How to Manage or Even Reverse Dementia Symptoms Naturally?

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Manage or Even Reverse Dementia Symptoms Naturally – A Serious Health Hazard for Dementia Sufferers’ Caregivers

Here at Blue Heron Health News, we spend a lot of time talking about diseases, their treatments, their causes, and their consequences for disease sufferers.

But it is not often that researchers study the effects of disease on the people taking care of disease-sufferers, something that has now been done in the Journal BMC Geriatrics.

And this new study reveals very concerning health hazards for those caring for a spouse suffering dementia.

A team of Australian scientists was specifically interested in the sleep quality of those who cared for people with dementia, as well as the psychological effects of this caregiving and sleep deprivation.

They recruited 104 primary, informal caregivers of dementia sufferers by consulting Alzheimer’s Australia and Dementia Australia, and by running social media advertising.

They asked the caregivers to complete three questionnaires: a questionnaire to collect their social demographic characteristics, the popular DASS-21 Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale, and the commonly used PSQI (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index).

They found that their participants had been caring for dementia sufferers for an average of 4.8 years, with 76 percent of these caregivers being female.

Ninety-four percent of the participants reported being poor sleepers, with 84 percent complaining that they struggled to fall asleep and 72 percent complaining that they struggled to remain asleep for long enough.

Stop for a moment and think of 94 percent. That is a staggeringly high percentage to suffer from some level of insomnia, most certainly very much higher than in the general population.

Unsurprisingly, stress turned out to be the strongest predictor of poor sleep quality, but depression and anxiety disorders was not far behind.

Forty-four percent of the caregivers reported having been diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseasearthritis, or type 2 diabetes.

Many of the participants reported struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, and stress, with significant levels of psychological distress registered.

Depression was a moderate predictor of poor daytime functioning.

This poses a huge problem for relatives of dementia sufferers, as few families want to put their elderly relatives away in long-term care facilities. But the psychological distress, poor sleep, and health problems can also be a problem when these interfere with their ability to take care of their elderly relatives.

Manage or Even Reverse Dementia Symptoms Naturally – Now if you’re suffering dementia or caring for someone suffering dementia, you’ll want to take the simple steps explained here to manage this condition

And if you, like 94% of those in the study, have a problem sleeping, use this simple sleeping trick to fall asleep in 10 minutes

Manage or Even Reverse Dementia Symptoms Naturally – Gingko Biloba Helps Dementia Patients

Dementia is a condition of progressive deterioration in cognitive function. As dementia is a progressive condition, the condition of the patients deteriorates with each passing day. As of now, there is no cure for this disease.

Gingko Biloba is a natural herb that helps dementia patients by improving their memory. However, various studies conducted so far to determine the efficacy of various herbs in controlling diseases like dementia have produced contradictory results.

Studies that support Gingko Biloba’s claim

Dr. Joe Mercola in 2002 reviewed 33 clinical trials that were conducted by the researchers at Cochrane Collaboration, and stated that Gingko Biloba, along with various dietary supplements, can help in bettering the memory of dementia patients.

Another independent study conducted in Austria to determine the efficacy of Gingko Biloba has reported positive results. In this study, ten double blind clinical trials were picked randomly and reviewed. The study reported that at the very least, the herb was as effective as conventional medicines used to treat dementia.

Study that contradicts the Gingko Biloba claim

The results of a study conducted in the University of Pittsburg were recently published by the American Medical Association journal. In this study, Gingko Biloba was given twice a day to 3000 elderly patients for 6 years between 2000 and 2008.

The report said the researches were unable to find evidence that supported the claim made by many other researches that the herb helps in improving cognitive and memory functions of dementia patients.

More people are adopting a holistic approach

The war between those who support natural remedies and those who advocate the use of allopathic medicines to treat progressive diseases such as dementia is never-ending. But the fact remains that more people today are either using natural remedies in conjunction with conventional treatments, or adopting a complete holistic approach to battle degenerative diseases.

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Manage or Even Reverse Dementia Symptoms Naturally – Naturopaths Believe Dementia Is Reversible

Dementia is a health condition that is irreversible. Well, this is how most people view this disease, which is a progressive mental disorder. However, there are others who believe differently and know this condition can be reversed using natural remedies.

One of the most important aspects in managing dementia is diet management.

However, the right diet cannot be created without an expert’s help, so seek the services of a reliable dietician to chart out the right diet plan.

Research shows that gas appliances expedite dementia. If someone in your family is a dementia patient, it will be best to replace gas appliances and remove all fossil fuel heating systems.

Dementia studies show that by using supplements, the progress of this dreaded disease can be slowed. Lecithin is a supplement that helps in clearing the arteries and boosts oxygen supply to the brain. Other supplements that have been found to be beneficial are Acetyl-L-carnitine and DMAE.

Natural herbs are also available and help in the treatment of dementia. The names of a few such natural herbs are: CQ10, gingko biloba, and grape seed. Diets of dementia patients should include olive leaf, olive oil, and turmeric – all of these are good for the mind.

Other natural remedies include applying the solution of nigella seeds on the dementia patients’ stomach and liver area. To prepare the solution, first take a tablespoon of vinegar and heat the nigella seed in it, and then let it cool.

To benefit from this remedy, apply the solution daily and leave it overnight on the patients’ stomach and liver area. Dementia patients should also get a fair share of sun daily, so that Vitamin D is sufficiently produced in their bodies. Vitamin D, as experts point, is good for memory.

Memory exercises and aids also help in the treatment of dementia. To benefit from these exercises, ensure that they are done under the guidance of an expert.

To treat dementia effectively, focus should also be given on the things that dementia patients need to avoid. One such thing is aluminum. Dementia patients should only consume food that is free from aluminum. Also, avoid using aluminum utensils and aluminum foils.

For more ideas to manage or even reverse dementia symptoms naturally, watch this video – How to Improve & Reverse Memory Loss, Science Based Home Remedies (Includes Dementia Alzheimers)

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