What is the Best Way to Cure Difficulty in Sleeping?

What is the best Way to Cure Difficulty in Sleeping? Cure Difficulty in Sleeping - The Most Enjoyable Solution for Sleeplessness and Insomnia - One of the most common health issues of the 21st century is Insomnia. Millions of people every night have trouble falling asleep, wake up in the middle of the night or get up in the morning tired. Read on to find out more about this Cure Insomnia and Stop Snoring Program that can help you to sleep well every night.
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Cure Difficulty in Sleeping – The Most Enjoyable Solution for Sleeplessness and Insomnia


One of the most common health issues of the 21st century is Insomnia. Millions of people every night have trouble falling asleep, wake up in the middle of the night or get up in the morning tired.


The “insomnia cure industry” is huge, producing anything from powerful sleeping pills, light gadgets and self-hypnosis tapes. Most of these sleeping-aids either cause serious side effects, cost a fortune, don’t work or are outrageously annoying.


Scientists at the University of Colorado in Boulder have, however, discovered an extremely pleasurable method to overcome insomnia. What’s more, this method is completely free and improves both overall health and mood.


Living in the electronic age has created a number of incredible conveniences for our daily lives. However, it has also created some very unhealthy consequences as well.


The constant onslaught of electronic input from artificial light, television, video games, computers, and the like, have created a situation of over-stimulation in our brains.


The disastrous result? Insomnia.


However, undoing the damage can be completely natural and require no medications, herbs, elixirs, or any other interventions.


Melatonin is a natural chemical that the body produces as the serotonin in the body breaks down. Serotonin is created partly from natural light, and is critical in mood, attention, and other mental processes.


Being trapped inside all day causes a person to miss out on much needed serotonin, which leads to an absence of melatonin.


As well, the constant barrage of electronic stimuli coming from the computer, electronic tablet, television, and other devices over-stimulates the brain to a point where finding restful, consistent sleep has become impossible for many.


So how do you undo the damage?


Go sleep outside, say scientists at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Spending time outside during the day and into the evening, experiencing the sunset and then the natural rising of the sun has been shown to improve the sleep cycles of participants in a recent study.


Researchers saw that for participants who camped outside that at the end of the week, they reported not only falling asleep much easier, but also sleeping more soundly through the night and waking up more rested and alert.


Researchers noted that it takes very little time at all for the body to acclimate to the natural cycle of the rising and setting of the sun, resulting is a harmonious synchronizing of the body’s sleeping clock.


One of the interesting things for me, personally, regarding this research is that I myself completely cured my insane insomnia a few years back and I discovered the cure while camping out in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania.


The key, however, was that I found a way to take the cure back home and use it even when I was NOT camping. I then tested it with my clients and discovered that pretty much all of them could fall asleep within 24 minutes if they used my simple method.


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Cure Difficulty in Sleeping – Strange, Common Cause of 80% of Insomnia Cases


Many people suffering from insomnia don’t know the cause of their sleeplessness, which makes finding relief difficult to do.


A new study, however, reveals ONE common cause that over 80% of people suffering from sleeplessness have in common.


And it’s something that’s has not been considered a lot before but can in most cases be relatively easy to correct.


Recently, a study lead by Barry Krakow, medical director of Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences in Albuquerque, reviewed the medical histories of more than 1,000 patients that was conducted to look at the relationship between sleep disturbances and breathing problems.


The study, published in the online journal, Sleep and Breathing, showed that more than 80% of the people who were shown to have insomnia and other sleep disruptions also suffered from breathing problems while sleeping.


Watch these 2 Videos –


Insomnia Sleeping Disorder Treatment – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Insomnia

How to Cure Shortness of Breath at Home

When many of the participants of the study were interviewed, they reported not knowing what made them wake up. Some common reasons that were offered as possibilities ran the gamut from night time noises to needing to urinate.


When the participants underwent sleep studies, breathing problems were observed in at least 80% of those studied.


Some of the breathing problems were attributed to sleep apnea and snoring, but not all of them.


For many, they had inflammation of the nasal passages that were related to causes like allergies, deviated septum, and other issues specific to the nose.


Before running out to the drugstore to work on the breathing component of good sleep, many of the issues that cause breathing problems can be solved naturally, without drugs.


Our simple stop snoring exercises have helped thousands of people to get rid of their snoring as well as sleeping better. All in 3 minutes.

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Cure Difficulty in Sleeping – 10 Foods That Cause Sleeplessness and Insomnia


Sleeplessness and insomnia are serious problems, but are you contributing to the problem by eating foods that are actually keeping you awake?


There are certain chemicals in foods that react with the body to release energy and ultimately induce insomnia.

1. Oats


According to professional Dr. Robert Kwok of Health Tap Inc., oats contribute to feelings of sleeplessness because of their high fiber content, even though they also contain melatonin, which actually works in the body to induce fatigue. Individuals eating oats just before bedtime don’t digest this food properly, which leads to problems with gas and heartburn.


2. Vegetables


Vegetables such as beans, broccoli and even garlic can be tricky to digest, which means that after eating them just before bedtime, you can be kept up by problems with gas. Leafy vegetables make people urinate more frequently, thus keeping them up all night with incessant trips to the bathroom.


3. Red Meat


It’s not a good idea to eat red meat later in the evening because your body needs time to digest this food so it just ends up sitting in your stomach the entire night. If you must eat meals containing protein later in the evening, stick to the lighter options, such as turkey.


4. Ice Cream


Just about everyone loves ice cream, but this treat contains so much sugar, as well as carbohydrates that it stimulates your brain and keeps you up long after your bedtime has come and gone.


5. Alcohol


The American Heart Association has recommended that women stick to one drink per day, while men can push it to two. You will still want to cut it out before bedtime.


6. Spicy Meals


According to the International Journal of Psychology, spicy foods not only contribute to stomach related discomfort when eaten before bedtime, but also stimulate a person enough to keep them awake.


7. Sugars and Carbs


Any food that has a high sugar or carbohydrate content should be avoided just before bedtime, says the National Institute of Health. This is particularly because these foods raise the blood-sugar levels, which interrupts up your sleeping patterns.


8. Fatty Foods


Fatty and greasy foods can be difficult for the body to digest, especially when these are combined with high acidic foods, such as the tomato base on a pizza. Ultimately, the stomach will end up spending the entire night trying to digest the meal if it’s eaten too late in the evening. And you’ll suffer the consequences.


9. Dark Chocolate


Since dark chocolate contains caffeine, as well as phenylethylamine, theobromine and anadamide (which are all stimulants), it is best that you leave this treat until the morning.


10. Caffeine


Anything that contains caffeine should be avoided in the evening, and in some cases in the late afternoon, since the effects of this stimulant can be quite long lasting for some people.


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Christian Goodman, the creator of the program, has discovered that a selection of specific exercises can actually correct the issues that lead to excessive snoring, and help snorers and their bed mates get a better night’s sleep.


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