What is the Best Way to Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries?

What is the Best Way to Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries? Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries - Everyone loves their phone, and most of us couldn’t live without them. But new research paints a grim health picture if you use them the wrong way. Especially for our heart.


Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries – How Your Phone Causes Heart Attack


Everyone loves their phone, and most of us couldn’t live without them.

But new research paints a grim health picture if you use them the wrong way. Especially for our heart.


It’s time to look at the dos and don’ts of smartphone usage—before it’s too late.


The study, presented at the American College of Cardiology 2019 Latin America Conference was led by researchers at the Simón Bolívar University in Barranquilla, Colombia.


They analyzed the smartphone habits and health of 1,060 health sciences faculty students at the university. The 700 males in the study averaged 20 years of age, and the 360 females averaged 19 years of age.


For the girls, there was a 63.9 percent that they were overweight and a 57.4 percent chance that they were obese. For the boys, that likelihood was 36.1 percent for being overweight and 42.6 percent for obesity.


26 percent of the subjects that were overweight and 4.6 percent who were obese used their smartphones for more than five hours per day, and here’s the headline figure: their risk for being obese increased by 43 percent!


The connection here seems to be that students who spent more time on their devices were around twice as likely as their peers were to eat fast food, drink sugary sodas, and not do enough exercise.


This seems really surprising when you remember that the subjects were health sciences students, people who should have been more aware than most about maintaining good health.


And worst of all, being overweight has some dire consequences such as cholesterol plaque buildup in the arteries and high blood pressure.


So regardless of your phone habits, if you’re concerned about your cardiovascular health:


Learn how cutting out just ONE ingredient (you didn’t even know you were consuming) can clear out your 93% clogged arteries…


And if you have high blood pressure, discover how 3 easy exercises drop blood pressure below 120/80 … starting today…


Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries – Best Exercise for Heart Health Revealed (new study)


Being obese is the biggest risk factor for heart disease, partly because obese people have more fat hugging their hearts. But even slim people can have fat around their heart.


Exercise helps in the war on fat, but what kind of exercise is best for reducing heart fat?


JAMA Cardiology has just published a study that answers this question.

The fat around your heart can appear in one of two places. Epicardial fat appears in the tissue closest to your heart, while pericardial fat shows up in the cavity around your heart.


Both types are bad for you, but more time has been spent studying epicardial fat, so we know it’s a major risk factor for atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, high fasting glucose, and abdominal fat deposits, all of which are extremely unhealthy.


Pericardial fat is less well studied, but we know that it definitely contributes to atherosclerosis (which is when your arteries narrow, restricting and even cutting off blood flow).


The authors of the new study decided to find out whether endurance or resistance exercise was as good at reducing these harmful types of fat, as they were at reducing abdominal fat.


They split their 50 participants into three groups: a group that performed high-intensity interval endurance training three times a week for 45 minutes each, a group that performed resistance training three times a week for 45 minutes each, and a group that performed no exercise at all.


The endurance training consisted of exercise on a stationary bicycle, while the resistance group had to do weight training with medium-heavy weights.


Before the study, all the participants were inactive with a high body-mass index score and abdominal fat.


The scientists measured their cardiac fat via MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) during and after the study.


The endurance and resistance exercise groups reduced their epicardial fat by eight and nine grams respectively by the end of the study. The no-exercise group saw no changes.


The resistance exercise group reduced their pericardial fat by 34 grams, while the other two groups saw no change.


That’s an impressive result. It means that you should be doing some sort of exercise on a regular basis at the very least, but you shouldn’t just limit yourself to the usual ones like running and cycling.


Endurance work will improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, but it won’t make you stronger.


In comparison, resistance training will improve both, and now you know that it will reduce your dangerous heart fat too. We’d call that a pretty good return on your effort!


The best approach is to give both these types of exercise some room in your training routine to keep you fit and to keep your heart healthy.


But if you really want to crack down on the cholesterol buildup around your heart, discover how cutting out ONE ingredient can clear out your 93% clogged arteries…


Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries – The Tasty Treat that Cuts Blood Pressure and Cholesterol


Bad food tastes good. That’s part of the reason why it can be so difficult to beat conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s unfortunate that your cardiovascular health is not best friends with many of the sweet things in this world.


But if you do have a sweet tooth then we have some good news for you, because there is one fabulous feelgood food that tastes great and can still help your health.


It can help make your heart healthier, reduce your blood pressure, cut your bad cholesterol, ramp up your brain activity and even pep up your love life.


Well, it shouldn’t be too surprising that chocolate is healthy given that it starts life as cocoa beans, which are loaded with flavanol. Flavanol is an antioxidant, one of those Swiss army knives of health that stops blood clots, boosts blood flow to the heart and brain, reduces high blood pressure, and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.


But it’s not the only antioxidant that cocoa beans are choc full of. There are even more of these helpful substances which are so beneficial to vascular health, and which also take the fight to free radicals—the harmful molecules which contribute to oxidation in the body.


Increased oxidation opens the way for LDL cholesterol—the bad sort—to start forming plaque on the arterial walls. As a result, they become narrower and more rigid, which is a perfect recipe for heart attack and stroke.


There are many things in the environment that can cause damage to the body, like pollution, cigarette smoke, and even too much sunlight, and antioxidants help to mop up the effects of all of them, before they can do their damage.


But it isn’t just the free radicals that help put chocolate on a par with health foods. There’s also the fat content. The majority of fat in chocolate comes from cocoa butter, which contains oleic, palmitic and stearic fatty acids (and you’ll find Oleic acid in olive oil too). It’s monounsaturated, which means it is heart-healthy and a proven blood pressure reducer.


The palmitic and stearic fatty acids are saturated fats, but still, research has found that they don’t hurt your cholesterol levels, which is odd but welcome news!


It’s now well established that chocolate can lower stress levels and improve a person’s sense of well-being and happiness. This is probably down to the fact that it’s great at boosting the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural happiness chemicals. And you also get serotonin in the mix, the body’s own antidepressant, too.


It’s worth mentioning that the brain releases these happiness chemicals when we’re in love, so when people say that they love chocolate, they really do mean it.


The only fly in the ointment with chocolate is the high sugar content. That’s why we’d recommend dark chocolate over milk chocolate every time. Choose the dark stuff with at least 65% cocoa content. Current research leads us to believe that 3 ounces (85 grams) of chocolate a day will give you all of the health benefits without the sugar rush.


To get more ideas to clear out your 93% clogged arteries, watch these 2 videos below:

15 Foods to Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol


These Foods Clean Your Arteries & Can Prevent A Heart Attack

As good as chocolate is for you, it can’t handle the job of lowering your blood pressure all on its own. For that you’re going to need something else, and these 3 simple exercises are the answer to lowering your blood pressure down to 120/80 right away…


And cholesterol control is more than chocolate can handle on its own too, so try this step-by-step approach to clear out your 93% clogged arteries, that will get you back to healthy levels in less than a month…


This post is from the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Program. It was created by Scott Davis. Because he once suffered from high cholesterol, so much so that he even had a severe heart attack. This is what essentially led him to finding healthier alternatives to conventional medication. Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a unique online program that provides you with all the information you need to regain control of your cholesterol levels and health, as a whole.


To find out more about this program, go to Clear Out Your 93% Clogged Arteries Quickly and Easily .

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