What is the Best Way for Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health?

What is the Best Way for Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health?  What is the Best Way for Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health?


Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health – Dementia Triggered by Popular Supplement


Vitamin and mineral supplements can be great and are often highly regarded alternative health treatments recommended by doctors.


But sometimes supplements can do more harm than good.


This, according to a research team from University of Gothenburg, is true for one of the world’s most popular and recommended supplements on the market.


In fact, this one supplement can double your risk of dementia!


In 2001, 700 dementia-free women aged 70-92 were recruited, 98 of whom had been taking calcium supplements.


Comprehensive physical and neuropsychiatric examinations were carried out at the beginning of the study in 2001 and then at the end in 2006.


By the end of the study, 14.3 percent of the supplement takers had developed dementia, compared to only 7.5 percent of non-takers.


Alarmingly, this seems to suggest that calcium supplements could double your risk of developing dementia.


However, when they analyzed their data further, they realized this applied only to women who had previously had a stroke, and to women who had some other cerebrovascular disease.


Cerebrovascular diseases include all conditions that affect blood flow to the brain, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


So, instead of reaching for supplements, you can increase your calcium intake by consuming calcium-rich food   (such as vegetables) and beverages.


Together with these foods, make sure you have a good supply of vitamin D, as your body needs it to absorb the calcium.


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Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health – Does This Legalized Drug cause Alzheimer’s Disease?


Many recent studies have indicated that chemical compounds in marijuana are able to reduce our risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


Now, just to remind us that medical science is an ongoing conversation and thereby a work in progress, a new study in the journal Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that marijuana may actually affect the brain in ways that may cause Alzheimer’s disease.


But the real finding wasn’t about Marijuana at all. It may carry the cure for Alzheimer’s.


Scientists from the Amen Clinic did functional neuroimaging scans on the brains of 982 marijuana users and 92 non-users to compare the amount of blood that flows through them both while performing a concentration task and while at rest.


Several areas of the brains of the marijuana users, most notably the hippocampus, showed markedly less blood flow than the brains of the non-users.


The hippocampus is one of the most important parts of your brain. It is responsible for both short-term and long-term memory, and for spatial coding, which refers to your ability to map and remember physical spaces like your home or street or, mind you, the shapes of letters or buttonholes on your clothes. These are the first areas of the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers that start to shrink.


That is why people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease have such poor memories, become easily disoriented, and need help to dress and feed themselves.


In this new study, the right hippocampus suffered the worst reduction in blood flow.


Interestingly, many of the study participants were former marijuana smokers who had given it up years before the brain scans. In other words, if these researchers are right, marijuana does permanent damage to cerebral blood flow that does not reverse when you stop smoking it.


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Reversing Dementia and Boosting Brain Health – New High Blood Pressure and Dementia Connection Discovered


High blood pressure has long been a prime suspect as one of the causes of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


But a recent discovery has shed a new light on this issue. And it’s scarier than most doctors were led to believe.


The good news is that this discovery also reveals a way to completely reverse dementia, even after some damage is done.


But you must act fast, or it may be too late.


In a recent edition of the journal Hypertension, the American Heart Association released a statement that linked high blood pressure during middle age to dementia in senior years.


Scientists have long suspected that dementia is a condition that only starts to display symptoms once it has been developing for around 30 years.


This is primarily because our brains can adjust to gradual damage by relocating its important functions from the damaged to the undamaged bits of brain tissue.


When the destruction becomes too great, however, there is no longer enough undamaged tissue to operate brain functions, and that is when dementia kicks in.


After pulling together a large team of their researchers who all reviewed the scientific literature in their areas of specialization, the American Heart Association released a statement that claims that high blood pressure during your 40s and 50s makes it much more likely that you will suffer from dementia when you are older.


Over time, high blood Pressure compromises the brain in several ways:


  1. It damages and hardens the large arteries that take oxygen-rich blood from your heart to your brain. These are situated to the sides of your throat where you can feel your pulse. Without receiving fresh blood, your brain cells die.


  1. It compromises the ability of the small blood vessels inside your brain to distribute the blood properly.


  1. Reduced blood flow damages the white matter that your brain needs to think, feel, and control other operations in your body.


  1. Reduced blood flow may also lead to Alzheimer’s disease by ruining your brain’s ability to control the amount of beta amyloid that is present. Excess beta amyloid then forms plaques and tangles, which are the chief characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease.


It’s therefore essential not to wait. Take actions today to lower your blood pressure and prevent dementia down the road.


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But the most important message from this study for me was that it confirmed what I’ve been preaching for years: that the main cause of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia is the lack of oxygen reaching your brain cells.


For more ideas in reversing dementia and boosting brain health, watch this video – HOW TO IMPROVE AND REVERSE MEMORY LOSS – Home Remedies for Memory, Senile Dementia, and Alzheimer´s

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