How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety?

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End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety – Letting go of sensations that scare you

Most people with anxiety have a bodily sensations or two that unnerves them. In my experience the most common one by far is related to the heart and the fear that it will beat too fast triggering a heart attack.

It’s perfectly understandable to have this fear. During a panic attack for example, your heart can pound like an African drum up into your throat and down into your stomach. That kind of beating is fine in the gym or watching a scary movie but pretty unnerving if you are just doing the shopping.

People imagine all kinds of scenarios like having a heart attack someplace alone or while out in public with their family. This fear is also pretty common in the gym while exercising.

Connected to the heart are other unusual sensations that also spark fear like palpitations or skipped heart beast. Those can really freak people out as they watch and wait nervously for the next time it happens. The anxiety radar goes into 24/7 overdrive looking out for any potential trouble.

Often times people start with one sensation they are scared of and it then can spread like wildfire to a fear of other bodily sensations like difficulty breathing, a lump in the throat or dizziness.

If you find yourself getting anxious about bodily sensations, you must first of all get it checked out by a doctor (that goes without saying). Then once you have the all clear, you need to learn to mentally step back and stop monitoring every minute aspect of your body.

Your body has an innate intelligence that has been keeping you alive for years and it is not going to stop doing so just because you are worried that it won’t.

As well intentional as your anxious mind is, it’s only getting in the way and making things worse by monitoring and trying to control every sensation.

I often think trying to control your bodily sensations, is like a nervous flyer during turbulence banging on the cockpit door demanding to fly the plane. That kind of behavior just makes the whole plane (your body) more tense.

You need to train your mind to let go and trust. Your anxious mind needs to sit back down and trust that your body can handle it, -just like it always has done.

Think of all the years your body has done its job perfectly but now your mind wants to butt in and take control just because a few unusual sensations.

These sensations are not going to be a problem for your body. It can handle it just fine thank you very much. It’s your anxious mind that has the problem.

There is great peace to be found in learning to trust your body again. You have lost that trust but you can regain it back by letting go of the need to control your body.

So, let go and trust your heart,

let go and trust your breathing,

let go and trust whatever the bodily sensation is that scares you the most.

Surrender and trust your body again just like you used to do way back when anxiety was never a problem.

I think your body has earned that trust!


P.S It goes without saying that If you’re worried about heart problems or any other bodily sensation you should always get a full medical examination. This at the very least will help put your mind at rest.

End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety – You don’t have to love your anxiety. You just have to permit it

We lead complicated lives so we expect solutions to our problems to be complicated too.

You can spend thousands of dollars on elaborate therapies to end anxiety and still get nowhere. Then years later you stumble across something that just seems to be too ‘simplistic’, yet it gets real results.

That’s what I see all the time when I am teaching people to end panic attacks and general anxiety.

Our mind tricks us into believing that we have to spend a lot of money to get great help and that if the answer is complex it must be better than something simple. “It costs $5000 so it must work!” goes the logic.

One of the simplest truths in treating anxiety is that by allowing anxiety to be present you can transform it. It’s not a sexy idea nor is it very complicated but it does work extremely well. The problem is most people do not even want to attempt it.

Some may try it in a half-hearted manner just to prove to themselves that it does not work. Then a week later they go back looking at the expensive and complicated treatments.

Ending anxiety is not a complicated process. It is a simple decision you make to get your mind out of your bodies way. Your body wants to heal itself, you just have to allow it to do so.

Acceptance takes your mind out of the way so that your nervous system can relax, it is that simple. Once you start to desensitize from high anxiety you start to see the world in a different way. You start to feel normal again.

“But I have XYZ disorder and it is much too complicated to be healed by accepting my anxiety” people say.

Watch how your mind might come up with excuses and trick you out of a real solution just because it’s simple. Often it’s the fact that something takes work and discipline is what your mind is really fighting against. It wants a quick fix magic pill.

My approach is about learning to stop your mind from kicking the hornet’s nest of anxiety so you no longer get stung by anxious bodily sensations.

It’s a simple yet radical shift in your perception of the anxiety you feel. You learn to sit with it and you permit it to be. You are not expected to love or even like it you just have to sit with it. Gradually you heal it.

It’s not complicated. It just takes practice and disciple.

Simple? Discipline?

Now watch your mind do a dash for the door!

To learn how to end panic attacks and general anxiety, watch this video – Stop having panic attacks now: exposure, coping, and grounding

By Barry McDonagh, who is an international panic disorder coach. He created the Panic Away program to help people around the world deal with their anxiety and avoid panic attacks – a subject that he is personally attuned to because he himself found that he was prone to these issues since he was young. His hatred of his powerless lead him down the path of finding natural ways to treat himself without having to depend on expensive medications.

His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here: How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety?

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