What is the Best Way to Cure All Types of Arthritis and Improve Health?

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Cure All Types of Arthritis and Improve Health – This Food Item Relieves Arthritis Better Than Pain Killers

An interesting new study, published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, shows that an unpretentious and cheap herb relieves pain better than common NSAID ibuprofen.

What’s more, you can get this dirt-cheap herb in most supermarkets and all health food stores, either fresh or as a supplement extract.

Better yet, it provides many more health benefits without the side effects.

Researchers asked 38 college-age women with painful menstruation to take either 400mg of cinnamon powder, 400mg of ibuprofen, or a starch powder as a fake treatment.

No one involved in the study knew which substance each participant received.

Researchers monitored the women’s pain severity and duration throughout the day to see which substance worked best.

The cinnamon group experienced less pain than the ibuprofen and fake treatment groups for the first few hours, up to four hours, when there was no longer a difference between them and the ibuprofen group.

Needless to say, the suffering of the fake treatment group continued unabated.

Because 400mg of cinnamon is very little and it causes no side effects, you can keep on taking it several times a day, whereas there’s a limit to how much ibuprofen you can safely consume.

So, what on earth does painful menstruation have to do with arthritis?

At this stage, researchers have never directly studied whether cinnamon can relieve arthritis pain, but any women with severe menstruation pain can testify that, while shorter in duration than arthritis pain, it is so acute that walking and even sitting upright become a miserable challenge.

In addition to the pain severity, there’s another reason why cinnamon might be beneficial to arthritis sufferers.

It’s an exceptionally good anti-inflammatory substance.

In a recent review of the scientific literature in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the researchers found several studies that backed the anti-inflammatory properties of both cinnamon powder and cinnamon oil.

Several of the flavonoids it contains have been found to be anti-inflammatory in nature, including gossypin, gnaphalin, hesperidin, hibifolin, hypolaetin, oroxandin, and quercetin.

Because cinnamon contains all of these chemicals, it is uniquely well placed among the herbs to fulfill this function.

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Cure All Types of Arthritis and Improve Health – Arthritis Relieved Using This Cheap Supplement

People who suffer from the extreme pain caused by arthritis are willing to try anything if it can only provide slightest hope of relief.

And the snake oil salesmen are everywhere with expensive, ineffective products.

But how about an inexpensive, readily-available supplement (in most supermarkets) that has actually been proven to provide relief in several studies?

There are different remedies and supplements suggested for arthritis and the results are varied. While some provide relief, others are not recommended as their effectiveness and safety are questionable.

But there is one supplement that is inexpensive and good for overall health, including the joints. It is omega 3 fatty acids, found abundantly in walnuts, soybean oil and cold water fish like tuna and salmon.

The best sources are flax seed and fish oils and supplements can be easily found at drug stores and most supermarkets.

The recommended quantity of the flax seed oil supplement is just 3 – 10 grams daily. It is particularly effective to take supplements that contain both DHA and EPA, both of which are types of omega 3 fatty acids.

The omega 3 fatty acids are well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They stimulate production of certain chemicals that control inflammation in joints, blood and tissues.

Several studies have proved that fish oil is definitely effective for improvement in morning stiffness and joint tenderness, when taken regularly. Best of all, they are effective for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

All studies point to the fact that consuming flax seed or fish oil on a regular basis is just what arthritis patients need to cut down on the medications with all the nasty side effects.

And it’s not just us, even cats get relief from osteoarthritis with fish oil supplements, according to a Netherlands-based study.

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Cure All Types of Arthritis and Improve Health – This Specific Type of Arthritis Causes Heart Attack and Death

Arthritis is normally associated with pain, stiffness, and difficulty carrying out basic tasks.

But researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong have now shown that one type is a direct cause of death by heart attack.

Their study appeared in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. Like other types of arthritis, it is chronic, but it differs from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

The good news is, that you can actually both reverse your arthritis and avoid heart attack in one very straight forward way.

Psoriatic arthritis (PSA) is an inflammatory type of arthritis that normally appears along with skin psoriasis, or at least in people whose close family members have skin psoriasis.

The Hong Kong researchers decided to test whether people with this disease are more or less likely than the general population to have atherosclerosis, which is the name for plaque in your arteries.

They recruited 90 patients with psoriatic arthritis (PSA) and 240 healthy subjects, with the average age 50.

They used coronary CT angiography to examine the amount and types of plaques in their arteries.

They found:

1. People with PSA were much more likely than non PSA sufferers to have plaque-filled arteries.
2. PSA patients had more calcified and non-calcified plaque.
3. They had more mixed plaque.
4. They had more obstructive plaque.
5. PSA patients were much more likely to have blockages of more than 50% in their three main coronary arteries.

This is a bleak picture, especially the findings regarding non-calcified and mixed plaques. These are the plaques that are the most likely to rupture and block arteries completely, causing heart attacks and strokes.

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This post is from the Arthritis Strategy Program. It was created by Shelly Manning, a former arthritis sufferer and a health consultant.

A Brief Background on the Author

Like you, Shelly Manning also suffered from arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. This was due to her weight and desk job. Her condition eventually took a toll on her relationship with her (former) husband.

It was when she went to Hong Kong that she met Janerdquo, an old woman who owned the restaurant where she ate. Janerdquo supposedly offered her a bowl of a weird-smelling soup, which helped ease her joint pain. She ate there each day for 10 days until she was completely healed from arthritis.

Shelly Manning decided to research this natural remedy and to create a step-by-step treatment plan to others who are suffering from different types of arthritis, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis.

That’s why she created “The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy.” According to her claims, this unique strategy will get rid of joint pain and stiffness, repair your damaged joints, and treat the underlying cause of your arthritis.

Shelly teamed up with Christian Goodman, the owner of Blue Heron Health News, a publishing company that aims to help people to take responsibility for their own health by using natural health alternatives for preventing arthritis in fingers and knees naturally.

To find out more about this program, go to Cure All Types of Arthritis and Improve Health

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