone else would. This is the same reasoning street pushers give when selling illegal drugs to kids.


In fact, I feel the street pushers have more ethics than the doc in a box because they’ve never given an oath to be anything else than pushers who deliberately turn people into junkies. And they’re not betraying anyone’s trust. They’re open about their intentions.


We’re all responsible for our own health and own actions. Sometimes, however, we need to put our trust in professionals. Part of that is to trust that they’ll put aside their own greed and agenda and say NO if we ask for something that’s not good for us.


Dr. Murray betrayed that trust when “attending to” Michael Jackson.


If you’re suffering from insomnia as Michael Jackson was, I recommend you check out our insomnia program instead of relying on sleeping pills. This program often works better than sleeping pills and has absolutely no side effects or danger.


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Beat Insomnia Naturally – Medications That Cause Dry Mouth


A reader with a bad breath problem wrote in for advice.  Without knowing anything more about him, my first impulse was to offer that perhaps his oral hygiene could use some improvement.


After all, the most obvious solution to any malady is 95% of the time going to be the right one.  But sometimes, there are other causes for everyday problems, such as the one with which this reader was struggling.


There are a variety of things that can cause bad breath, even if you are a fastidious brusher and flosser.



One that tops the list right under hygiene and diet is dry mouth.

Called xerostomia, dry mouth is a condition marked by a whole host of frustrating, and even sometimes hidden, symptoms.  They mimic dehydration in many ways, so understanding the difference can be tough.


Symptoms include:


  • Foamy or thick, stringy saliva
  • Bad breath
  • Dry, cracked lips
  • Problems speaking, chewing, and swallowing
  • Increased thirst
  • Receding gums
  • Digestion problems
  • Vaginal issues
  • Dry eyes and nose
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscular pain


Sufferers may even show alarmingly frequent secondary conditions that occur as a result of dry mouth, including yeast infections in the mouth and reproductive areas, increase in cavities and periodontal disease, and infections like bronchitis, laryngitis and pneumonia.


If you’ve narrowed your bad breath problem to dry mouth, then the next logical step is to look at the causes to see what could be setting this frustrating condition off.


The biggest factor is medication-related, and there is a whole laundry list of medications that contribute to dry mouth.  If you are taking more than one at a time, then your likelihood of developing dry mouth naturally increases.


Medications that cause dry mouth include those to treat:



When looking at the possible negative side effects of these medications, the really unnerving ones like coma, risk of bleeding, stroke, birth defects, or what have you, usually command the biggest portion of our attention.


We typically skim right over the ones that don’t seem as deadly like stomach upset, dizziness and dry mouth.


But if you separate each negative effect apart from the others and look at the risks associated with each on its own, the less critical ones suddenly become worrisome.


Dizziness can lead to car accidents, falls, and head injuries.  Stomach upset, diarrhoea and vomiting lead to dehydration and malnutrition.


Dry mouth leads to infections that can be life-threatening, especially for those with compromised immune systems anyway.  Pneumonia is nothing to snicker at.  Bronchitis in an asthmatic can land a guy in the hospital.


Here’s the rub- many of the problems from diseases that these medicines are designed to prevent are what make the side effects so much more problematic if the medications are taken in the first place.


It’s like a person can’t win.


And we have to have stinky mouth on top of everything else?

However, this is the place where you would normally see the comments regarding the virtues of getting off medications wherever possible, or at least seeing about getting the dosage reduced.


Well, I don’t want to disappoint.  It is going to be critical for anyone who is suffering from the adverse effects of these medications- even if it’s just the “minor” side effects like dry mouth- to talk to the prescriber about pursuing natural methods.


As we age, more problems are going to crop up. I get that.  It’s like every five years we have to add another pill to the cocktail we take every morning.  But as we age, we are also less able to mitigate the damage caused by those very medications.


That’s why prevention is such a critical part of disease management.  While safe products to reduce dry mouth (like Biotene) are out there to help reduce the effects of dry mouth, reducing or eliminating the problem the medication is designed to treat naturally is always going to be preferred over racing behind it with medications, trying in vain to catch up.


If you noticed any of the symptoms of dry mouth and you are not chemically dehydrated, it’s time to talk to the doctor about your prescription and over-the-counter medications.  See what you can do together to reduce the dosages safely.


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