What is the Best Way to End Acid Reflux Forever?

End Acid Reflux Forever - Medical journals and research studies abound with data showing which efforts are better than others at eliminating heartburn, reflux, and other digestive woes. Today, we’ll give you the quick-and-dirty for the top 6 that show up again and again as some easy things that you can do as soon as today to eliminate your tummy troubles.


End Acid Reflux Forever – These Acid Reflux Drugs Destroy Your Bones


One of the most frequent health problems for elderly are broken bones. As we age, our bones become weaker and we are at greater risk of falling.


So, it doesn’t help that one of the most frequently prescribed acid reflux drugs directly weakens our bones as well as our sense of balance.


And taking it with two other common drugs makes things even worse.


This is according to a new study published in JAMA Network Open.


The researchers analyzed the information of 2.6 million Medicare beneficiaries and the drug prescriptions they received between 2004 and 2014. They placed emphasis on drugs linked to bone fractures either because they weakened bones or caused dizziness and promoted falls.


They identified hip fracture diagnoses from Medicare claims to see which drugs put them at a higher risk – those who took one drug had twice as high a risk of hip fractures. Taking two almost tripled their hip fracture risk and taking three quadrupled it.


Opioids (taken by 55 percent), diuretics (40 percent), and proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux (35 percent) were the most common drugs.


Incredibly, the scientists found that the average elderly person consumed five drugs simultaneously.

The most harmful combinations were opioids with sedatives, opioids with diuretics, and opioids with acid reflux proton pump inhibitors.


Women who took opioids and sedatives were five times more likely to suffer hip fractures than women who took none.


But this is not the only risk of acid reflux drugs. They actually cause 6 types of cancer.


End Acid Reflux Forever – The good news is that you can eliminate acid reflux TODAY using three ingredients you already have in your kitchen


End Acid Reflux Forever – Heart Attack or Heartburn? Detect the Difference in Symptoms


People can very often write off the first signs of heart attack as nothing more than acid reflux. But as you know, waiting too long to act may cost you your life.


At the same time, you don’t want to ‘cry wolf’ every time you experience minor chest pain (although it’s always better to be too cautious than to risk death).


That’s why in today’s feature article I’m going to tell you about three clear symptoms that differentiate heartburn from heart attack.


1) When Does the Pain Hit?


We’ve all experienced this at some point: You have a big meal, you lie down and all of a sudden this burning sensation hits you. This is most likely heartburn rather than heart attack.


Opposite to heartburn, heart attack usually happens during some kind of physical activity and rarely while resting. As well, suffering from a heart attack rarely has anything to do with the meal you had that day, while acid reflux often happens shortly after consuming trigger foods (or quantities).


2) Where Does the Pain Hit?


Burning sensation in the throat, often with a bitter taste in the back of the mouth is a clear sign of acid reflux. Whereas pain in the chest, neck, shoulders and jaw is a sign of heart attack.


3) How Does the Pain Hit?


Are you experiencing sweating, feeling of faintness, lightheadedness and shortness of breath? These symptoms, especially when associated with any kind of chest pain are red flags; don’t wait, call 911 now! These are not  symptoms of heartburn but much more likely the beginning of a heart attack.


These three guidelines are, of course, nothing more than general tips and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. You should always lean towards the side of caution – if in doubt, call the ambulance or at least your family doctor’s urgent care line.


Don’t drive yourself because if you’re actually having heart attack, you can get the necessary first aid in the ambulance- and you shouldn’t put others at risk since loss of consciousness frequently accompanies heart attack.


You may also take into consideration your personal history. If you’ve suffered a heart attack before, are over the age of 50 or have a family history of heart attack or stroke, you’ll want to be even more aware or your risk.


However, if you suffer heartburn regularly, you know the feeling. But you definitely also want to treat that problem.


Because what the big drug companies don’t want you to know is that it’s very easy to permanently cure Acid Reflux naturally as soon as today.


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Regarding stroke and heart attack, there are of course two major factors that lead up to heart attack:


Chronic, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and Unhealthy cholesterol levels:


Discover 3 easy exercises that drop blood pressure below 12/80 as soon as today…


Learn how to naturally get your cholesterol under control in 30 days or less here…


End Acid Reflux Forever – 6 Things That Prevent Heartburn


Medical journals and research studies abound with data showing which efforts are better than others at eliminating heartburn, reflux, and other digestive woes.


Today, we’ll give you the quick-and-dirty for the top 6 that show up again and again as some easy things that you can do as soon as today to eliminate your tummy troubles.


These tips will helps eliminate IBS as well.


1) Put down the soda can. Aside from forcing into your system a ton of sodium and potentially a lot of sugar, most sodas are packed with caffeine. This is a known trigger of not only IBS symptoms, but also reflux and other types of heartburn. Start by replacing 12 ounces at a time of that soda habit with water and see how much better you’ll feel in a week.


2) Drop a little weight. Carrying more than 30 pounds compresses internal organs. Carrying more than that compresses them even more. Being overweight or obese also slows digestion, which is then going to lead to stomachache, heartburn…even certain food intolerances. Get off the couch and head for the treadmill. You can watch your news programs or crime dramas from there.


3) Find clothes that fit. Just because you can get them on, doesn’t mean they fit. Make sure that your pants, belts, skirts, or other clothing that comes around the stomach or gut is appropriately fitted. Clothing that’s too tight doesn’t just create a muffin top, it constricts those organs causing pain.


4) Make those meals smaller, and just eat more of them. Speaking of loosening the belt…if you eat enough in one sitting to have to do this, you’re doing it wrong. If your reflux or heartburn is severe, you need to limit what you eat to 8 ounces per meal- total, and just eat them more frequently. Give your stomach a break and put at least half that meal in a box as soon as you get it.


5) Limit alcohol, especially before bedtime. Alcohol is hard on the stomach, especially if you have food intolerances creeping up on you.


Gluten intolerances mean no beer. Hard liquor likes to attack the lining of the stomach and lead to ulcers. Limit your drinks to one or two, and only with a meal.


6) Stop Smoking– period.


For more ideas to end acid reflux forever, watch this video – What Triggers Your Acid Reflux, and What Solutions Will Work

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This post is from Scott Davis’ Acid Reflux Solution. This program helps you to cure your heartburn and acid reflux by using natural remedies to quickly heal your stomach without dangerous medicine or risky surgeries. It can also help you to remove some disorders of acid reflux such as constipation or IBS.


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