Can Keto Diet Help Me to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise?

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I Struggled with Weight for Most of My Life — But The Keto Diet Is the One Thing That Finally Worked

Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a number of criticisms regarding ketogenic diet, so I thought I should write this up and let folks out there know my positive experiences with this diet.

Here’s a little backstory (kindly bear with me please):

I’ve spent nearly half of my lifetime trying to lose weight and my attempts were always futile.

But back in early 2015, my dear friend Danny recommended me a book called “Keto Clarity.”

I loved it!

The book covers a ton of interesting details concerning the ketogenic or keto diet.

I was extremely fascinated by the concept of eating protein moderately, super low to no carb, and a tremendous amount of fat (yum, yum!).

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and 3 years later, not only did I manage to get rid of close to 65 pounds of excess weight, the diet also changed my life in several positive ways.

Now please read on to find out how my life has changed for the better thanks to the keto diet.

1) At long last, I discovered a diet that I could follow until I’m old and grey

Like I said earlier, my previous attempts at dieting always ended in futility. My longest dieting streak prior to discovering keto was about 27 days, I think…

Yeap, pathetic, I know!

With the keto diet, I’ve been at it strictly and consistently for almost 3 full years and a boatload of pounds have been stripped away.

No doubt, this diet may not be for everyone, but I’m NUTS about it and I’m confident I could stick with it until I grow old—fingers crossed!

2) Turned me into a keen student of nutrition

I’ve never been that interested in the subject of nutrition.

Typically, I would read a little bit about this and a little bit of that, without really giving a crap about the scientific explanations.

But when I first read about the keto diet, it just grabbed me right off the bat and I wanted to learn as much as I could about it.

I actually gave a damn about the scientific reasoning behind this diet!

Since then, I’ve developed a strong interest in not just keto, but a wide range of matters related to general health and nutrition.

3) I’m no longer a sugar junkie

I was a bonafide sugar junkie back before keto came into my life.

Once a week, I would head over to the supermarket and raid the junk food aisles to cover my entire weekly fix.

Oreos and Mars Chocolate Minis were my favorite sugary drugs of choice.

Well, no wonder I failed at dieting a shedload of times, huh?

Anyway, to be a legit keto dieter, sugary stuff must go.

And go it did.

I won’t lie, it was excruciatingly difficult initially.

But I so badly wanted this diet to work and booyah—I’m no longer addicted to sugar.

However, I do eat the sweet stuff from time to time—like that one slice of my friend’s birthday cake I ate just yesterday.

But no more addiction, I swear!

4) Significantly decreased my blood sugar and blood pressure levels

Prior to diving into the keto diet, I actually found out that my blood sugar and blood pressure levels were on the high side.

Since keto made me dump sugar from my everyday diet, those levels decreased rather substantially about close to a year later.

Of course, I also consumed plenty of nourishing foods that contain no starch and workout regularly as well.

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4) I learned how to cook phenomenally tasty keto-approved dishes

This is undoubtedly the key factor behind my longevity with this diet.

I genuinely believe that loads of folks out there prematurely give up on the ketogenic diet because they have no idea how fix a variety of keto-approved dishes that are delicious.

Consequently, boredom drops in as they get sick and tired of cramming the same stuff down their throats each day.

And then, they raise the white flag…

Well, not to boast, but I’m immensely good at cooking plenty of super yummy keto dishes.

And because I get to eat so much yummy stuff each day, it’s next to impossible for me to become bored of this diet.

So how did I become this sort of keto diet super chef?

By getting a top notch cookbook, obviously…duh!

Click on the large next page button below to get the very same cookbook I used to cook up a boatload of top tasting ketogenic diet dishes.

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Written by Haley Wells


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