Eating for Leaky Gut – The Truth About Soy from Prison Inmates

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What can you learn from prison inmates?

Apparently, you can learn the truth about soy.

I want to share an interesting story with you about the Illinois prison system and their experience with a high soy diet. In 2002, the governor of Illinois determined that it would be a great cost savings to the state to lower the cost of food in the prison system. So in 2003, inmates began receiving a diet high in processed soy protein as a replacement for meat. Up to 60-70 percent of the protein from every meal came from soy.

It wasn’t long after that these prisoners began to experience chronic health symptoms such as:

Hmmm… Do you see any correlation with the symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome?

What might be even more interesting is that still to this day, the FDA continues to claim soy as a health food. Even though there are numerous scientific studies that show the adverse health effects of soy.

OK… now let’s take this one step further.

The same FDA that is making these soy health claims has over 288 studies regarding the toxicity of soy filed under their “FDA Poisonous Plant Database”.

I think you can make your own conclusions about soy and its place in your diet at this point.

Watch this video – Soy: Is it Helpful or Harmful?

Eat This, Not That

Eat: Make your own salad dressing with olive oil and balsamic or apple cider vinegar.

Not: Store bought salad dressing as these are predominantly made from soy oil.

Bonus Tip

Soy oil is used everywhere because it is so cheap. So if you think your vegetable oil is really from vegetables then read the label and think again.

Author Bio:

Karen Brimeyer is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and health consultant. She has helped over a hundred personal clients heal their leaky gut, digestive problems, lose weight, and resolve their chronic symptoms and conditions.

She is the owner of Optimal Self-Healing in Tampa Bay Florida, a private nutrition and health consultation business and author of the Leaky Gut Cure program.

Karen has worked with a wide variety of populations from new moms to athletes overcome their health problems and achieve optimal health.

Karen found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. While striving to achieve optimal health by following the widely accepted diet and nutrition tips of the media and conventional medicine, she found her own health declining rapidly with the development leaky gut which led to digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Unwilling to accept her situation, she set out to determine the truth about health which led her through her own research as well as studying and working with some of the best holistic doctors and holistic practitioners in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and life coaching.

She has since applied her knowledge with herself to overcome her own leaky gut and achieve an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing. Her happy and healthy pregnancy and now two-year old son, TJ, are a testament to the health she has achieved.

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