How to Get Enough Vegan Protein to Build Lean Muscle?

WHY MOST NEW VEGETARIANS GO BACK TO MEAT? Why do vegetarian bodybuilders choose a plant-based path? How to Get Enough Vegan Protein to Build Lean Muscle?
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The truth is, for as harmful as meat consumption can be (especially red meat), it’s still the most convenient source of protein available to bodybuilders.

This is one of the primary reasons new vegetarians eat meat again. Most of us are insanely busy already, and if you add on top of that our training needs (grocery shopping, meal prep, gym time), convenience matters.

Can you build muscle without meat? Absolutely!

There are many misconceptions about this path of nutrition, so I wanted to get into some of the nuances behind why people decide to try a plant-based diet, and then go back to eating meat again. It should prove useful to those who are new vegetarians or thinking about trying it.

The HRC formed a coalition a few years ago to study why people go vegetarian or vegan.

According to HRC:

A small proportion of U.S. adults (1-3%) are “actual” vegetarians or vegans, although about twice that number describe themselves as vegetarian when asked. Research on the motivations for both actual and self-described vegetarians (and vegans) finds that members of these groups select their diets based on multiple factors.

Usually including one primary motivator and one or more secondary motivators.

The most frequently cited factors are related to ethics and health. Vegans are more often motivated by ethics than any other reason. The most significant barriers to vegetarianism and veganism are concerns about preferred taste, nutritional deficiencies, and convenience.

Why do vegetarian bodybuilders choose a plant-based path?

Health, of course, is a major diet motivator. Research published in Climate Change found that reduced meat intake also reduces the number of dietary greenhouse gas emissions. A vegetarian diet additionally lowers risk for disease and boosts life expectancy, while red meat has an adverse effect on these aspects of health.

But in a majority of the former vegetarian cases, health is the only motivator for going veg in the first place. Other reasons include:

  • compassion for animals
  • general disgust in animal products (e.g., mad cow disease)
  • taste
  • influence from significant other

Interestingly, former vegetarians told the HRC they disliked their diet for “making them stick out in a crowd” and being unable to interact with other like-minded dieters and see the diet as part of their identity — not because of the food they were limited to.

84% of Non-Meat Eaters Abandon Their Diet for Animal Products (Source: Medical Daily)

Is there something that pulls you away from the path of plant-based nutrition that wasn’t mentioned here?

  • not convenient
  • standing out from others (or being teased)
  • too boring, not enough flavor or variety
  • not getting enough protein

For more ideas on how to get enough vegan protein to build lean muscle, watch this video – How to Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet – The In-Depth Guide

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