What is the Best Way to Reverse Arthritis Fast?

What is the best way to reverse arthritis fast? Can this Popular Fruit Reverse Arthritis Fast? New studies have revealed the amazing ability of one specific fruit in diminishing arthritis pain and stiffness. And it works in the long haul. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you suffer osteoarthritis, rheumatoid or any other type of arthritis, eating this delicious fruit will cut your pain by up to 62%. Read on to find out more.


Suffering Joint Pain? You Must Act Now to Reverse Arthritis Fast!


If you have experienced occasional or constant joint pain – whether or not you are arthritic – there is a very urgent need to act right now.


A new study published in journal Arthritis Research & Therapy now shows that joint pains are actually more serious than arthritis.


Fortunately, something that can be done immediately to reverse the process. However, if you wait, it can be too late.


A team of scientists recruited and compared 2,120 people with no radiographic osteoarthritis and 2,249 people with radiographic osteoarthritis.


Radiographic osteoarthritis simply refers to arthritis that can be observed on magnetic resonance imaging and on x-rays.


Researchers assessed the participant’s knee pain using the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index at the beginning of the study and a year after.


The participants were categorized as having either no pain, fluctuating pain, or persistent pain.


Researchers then used magnetic resonance imaging and x-rays to examine cartilage volume and progression of Radiographic osteoarthritis, if present, at the beginning of the study and four years after.


Surprisingly, even those who had measurable arthritis had very little problems down the road if they did not have any joint pain in the beginning.


But those with persistent or serious pain were a different matter altogether.


Both those with scan-detectable and scan-undetectable arthritis at the beginning of the study who had experienced fluctuating or persistent pain went on to suffer faster cartilage volume loss than those with no pain did.


In other words, those who had knee pain in the absence of arthritis lost more cartilage in the following four years than those did who had painless arthritis.


Fortunately, arthritis can be reversed using simple diet and lifestyle changes. The sooner you take action however, the quicker and better the results will be.


If you therefore have any kind of joint pain (and especially if you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis), click here to learn the 3-easy steps to reverse arthritis in 21 days or less…


Can this Popular Fruit Reverse Arthritis Fast?


Watch this Video to Get Some Ideas to Reverse Arthritis Fast – Alternative Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis: What Works, What Doesn’t


Arthritis Pain Reduced 62% With A Popular Fruit


New studies have revealed the amazing ability of one specific fruit in diminishing arthritis pain and stiffness.


And it works in the long haul.


What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you suffer osteoarthritis, rheumatoid or any other type of arthritis, eating this delicious fruit will cut your pain by up to 62%.


The best part is, it’s available in most supermarkets worldwide.


Pomegranates have recently become popular, not just for their taste, but for their medicinal properties in treating anything from arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, ED, male infertility, and many other conditions.


One claim seems wilder than the next.


Yet, one such claim that is accumulating an impressive amount of research, however, is the ability of pomegranate to manage arthritis and arthritis pain, primarily due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


As per the norm, early studies were conducted on animals. For example, a 2009 study in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that pomegranate juice could not only reduce osteoarthritis pain in mice, but could also halt the inflammation and repair some of the joint damage that was caused by it.


A small exploratory Israeli study, with only eight subjects, published in the Israeli Medical Association Journal the tested effects of pomegranate extract on human beings with rheumatoid arthritis in 2011.

And their findings surpassed their wildest expectations.


They first analyzed their participant’s conditions, after which they gave them the pomegranate extract for 12 weeks.


They then examined their physical conditions again and found that there was a 62% reduction in pain and a 17% reduction in limb impairment.

They also discovered that free radicals were causing less oxidative damage.


Most experts believe that pomegranate exercises its effects through chemicals called polyphenols. These polyphenols include flavonoids, condensed tannins, and hydrolyzable tannins, all of which are the same substances that give berries, grape wine, and green tea their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


The healthiest form to take pomegranate would thus be as an extract or as a whole fruit.


Unfortunately, juicing it would remove the fiber that is meant to slow your body’s absorption of the fructose and even promote its excretion. Such high, uncontrolled sugar content would then spike your blood glucose levels and can end up being stored as fat.


However, pomegranates are just a piece in the puzzle. To cure your arthritis permanently, you need to follow a solid strategy. Here is the exact strategy that healed my arthritis and helped thousands of readers in the same way…


Can this Powerful Spice Reverse Arthritis Fast?


Watch this Video to Reverse Arthritis FastWhat are the treatments for rheumatoid arthritis?


Powerful Spice Heals Arthritis (beats leading drug)


In a recent study, it was found that a natural spice beat one of the leading arthritis drugs on the market in pain and swelling reduction as well as limb function.


In addition, you can add it to smoothies, salads, soups, vegetable stews, pizzas, pasta, and almost any other dish.


The best part is, it seems to work for all types of arthritis and has absolutely no side effects.


Scientists have long suspected that curcumin could relieve arthritis pain and halt the progression of disease in rats and mice, but it is only in the last few years that they began to seriously test it on human beings.

From these tests, two studies are especially encouraging.

For osteoarthritis sufferers, Canadian scholars demonstrated in the journal Alternative Medicine Review that curcumin could relieve arthritis pain, reduce inflammation, and improve limb function.


They divided a hundred participants into two groups. One received what they considered the best arthritis treatment available, while the other received the same treatment together with a curcumin supplement. The study continued for eight months so the researchers could also verify that the supplement was safe for long-term use.


By the end of the experiment, the curcumin supplement group was found to have much better limb function, walking ability, and everyday activity performance than the control group. They were also found to have considerably less inflammation and pain.


Two years later, the Phytotherapy Research published a study that compared a curcumin supplement with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory diclofenac sodium (brand name Voltaren).


All 45 of their subjects were all suffering from active rheumatoid arthritis. They divided them into three groups. The first received a curcumin supplement, while the second received diclofenac sodium, and the third received a combination of the two.


By the end of the study, the curcumin groups had improved substantially more than the diclofenac sodium group. Their pain and swelling had reduced significantly, and their limb functions had improved.


The only problem with food-sourced curcumin is that the human body does not absorb it very well. Curcumin powder alone contains enough curcumin, but your body probably won’t absorb enough of it, unless you cram at least three grams per day down your throat. Curry powder does not contain enough curcumin to let your body enjoy these beneficial effects in any capacity.


That leaves curcumin supplements. Both these studies used special bioavailable supplements. These are now becoming commercially available, but you must read the label to confirm that the manufacturer has taken care to make it bioavailable.


I highly recommend buying it in a respectable health food store, even if it costs a little more.


But to completely heal your arthritis, you need more than just one spice. Here is the precise systematic strategy used by me and thousands of readers to completely overcome arthritis…


This post is from the Arthritis Strategy Program. It was created by Shelly Manning, a former arthritis sufferer and a health consultant.


A Brief Background on the Author


Like you, Shelly Manning also suffered from arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. This was due to her weight and desk job. Her condition eventually took a toll on her relationship with her (former) husband.


It was when she went to Hong Kong that she met Janerdquo, an old woman who owned the restaurant where she ate. Janerdquo supposedly offered her a bowl of a weird-smelling soup, which helped ease her joint pain. She ate there each day for 10 days until she was completely healed from arthritis.


Shelly Manning decided to research this natural remedy and to create a step-by-step treatment plan to others who are suffering from different types of arthritis, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis.


That’s why she created “The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy.” According to her claims, this unique strategy will get rid of joint pain and stiffness, repair your damaged joints, and treat the underlying cause of your arthritis.


Shelly teamed up with Christian Goodman, the owner of Blue Heron Health News, a publishing company that aims to help people to take responsibility for their own health by using natural health alternatives.


To find out more about this program, go to Reverse Arthritis Fast


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