Reduce Anxiety Naturally – Why Do I Have Morning Anxiety?

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Morning Anxiety? How to Enjoy an Anxiety-Free Morning?

Many people who suffer from panic and anxiety attacks on a regular basis find that the simple act of getting up in the morning starts the cycle. The reason for this is because your body is coming out of sleep and any feelings of anxiety are exaggerated.

Most of us are not ‘morning’ people, so when you add anxiety to the equation you can see why mornings are usually the most anxious time of the day for people with an anxiety disorder.

Desensitizing your body from being in an anxious state takes a lot of time and patience, and there are several things you can do first thing in the morning to get your day off to a great start.

If you start your day off right, you’ll notice that your anxiety levels are much lower than usual for the rest of the day. A few simple things are all it takes to reduce anxiety naturally.

One of the first things to do when you get up in the morning is to undertake a light stretching session. Breathe deeply and gently stretch out your arms and legs. This increases circulation throughout your body and freshens up your mind.

It’s best to avoid checking your anxiety level at this stage, and try and stay focused on the movements you are doing.

Another simple exercise is to set your alarm clock about twenty to thirty minutes earlier than usual so that you can spend some time alone. You can release worries by taking some time alone to write down what is on your mind.

Writing your fears down in a worry diary is one of the quickest ways to release them. Creating this extra space for yourself in the morning allows you to feel more in control of the day rather than always running to catch up.

You can also organize your day the night before so you’re not waking up rushed. Set aside fifteen to twenty minutes each night to pack your bag, choose your outfit and handle other details that often preoccupy your time each morning.

Don’t be afraid to be selfish with your time. Regardless if live alone or have a big family to look after, you owe it to yourself to take control of your day and get every day off to a great start!

Lower Anxiety by Learning How to Breath Correctly

Most people who experience panic and anxiety attacks regularly have forgotten how to breathe correctly.

If you think about it, consider how you breathe when you’re tense or anxious about something. If you’re like most people, your breathing becomes really shallow and you may even “sink” into your body, rounding your shoulders and slouching slightly. This often sets you up for feelings of fatigue as you breathing is too shallow.

Making sure fresh oxygen is circulating throughout your body helps to keep you alert and clear headed. When you are feeling anxious, you might slow down your breathing and thereby reducing the amount of oxygen you need.

The right way to breathe is to allow your abdomen to expand when you inhale. This allows the air to flow deeply into the pit of the stomach. When you’re feeling anxious, you may take very small breaths that don’t even allow air to get into the lower abdomen.

I walk you through a set of breathing exercises in my book Panic Away so that you understand how to breathe properly no matter what you are feeling or experiencing but basically you are looking to achieve more regular breaths that move your stomach up rather than all of the movement taking place in your upper chest.

At first, the breathing exercise might seem awkward or uncomfortable, but practicing regularly will help you adapt a healthy habit. You’ll notice that it’s easier to feel calm and secure and all it really takes is about ten minutes of practice a few times per day.

Good breathing habits have a number of health benefits, so pay attention to your breathing pattern. You’ll be amazed at how a simple change can enhance your health and well-being!

To learn how to reduce anxiety naturally, watch this video – Waking up with anxiety? 5 Simple tips to stop morning anxiety.

Barry Joe McDonagh

By Barry McDonagh, who is an international panic disorder coach. He created the Panic Away program to help people around the world deal with their anxiety and avoid panic attacks – a subject that he is personally attuned to because he himself found that he was prone to these issues since he was young. His hatred of his powerless lead him down the path of finding natural ways to treat himself without having to depend on expensive medications.

His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here: Anxiety Self-Help – How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally ?

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