What is the Best Way to Boost Your Brain with Energy?

What is the Best Way to Boost Your Brain with Energy? Boost Your Brain with Energy - This Strong Cheese Stops Alzheimer’s and Keeps You Young. It’s smelly and it’s strong, and you’ll either love it or hate it. If you love it, you’re in luck, because a new research that came out of Israel shows that this stinky cheese boosts your circadian clock, which could reverse age-related dementia and keep you young.


Boost Your Brain with Energy – Common Heart Medication Causes Dementia


If you’ve got a serious heart condition, then the chances are good that you’ll be on the same heart medication as 18 million other Americans. (At least that was the figure in 2016 and it is even more by now.)


It’s the 41st most prescribed drug in America, despite the fact that it was first approved for use as a rodenticide in 1952. That’s right. A heart drug that started life as rat poison.


But that wasn’t even the worst of it. The Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City’s study turned up something even less pleasant.


It increases your risk of developing dementia-type disorders like Alzheimer’s, and the chances are higher if you’re under 70.


Warfarin has been used so much because it’s an effective anticoagulant, or blood thinner. This is why it was an effective rat poison. Too much of it thins the blood enough to kill you, but just enough is effective at stopping blood clots from forming.


The problem is that most people who take it are on the drug for life.


Researchers followed long-term users for up to 8 years to find out if there was any correlation with warfarin and dementia.


And that’s exactly what they found. It turns out that the longer you’re on Warfarin, the more likely you are to get dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


But they also found that there was another factor that increased the danger even more (even among long-term users): dosage. They discovered that if Warfarin dosages were too high, too low or just erratic, the risk to patients was greater than if they were on a steady and appropriate dose.


At this point you might be wondering why doctors don’t avoid trouble by just prescribing the right dosage, but unfortunately this is easier said than done.


The way that Warfarin works is by lowering the amount of active vitamin K1 in the bloodstream, but it’s not the only substance that does that.


There are lots of other drugs and types of foods that can raise or lower the amount of K1 flowing in your system, so getting the warfarin dose right is a bit like trying to hit a moving target, even for experienced doctors.


The best way to avoid ending up on warfarin in the first place is to make sure that your cardiovascular health is in top shape. To achieve this, you need to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure levels within safe limits.


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Boost Your Brain with Energy – This Strong Cheese Stops Alzheimer’s and Keeps You Young


It’s smelly and it’s strong, and you’ll either love it or hate it.


If you love it, you’re in luck, because a new research that came out of Israel shows that this stinky cheese boosts your circadian clock, which could reverse age-related dementia and keep you young.


If you hate it, however, there are fortunately some good alternatives.


Israeli researchers published an article in Cell Metabolism that demonstrated how bleu cheese could keep you young and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


This effect stems from an ingredient called spermidine, which is also present in corn, green peas, and soybeans.


This is how it works:


Polyamines are compounds found in all living cells. In the human body, they regulate the internal clock that determines when cells die, how fast they grow, and how fast they proliferate. Experts refer to this internal clock as your circadian rhythm.


To remain young and healthy, aging cells need to be replaced by new cells that grow and proliferate quickly, and for this to happen, your circadian rhythm needs to run fast.


The Israeli research team hypothesized that if polyamines were responsible for keeping your circadian rhythm going, they should be able to speed your circadian rhythm up by feeding you polyamines, and can also slow your circadian rhythm down by preventing your body from producing and using polyamines.


They put this to the test in mice. First, they treated young mice with a drug that inhibited their bodies production of polyamines. Consistent with their theory, the circadian clocks of these mice slowed down by approximately 11 minutes per day, as compared to the untreated mice.


To test the second half of their theory, they gave a group of adult mice polyamine, which was mixed into their drinking water. The edible form of polyamines, or in this case, the drinkable form, is called spermidine, the substance found in bleu cheese, green peas, soya beans, corn, and, yes, male sperm.


Also consistent with their predictions, the circadian clocks of these adult mice ran eight minutes faster as compared to the untreated mice.


As mice, human beings, and other living organisms age, their bodies produce fewer polyamines. As a result, their circadian clocks slow down, their cells die, and new cells grow and proliferate at such a slow rate that the dying cells are not replaced. This causes a wide range of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and many more.


What these researchers have therefore proven is that a nutritional supplement can prevent the natural slowdown of the circadian clock and its accompanying age-related diseases by supplying your body with the crucial substance it needs but no longer produces when it ages.


The Israeli researchers were not sure whether this result could be replicated in human beings, something that scientists will want to do next. They did, however, warn that people should not rush out and stack their supermarket trolleys with only spermidine-laden foods.


Polyamines play numerous roles in your body, of which many are not yet understood. For example, rapid cell proliferation might be a good thing when you are trying to stay young, but it is also responsible for the growth of cancerous tumors. In fact, tumors are especially rich in polyamines. However, at this stage, scientists suspect that they exacerbate rather than cause the tumors.


Still, the Israeli scientists are probably right when warning you to avoid a diet that primarily contains spermidine. Just eat your regular bleu cheese. It may keep your circadian clock going and could possibly fend off Alzheimer’s disease.


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Boost Your Brain with Energy – When Spouses Cause Dementia?


This article is not meant to cast blame. A loving spouse would never intentionally cause dementia in their partner.


But a new study published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry revealed that some aspects within a person can lead to dementia in their partners.


And knowing about this possibility is the only way to deal with it. Something, which fortunately, can be very easy (at least in the early stages).


Previous studies had discovered that spouses share many emotional and intellectual activities across their lifespans, and other studies have concluded that they tend to share many behaviors and health conditions as they age.


This made a team of American scientists wonder how depressive symptoms of one aging spouse can affect their spouses.


Elderly people are at a slightly higher risk for depression than their younger counterparts, so the question is a good one.


They identified 1,028 married couples from the Cardiovascular Health Study, a study of risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the elderly that ran over decades.


Next, they followed their subjects for seven years, a period in which they were visited three times.


During these visits, scientists collected information from them, including a Modified Mini-Mental State Exam to test cognitive function and the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale to test depressive symptoms.


Concerning each individual person in the study, their cognitive decline tended to cause the development of depressive symptoms over time, but depression did not lead to cognitive decline.


In other words, for most individuals, depression did not lead to dementia.

When their partners were included, however, the picture changed.


One spouse’s increase in depressive symptoms could be predictive of the other spouse’s lower cognitive functioning over time, but one spouse’s cognitive decline did not predict the other spouse’s increase in depressive symptoms over time.


In other words, if your spouse becomes increasingly depressed as of the both of you age, you will not inherit their depression, but you may start suffering from dementia.


How this happens is still unclear. But we know that dementia is almost always caused by lack of blood flow up to and throughout the brain.


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