What is the Best Way to End Anxiety Without Medication?

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Trigger Flow to end anxiety

Healing anxiety is really about moving from a very stuck state, (the vicious cycle of anxiety) back into a state of flow.

When you are in your natural state of flow, you feel much more like your old self again. You feel happy for no particular reason and are living very much in the present moment. Children playing are the best examples of this natural flow. I want to share an exercise on how you can move into this state of flow.

Trigger a State of Flow

1. Begin my placing one hand on your stomach and one on your heart. (If you are in a public place you can simply fold/cross your arms with each hand holding the side of your chest). This hand position creates comfort and aids the flow.

2. Become aware of where the anxiety is in your body. Wherever you feel it, focus on that area and begin to mentally repeat the following:

1 and FLOW… 2 and FLOW… 3 and FLOW  4 and FLOW… etc …all the way to 10.

When you reach 10 say:


Then begin again.

1 and FLOW… 2 and FLOW… 3 and FLOW…  4 and FLOW… etc …all the way to 10.



Each time you say the word FLOW imagine a gush or wave of water is washing over and through the area that feels most anxious. The water is washing the stuck energy of anxiety away. One big wave each time you say the word FLOW.  Feel a release each time the water flows away…

You can visualize the water washing anyway you like. It can be down your body or out in front of you. The important thing is to feel that flow of water each time you say the word FLOW.

[Repeat the count 7 times in total]

1 and FLOW… 2 and FLOW… 3 and FLOW…  4 and FLOW… etc …all the way to 10. Then “I CAN HANDLE ALL THIS AND MORE! ” (x7)

3. Once that is done move your attention gently back to what you were doing.

As you do so, I want you to completely accept and embrace all the feelings of anxiety that arise for the next 30 minutes.

You have triggered a flow but that flow is only sustained by your ability to now accept the anxiety fully without wishing for it to be gone.

The anxiety is slowly releasing and you are going to feel different sensations as it releases more over the next half hour.

If you stop accepting it, or get frustrated that your anxiety is still there, you will break the flow.

So the key to getting a good result is to totally embrace and accept all the feelings of anxiety they present themselves. Are you willing to give that a go for just 30 minutes?

You are going to take anxiety by the hand, wherever you have to go, -be it out shopping, to a work meeting or just while you spend time at home.

By not pushing anxiety away, you stop the internal conflict. You flow instead of resisting and that’s when your mind and body click into greater harmony.

Ready to get into your flow?

Try the exercise now for the next 30 minutes.

Men and Anxiety

I’ve got a really great interview for all the men out there. (the
women too but especially the men!)

For most men it’s really hard to admit that you suffer from an anxiety
. In my own case, when I was dealing with anxiety, I kept it
like a dirty secret that no one should know about. I felt I had to
battle through it all on my own (not recommended).

It is really not easy for men to open up about this problem because
men place so much importance on being perceived as strong and
not showing any weakness or vulnerability.

When anxiety comes along it shatters a man’s confidence like nothing
else. That is why it is so important to discuss it openly and seek
solutions together.

I love talking to men that are open and willing to discuss their
journey through anxiety. Anthony Amos is one such man.

He got great results using Panic Away and when he told me about
himself and his story, I really wanted to do an interview with him
and let him share his thoughts on anxiety and panic attacks with
all of you.

Anthony is a former rugby player and today a very successful
businessman who builds large franchise businesses right around
the world.

When panic attacks became a real problem for him it threatened his
business and his personal life. He eventually found Panic Away and
translated the teachings into a very personal ‘warrior challenge‘ he
set for himself. Listen to him explain all that for you in the short
interview below.

Warning Explicit Content! This is an uncensored male conversation so if bad language offends you, please skip over this one.

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To find out how to end anxiety without medication, watch this video – How I got rid of my lifelong anxiety WITHOUT medication or meditation [anxiety success story]

By Barry McDonagh, who is an international panic disorder coach. He created the Panic Away program to help people around the world deal with their anxiety and avoid panic attacks – a subject that he is personally attuned to because he himself found that he was prone to these issues since he was young. His hatred of his powerless lead him down the path of finding natural ways to treat himself without having to depend on expensive medications.His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here: What is the Best Way to End Anxiety Without Medication?

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