What is the Best Way to Completely Reverse Anxiety Disorder Naturally?

How to Overcome Anxiety Disorder & Start Living Life Again?

Completely Reverse Anxiety Disorder Naturally – Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Conditions Connection

It is tempting to think of anxiety disorder as a purely psychological problem.

The primary symptom is anxiety, after all.

But a new study demonstrates how physical health affects anxiety disorder and vice versa. Especially when it comes to chronic conditions.

Australian and Dutch scientists conducted a review of the scientific literature to answer two questions:

First, whether those with chronic conditions were more likely than their peers to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Second, whether those with these chronic conditions and anxiety experience worse disease outcomes than those with chronic conditions alone.

They found 53 studies between 1990 and 2018, 29 that answered the first question and 24 that answered the second.

The first 29 studies addressed seven specific chronic medical conditions: namely, asthma, congenital heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and sickle cell disease.

They concluded that the occurrence of anxiety disorder was significantly higher in people with each of these conditions than in those that were healthy.

In general, while only 6.5% of healthy people had an anxiety disorder, between 20 and 50% of those with one of these chronic conditions did.

The second 24 studies revealed more serious disease symptoms and outcomes for those with anxiety disorders. While they could find no studies on the relationship between anxiety disorder and epilepsy or congenital heart disease, the other findings were interesting:

1. Those with asthma and anxiety disorder were more likely than those with only asthma to have more severe asthma symptoms.

2. Those whose inflammatory bowel disease was accompanied by anxiety disorder had worse symptoms than those without anxiety.

3. Anxiety disorder was associated with worse pain in people with arthritis.

4. Anxiety disorder was associated with longer hospitalizations in people with sickle cell disease.

The studies were mixed with regards to diabetes, with some reporting poor metabolic control, while others reported improved adherence to a treatment regime, for people with an anxiety disorder.

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Completely Reverse Anxiety Disorder Naturally – Anxiety Caused by These Two Factors

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders that involves a fear of being judged by others, an avoidance of social settings, and extreme anxiety and panic attacks when in the presence of people.

Because it is so debilitating, many researchers are working on solutions to it.

The latest of these is a study in the journal Mindfulness that shows that people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) lack two things.

Fortunately, it’s not so hard to regain these two things if you use the right approach.

In some ways, the connection among SAD, mindfulness, and self-compassion seems to make sense on the surface.

SAD is an exaggerated and irrational fear of being judged by others. Mindfulness is the ability to observe and accept the world without passing judgment on it. Self-compassion is the ability to be kind and non-judgmental towards oneself.

As such, it seems possible that people who are judgmental towards the world and themselves will also walk around with an exaggerated and incorrect belief that everyone else is judging them.

That is, if one of your most common thinking patterns is to judge, and to judge yourself harshly, you might imagine that other people are judging you too.

To tease out the relationship between these concepts, the authors of the new study recruited 136 people diagnosed with SAD.

They gave them the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire and a short form of the Self-Compassion Scale to complete.

They then compared their subject’s scores with scores obtained from the general population to see whether they differed.

Through more questionnaires, they also obtained their subject’s scores for depression, self-esteem, social adjustment, and satisfaction with life, just to make sure that none of these influenced their results.

They observed that those with higher levels of self-compassion and/or mindfulness had less severe SAD, less severe depression. They also functioned better, had higher self-esteem, and experienced more satisfaction with life.

Hence, both mindfulness and self-compassion together and separately affected the severity of SAD, but the effects of self-compassion were stronger.

People with severe SAD and low mindfulness can improve their SAD by learning self-compassion, even if they never improve their level of mindfulness.

The scientists theorized that this was the case because our tendency to criticize ourselves gives rise to a belief that everyone else is criticizing us too, which can easily become SAD.

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Completely Reverse Anxiety Disorder Naturally – Obesity and Anxiety Connection

In many places, the majority of people are obese.

And it seems like almost everyone is suffering some level of anxiety these days.

But until now, no connection has been made between the two.

A new study published in the journal BMC Medicine found that those who were obese were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety – a dangerous and potentially lethal combination.

The study was performed on Swedish children and teenagers. The researchers first identified those who had received treatment for obesity between the ages of 6-17. Subsequently they checked how many of them were treated for depression or anxiety.

They compared depression and anxiety treatments between obese and normal-weight children. They established that people who were obese as children were more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety disorders later.

Another research team conducted a review of all the scientific literature on the relationship between obesity and anxiety – this included 16 studies, 14 observational studies, and 2 longitudinal studies.

Overall, the observational studies showed that people who were obese were 40 percent more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Obesity causes anxiety because it is socially undesirable and leads to criticism, because it interferes with hormones and neurotransmitters that cause anxiety, and because it interferes with one’s career and economic status.

Anxiety can also cause obesity because people with anxiety disorders spend more time at home without exercise and they engage in overeating to make themselves feel better.

So, to fight both anxiety and obesity, we need to fight these two conditions on two fronts.

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