What is the Best Diet for Cancer Patients?

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How the Keto Diet Could Help Cancer Patients Fight Back with Food

It’s been almost 100 years since a German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, made the discovery that glucose functions as a form of nourishment for cancer cells.

Naturally, a plethora of studies followed since that breakthrough and they all arrived at the same conclusion.

Cancer Thrives on Glucose and Glutamine

For this reason, many experts have recommended the ketogenic diet as it is a type of diet that demands minimal ingestion of carbohydrates and a markedly high uptake of fat.

It should be noted that while there’s a good variety of low-carb diets available, ketogenic or keto diet is considered the most ideal for cancer patients because it disallows unrestricted consumption of protein.

Overdoing your intake of protein will lead to surplus quantities that the body will process into glucose, which again, contributes to the growth of cancer cells.

Consuming an extremely low amount of carbs may trigger a cause for concern, given the fact that glucose is our body’s premier source of energy.

Without it, would our bodies be able to function normally?

Fortunately, the answer is yes as the body is able to react positively to such critical situation simply by switching to a different source of fuel.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes perfect sense.

Our ancient ancestors would have been wiped out if there was no alternate form of energy source to rely upon during food scarcity situations.

So when being starved or kept in a fasted state, the human body employs fat as its source of energy.

Your body will react likewise once carbohydrates are drastically limited in your diet.

Since our bodies are so proficient at changing to different types of energy sources, the keto way of eating is highly preferred as a means of suspending glucose supply along with glutamine, which is an amino acid that cancer cells feed on as well.

Additionally, keto diet plus a number of approaches that are similar to fasting can, in fact, inflict harm on cells that are ailing.

This is especially helpful for reinstating the signalling of the cellular back to its original healthy state, which is one of the vital elements that keep cancer at bay.

Although the keto diet is regarded as a supremely effective dieting procedure for fighting cancer cells, it, however, cannot actually cure cancer.

For cancer patients, the ketogenic diet should be engaged as a healthy way of managing the disease on a long term basis.

As a bonus, this diet offers an assortment of health-boosting perks such as elevating your energy levels, promotes fat loss, decreases blood sugar levels, curbs cravings for unhealthy foods, raises your good cholesterol while decreasing the bad, keeps inflammation away, and more.

What is the best diet for cancer patients – Watch this video – Dr. Eugene Fine – Consequences of Ketogenic Diets in Cancer – from RECHARGE to Biomarkers

Presenting Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy

A team comprising various clinicians as well as scientific researchers coined a new phrase known as “ketogenic metabolic therapy,” not too long ago, and even tabled it officially so that emphasis can be made regarding fighting cancer with the aid of nutritional principles found in the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic metabolic therapy will also be useful in nullifying the argument that the human body must receive a constant amount of carbs—over 50% of total daily calories—in order survive and thrive.

This argument is of course, completely false.

One may even refer to the institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Dietary Reference Intakes, which accepted the fact that ketones produced when the body breaks into complete ketosis after a period of time on the ketogenic diet, are a reliable source of energy and can sufficiently fuel the human body in place of dietary carbs.

Presenting the Proper Cookbook for Ketogenic Dieting

Based on several studies and surveys, the main reason many cancer patients together with others who are simply interested in losing weight, could not commit to this diet long-term because they found it difficult to put together good-tasting meals that are approved by the ketogenic diet.

Such issue should no longer be of concern because of this FREE ketogenic diet cookbook.

The cookbook offers numerous exceptionally delicious ketogenic recipes that will help you stick with the diet for the long term.

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Written by Hannah Lee


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