What is the Best Way to Treat Insomnia Without Pills?

What is the Best Way to Treat Insomnia Without Pills? Treat insomnia without pills by regulating this nuisance - It causes insomnia if it is not under your control, but whether it is under your control is under your control. Confused yet? It is quite simple, and many studies support it. In September 2015, a group of researchers published an article in the British Journal of Health Psychology that demonstrated a connection between people’s ability to control their emotions and their ability to sleep.
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Treat Insomnia Without Pills – Beat Insomnia by Regulating This Nuisance


It causes insomnia if it is not under your control, but whether it is under your control is under your control.


Confused yet?


It is quite simple, and many studies support it.


In September 2015, a group of researchers published an article in the British Journal of Health Psychology that demonstrated a connection between people’s ability to control their emotions and their ability to sleep.


They sent out a survey that collected information on the participants’ demographic details, insomnia symptoms, the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale, anxiety, and depression.


At first, from the 2,333 responses, they found no relationship between control over emotions and insomnia.


However, when they sent follow-up surveys six and 18 months later, the 1,887 and 1,795 respondents showed a clear, though small, tendency to sleep worse when their ability to regulate their emotions declined. The insomnia from which many of them suffered as a result of the decreased emotion regulation was persistent, not just an anomaly.


From this, we can conclude that a decrease in your ability to regulate your emotions can make you sleep a little worse, and that this effect is small but persistent.


This will not come as a surprise to many of you. We can probably all testify to sleeping worse when we dwell on our worries in the evening when we go to bed.


Psychologists have confirmed this often, such as in a 2009 paper in the journal Emotion, in which they demonstrated that people who dwelled on their daytime behaviour when retiring to bed were kept awake by their accompanying feelings of regret, shame, and guilt.


The obvious question is how to overcome this lack of emotional control so that you can sleep well again. Luckily, science is quite helpful here.


Cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychological treatment that helps people to challenge and reframe their negative thinking patterns. The aim is to change your emotions by changing the way you think about yourself and the world.


Normally, it is used as a treatment against depression and anxiety disorders. However, if control over your negative emotions is the aim, then why not try it for insomnia too?


Researchers have done precisely that. Not only have they found that cognitive behavioural therapy is effective as a treatment for insomnia, but they have also discovered that you don’t even have to attend a clinic or self-help group. An online course in the comfort of your home is good enough.


In a review of studies on the effectiveness of computerized cognitive behavioural therapy published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, a research team concluded that most randomized controlled trials on the subject found that it could improve sleep quality, sleep efficiency, the number of awakenings, the time between going to bed and falling asleep, and people’s score on the Insomnia Severity Index. It does not improve the number of hours you sleep, but the quality of the sleep you get.


There is a much simpler method to overcome sleeplessness and insomnia. This little technique is partly based on the cognitive behavioral therapy mentioned before but has been proven even more effective…


Treat Insomnia Without Pills – 7 Foods that Will Give You the Best Sleep of Your Life


How can something we eat at lunch help us get a full night’s sleep?


Most of us don’t think that the food we consume will contribute to a good night’s sleep. However, food actually has an enormous impact on our sleep pattern.


Today, we’re going to tell you about seven delicious types of foods that load you up with ingredients that will help you sleep through the night.

You, like many people, may have trouble falling or staying asleep. On the other hand, you might fall and stay asleep easily, but find your sleep light and restless.

If this describes you (and even if it doesn’t) you could benefit from one of these fantastic, healthy options.


1) Eat more fish. Specifically, eat more salmon and tuna. These fish are loaded with vitamin B6, which is an essentially element in the creation of melatonin (that wonderful hormone that makes you sleep).


2) Enjoy a healthy dinner of steamed veggies over a plate of jasmine rice. Unlike ordinary rice, jasmine rice is high-glycemic. This results in more insulin and more sleep (for those with a normal insulin response).


3) Yogurt gives your body calcium. A lack of calcium has been connected to poor sleep. Like yogurt, dairy products such as cheese will contribute to your calcium levels.


4) Whole grains are high in magnesium. Not enough magnesium that translates to not enough Zn.


5) You may have heard a lot about the super food known as kale. Kale is popular for a reason. It can significantly boost your calcium and you remember what we said about calcium.


6) Bananas are another great source of vitamin B6, which we’ve already stated will help you build that melatonin.


7) Finally, as if there weren’t enough out there to help you get the B6, chickpeas will do the trick. What’s more, they fit into a lot of terrific meals.

Whether or not you think sleep is an issue for you, try out these delicious foods. If nothing else, they will keep you healthier and more energetic. Plus, you might be surprised how much sleep you get tonight.


Eating healthy is good, but there is an even more powerful way to help you sleep. In fact, this simple trick will knock you out in a few minutes and keep you sleeping throughout the night…


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Treat Insomnia Without Pills – Heal Your Arthritis in Your Sleep


Millions of people suffer from arthritis, and treatment options can frequently be expensive or carry dangerous side effects that are an unreasonable risk for many.


Plus, the traditional medical system has no cure for arthritis, anyway!

There are, however, specific natural steps you can take to heal arthritis on your own, without having to resort to measures that could cause other problems for your health.


Disruptions in sleep can cause a litany of problems throughout the body. Going without proper sleep can cause everything from depression to heart disease.


It can also cause incredible joint and muscle pain in waking hours.


Many people think that their trouble sleeping is due to arthritis pain waking them up at night. While there may be some truth to this, the actual situation is the exact opposite.


Arthritis pain can be caused by lack of quality sleep. Then, the pain/no sleep cycle perpetuates.


What’s more, in a joint study between the Universities of Arizona, Florida, and Alabama, researchers found that participant’s sensitivity to pain was greatly increased as quality of sleep decreased.


Not only were the sleep-deprived participants more likely to suffer more pain in the first place, but it was also much more intense than their better sleeping counterparts.


Sleep is a restorative process. When we are asleep, our muscles, joints, and other tissues make repairs. They also produce the chemicals that regulate our sensitivity and response to painful stimuli.


So people who suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea/snoring, or sleep deprivation face a double assault- more opportunities for pain to be generated while at the same time pain is significantly worse.


Getting a good night’s sleep is therefore imperative if you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis.


Find out how to easily fall asleep in just minutes- even if you have tried everything else out there without success…

Snoring and sleep apnea are a thing of the past- without mouthpieces, guards, drugs, or gimmicks…


And most importantly, if arthritis is what’s troubling you, here is the exact strategy I used to completely reverse my arthritis in 28 days…


This post is from The Insomnia and Stop Snoring Program offers a revolutionary new approach to help people stop snoring. Snoring is not only disruptive to our partners, but it poses health risks as well, especially for those folks who suffer from sleep apnea.


Christian Goodman, the creator of the program, has discovered that a selection of specific exercises can actually correct the issues that lead to excessive snoring, and help snorers and their bed mates get a better night’s sleep.


The program will allow you to treat insomnia without pills and shake your pesky and unhealthy snoring habit using only easy to perform natural exercises. No drugs, surgery, funky contraptions to sleep with, hypnosis or any other invasive techniques. If you can spend 7 minutes per day performing these exercises you can say goodbye to snoring for good.


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