What is the Best Way to Cure Trouble Falling Asleep?

What is the Best Way to Cure Trouble Falling Asleep? Can’t Sleep? Want to Cure Trouble Falling Asleep? Here’s what to do in 4 Easy Steps


Can’t Sleep? Want to Cure Trouble Falling Asleep? Here’s what to do in 4 Easy Steps


According to a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation, almost half of North Americans suffer from insomnia during their lifetime, and out of this, nearly 22% have difficulties sleeping every night.


These statistics might be troubling, but did you know that there are certain habits that might be contributing to, or possibly even causing this problem?


By getting to know the bad habits that could be causing your sleeplessness, you have the power to change them.


Are you constantly trying to force yourself to sleep when your body just isn’t ready?


According to experts such as Nitun Verma, M.D., this could be a big mistake. If your body isn’t tired, you are probably going to end up lying awake for hours, feeling more and more frustrated with every passing minute, and this anxiety is going to keep you awake even longer.


It’s important to go to bed when you feel tired; this might seem easier said than done, but by changing the following bad habits, it won’t be.


1) It’s never a good idea to over stimulate yourself just before you go to bed; otherwise your brain will be whirling away while you’re trying to obtain a peaceful enough state to fall asleep.


Turn the television off about two hours before bedtime and read a book or spend some time with a loved one; this will allow your body to slowly wind down from its busy day so that by the time bedtime arrives, you’ll be tired enough to sleep.


2) Turning off bright lights during the few hours that precede bedtime is important, since the body reacts to light and isn’t able to produce melatonin amidst the television’s glare or the bright lights around the house. Melatonin is the chemical that is responsible for the regulation of sleeping patterns, and so it is an important component of a good night’s rest.


Turn down the dimmers so that your brain is not only able to reach that calm, restful state that it requires before bed, but also so that melatonin can be released into your system in preparation for the restful period ahead.


3) These days, people do everything from eating meals to watching television in bed, and so it’s no wonder that when they get underneath the covers, they aren’t able to sleep. In order to get the body accustomed to sleeping when you go to bed, make sure that it is only used for this purpose.


4) Lastly, cut out beverages such as coffee, alcohol and just about any other stimulants, in the hours preceding bedtime. Alcohol might make you feel a bit sleepier after that first glass of wine, but once this initial affect passes, you’ll probably end up waking up a few times during the night.


Coffee, on the other hand, remains in the system hours after you drink it; this means that you need to stop drinking it in the late afternoon, rather than just before bedtime.


Do you suffer from insomnia? Whether it is a constant struggle or something that pops up a few times a year, the “Train Your Brain” Insomnia program is helping many people suffering from this often crippling problem.


The program is easy, and will work from the very first night – in fact, it will take less than 25 minutes to get you from wide awake to fast asleep, any time of the day. Why continue to struggle when you can Train Your Brain for a sound night’s sleep?


Check out this simple Insomnia program, that will knock you out in 24 minutes, here…


Lose Weight While You Cure Trouble Falling Asleep


When you think of tackling these extra pounds, you’d probably be considering diet and exercise plans as your only option.


Many recent studies have revealed, however, a very easy method that can effortlessly (and we mean no effort) help you shed off several pounds in only a few weeks.


What’s more, it costs nothing!


You see, the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation run the gamut from increased migraine activity to dangerously high blood pressure. It is even known to be a cause of heart failure if left untreated.


Many studies also are uncovering insomnia’s role in weight gain, showing how sleep deprivation interferes with healthy metabolic activity.


Sleep deprivation leads directly to increased hunger and overeating. The body tries to overcome the stress that is created by insulating itself with calories- a whole new meaning for ‘comfort food.’


Hunger hormones are a naturally occurring chemical in the body.


However, for many people they are churned out factory-style and scientists have been looking for the “secret” to turning them off.

Emerging science has shown that the kind of stress that the body is exposed to in chronic sleep deprivation is the very thing that kicks these hunger hormones into high gear.


The theory, therefore, is to switch the stress button to “off” mode by getting the proper, healthy amount of sleep, which is generally between 7 to 9 hours of continuous sleep.


Once the body stabilizes and frees itself of the stress of insomnia. The hormones shut themselves off, leading to the elimination of overeating and serious weight loss.


If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out this simple, natural method guaranteed to knock you out in 24 minutes and keep you asleep for 8 hours straight…


For an even more powerful method to lose weight, check out our Weight Loss Breeze method. Like sleeping, it requires no diet or exercises to put your weight loss on autopilot…


Watch this Video – Natural remedy that makes you Fall asleep instantly! Good to know if no sleep!

Cure Trouble Falling Asleep – How Sleeplessness Causes Heart Attack


A mega-study involving more than 54,000 participants has caused a stir, as published in the European Heart Journal recently.


The massive study- to date, the largest of its kind- looked at the effects of insomnia on health and found disturbing evidence of how it causes high blood pressure and heart attack when left untreated.


In today’s article we’re going to explain how sleeplessness can cause your heart to fail and tell you about a method proven to put you to sleep in 24 minutes.

…even when nothing else worked!


A massive study following tens of thousands of Norwegian participants for more than a decade looked at the effects of chronic, untreated insomnia on heart health.


Insomnia is characterized by not being able to fall asleep, not being able to stay asleep, and waking up un-refreshed after periods of sleep. Worldwide, diagnoses are increasing for the condition that used to be regarded as merely a nuisance.


The study looked at more than 54,000 people who, at the beginning of the study, had no indicators of heart disease. After 11 years of following the participants and adjusting for other risk factors like smoking, diet, and exercise, researchers found that insomniacs had a 92% chance of developing heart failure.


While other studies have shown that there are links between lack of sleep and heart failure, the Norwegian study puts the gun in the hand of chronic elevated blood pressure resulting from insomnia.


Treating insomnia is key to reversing the death sentence, but many doctors caution against using sleep aids now, as they are implicated increasingly in behaviour disorders and worsening symptoms because they inhibit the body’s natural progression through the sleep cycles needed for recovery.


Throughout the decades I’ve worked with hundreds of people who had all kinds of health issues that I linked to their sleeplessness. Many of those people had tried every method under the sun to try to rid themselves of this problem without success.


There is, however, one very simple method I discovered in the hard wood forest of Pennsylvania that helps almost everyone to fall asleep in 24 minutes. What I’ve witnessed again and again is that after implementing this method, many other health issues have disappeared.


Learn more about this simple, natural sleeping method and test it out online here…


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This post is from The Insomnia and Stop Snoring Program offers a revolutionary new approach to help people stop snoring. Snoring is not only disruptive to our partners, but it poses health risks as well, especially for those folks who suffer from sleep apnea.


Christian Goodman, the creator of the program, has discovered that a selection of specific exercises can actually correct the issues that lead to excessive snoring, and help snorers and their bed mates get a better night’s sleep.


The program will allow you to shake your pesky and unhealthy snoring habit using only easy to perform natural exercises. No drugs, surgery, funky contraptions to sleep with, hypnosis or any other invasive techniques. If you can spend 7 minutes per day performing these exercises you can say goodbye to snoring for good.


To find out more about this program, click on How to Cure Trouble Falling Asleep Fast?

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