What is the Best Way for Treating Insomnia?

What is the Best Way for Treating Insomnia? Two Unexpected Things Cured by Treating Insomnia - Stress, anxiety and depression have often been considered to lead to difficulty sleeping. But what if it was the other way around? What if the sleeplessness was actually the root of those troubles? British researchers put this theory to the test and published the results in Lancet Psychiatry. What they discovered may surprise you.
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Two Unexpected Things Cured by Treating Insomnia


Stress, anxiety and depression have often been considered to lead to difficulty sleeping.


But what if it was the other way around? What if the sleeplessness was actually the root of those troubles?


British researchers put this theory to the test and published the results in Lancet Psychiatry. What they discovered may surprise you.


They recruited 3,755 insomniac students from 26 British universities with an average age of 25, all experiencing some level of stress, anxiety or depression.


The students were randomly divided into two groups. Half received 6, 20-minute online sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy and the other half received no treatment but just advice for countering their insomnia.


The program ran for 10 weeks, and the students’ mental health was assessed via online questionnaires before commencement of the therapy, at week three, week 10, and at week 22, (12 weeks after the program ended).


Compared to the students receiving only the advice, the students who received the cognitive behavioral therapy showed a large improvement with sleep.


They also experienced a reduction in their depression, anxiety, and nightmares, and an improvement in general psychological well-being and work and home functioning.


Up to now, insomnia treatment has not been used as part of a treatment program for depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems, as it has been seen as a symptom of these conditions, and not as a cause.


This study suggests that it is time to treat the insomnia of people who suffer from psychological disorders, because it seems to be a contributing factor to these disorders.


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Treating Insomnia – The Depressing Link Between Sleep Apnea and Insomnia


Do you have trouble sleeping?


Do you want help for treating insomnia?


Have you been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?


Do you feel a little down from time to time or have you been diagnosed with depression?


If you answer one or more of the above questions YES, then you absolutely must read on here. Because a new study found some terrifying connections between one of these conditions and undiagnosed problems with the other two.


In a recent study published in the journal Respirology, researchers teased out the prevalence of depression in people who suffer from either sleep apnea or insomnia or the two conditions simultaneously.


They recruited 700 men with an average age of 58 who had not previously been diagnosed with sleep apnea.


They were then tested for sleep quality as well as level of depression.

5.3 percent of the subjects suffered from insomnia alone, while whooping 46.2 percent suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea, surprisingly making the latter a far more common phenomenon.


Furthermore, 6.7 percent of the subjects had both insomnia and sleep apnea together.


Only 8 percent of the subjects with sleep apnea alone suffered from depression, compared with 22 percent of those with insomnia alone.

But 43 percent of those who suffered BOTH sleep apnea and insomnia also had depression.


This indicates that if people are able to beat either their insomnia or sleep apnea … or better yet both, it will drastically improve their mood and even reverse depression.


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Natural Cures for Insomnia

Better than Sleeping Pills: Natural Remedy to Sleep Better



Treating Insomnia – This ONE Healthy Drink Helps You Sleep through the Night


Sleep is important to you. It’s refreshing when you get enough of it.

It keeps you going throughout the day.


The problem: you’ve been having sleepless nights. Nights when counting sheep just didn’t cut it. Bad for health. Bad for keeping you from yelling at your boss out of frustration from lack of sleep.


But there’s a tasty drink that can change all that.


Researchers from Louisiana State University have discovered that a glass of tart cherry juice is what you need to sleep better and also increase your sleep time by up to 90 minutes.


For the study, seven volunteers who were elderly people suffering from insomnia were advised to drink 8 ounces of tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks.


This was followed by 2 weeks of abstinence from cherry juice. For the next two weeks after that, the volunteers were instead given a placebo beverage in the place of cherry juice.


The researchers monitored the sleep pattern of the volunteers for the entire period of the study. They also surveyed the volunteers about fatigue, sleep, anxiety and depression.


The research revealed that those who consumed cherry juice in the morning and night, on an average slept about 84 minutes longer than usual and also enjoyed better quality of sleep.


It has been concluded that the compound in cherry juice helped to stop the breakdown of the amino acid tryptophan, which is necessary for synthesis of the hormone serotonin that induces good sleep.


An increase in the levels of serotonin has other beneficial effects too – it can decrease inflammation and improve the mood! The juice itself contains a small amount of tryptophan which makes it a great natural choice for fighting insomnia. Say goodnight to your sleeping medication and instead enjoy a glass of cherry juice!


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