3 Unhealthy Vegan Products Wrongly Labelled as Healthy

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There is a lot of “health food” out there that isn’t really healthy…

…and the “vegan” label doesn’t mean it’s healthy either.

Vegetarian protein is an area of concern for our tribe of bodybuilders and fitness gladiators; two of these items are protein specific. Here are 3 notorious vegan products that you should pay close attention to:

1. Non-Dairy Milk

It’s no secret that dairy alternatives typically have way less protein, calcium, and iron than actual dairy. What you should be aware of is the sugar they put in there to compensate for their natural poor taste in relation to cow’s milk which is naturally sweet.

Cooking and baking with non-dairy milk in the same way you would with regular dairy can be tricky, and can affect textures and/or consistencies in recipes. A few test runs, with a dash of creativity, should do the trick.

Coconut cream (the canned stuff you find in the international food section of your grocery store, not to be confused with the refrigerated stuff or coconut water, or the sweetened stuff for fruity cocktails) has the texture of heavy cream and is great in recipes. Spend the extra $0.30 for the organic stuff if you can.

Just remember – it is going to have a very coconut flavor, so don’t think you can dribble some over your pasta and have a great cream sauce. I LOVE using coconut milk with curry spices, so think Asian rather than Italian flavors.

2. Non-Dairy Margarine

Don’t bother trying to replace butter with Vegan margarine in recipes. It will break and curdle. In fact, don’t bother with anything that attempts to mimic butter. The texture is weird, the flavor ‘eh’.  Your substitution will…be kind of yucky.

Sesame oil is great for vegetarians because it is high in protein, as well as having other health benefits. Toasted sesame oil is commonly used for its flavor, but if you’re not a fan, try cold pressed sesame oil.

Coconut oil is another alternative. Unrefined coconut oil has all sorts of health benefits, and also has a very coconutty flavor, so just be aware of that before you fry up your potatoes in it. If Pina Colada potatoes aren’t your thing, refined coconut has little coconut flavor, but fewer of the benefits of its unrefined cousin.

3. Vegan Meat

Now that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Sort of like being a semi-vegetarian, but these fantasy-like terms do exist so allow me to proceed…

Let’s be real here, there’s no satisfying alternative to animal meat if you looking for the same flavor and texture. I have to admit some veggie burgers do taste good, but if you’re going to be a vegan/vegetarian, you have answered a higher calling – whether it being higher consciousness, or compassion for animals.

Some even say plants are healthy for us and have a higher vibrational frequency than dead flesh (hint of sarcasm). Beware of the sodium, sugar, and artificial flavors that are packed into some of these products.


Just be aware that not all vegan products are created equal.

Like most things worth having that have value, there’s a degree of acceptance, work, and sacrifice required. Letting go of old habits and cultivating a new lifestyle is a tall order, but minor in comparison for what you receive in return.

Watch this video to avoid those unhealthy vegan products – Unhealthy Foods Pretending to be Healthy! – Mind Over Munch!

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Instead of saying things like “I think a plant-based diet is good for athletes and bodybuilders,” the V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding System claims “I know a plant-based diet is good for athletes and bodybuilders, and I have results to prove it.”

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