What is the Best Way to Cure Acid Reflux Without Drugs?

What is the Best Way to Cure Acid Reflux Without Drugs? Cure Acid Reflux Without Drugs - The Coughing Connection. Chronic coughing is one of the most common complaints that people take to their doctor. But there is some research that points to acid reflux as a cause of coughing, so Japanese scientists thought they would look closer at whether there might be a link there.


Cure Acid Reflux Without Drugs – Acid Reflux – The Coughing Connection


Chronic coughing is one of the most common complaints that people take to their doctor.


But there is some research that points to acid reflux as a cause of coughing, so Japanese scientists thought they would look closer at whether there might be a link there.


And the link was horrifying.


They needed to check records for clues, so they looked to the Asthma and Chronic Cough Clinic of Nagoya City University Hospital to look at visits that took place between 2012 and 2018.


The researchers left out current and recent ex-smokers, people with abnormal chest radiographs, and those with wheezing.


Patients seen there had all undergone a blood test, a chest radiograph, spirometry, an airway hyper-responsiveness test, or other physiological examinations before a diagnosis was made.


They were also given a questionnaire to find out how coughing affected their quality of life and another about their acid reflux symptoms.


Out of 312 people, some had one specific cause for their cough, others had multiple causes, and for three people there was no known cause.


143 people (45.83 percent) had acid reflux-related cough. (They could tell this was the case because they had typical acid reflux symptoms like heartburn, too.)


89.8 percent of these acid reflux patients also had another cause for their coughing, called cough-variant asthma.


These groups let the researchers compare people who had acid reflux together with other conditions to see who suffered the worst and recovered the fastest.


After comparing these groups, they found that the coughing lasted longer and was much harder to treat in patients with acid reflux compared to patients without it.


In addition, patients with acid reflux scored lower on the cough-related quality of life index (who knew there was such a thing?) than those with no acid reflux.


From this, they drew two conclusions:


  1. Acid reflux is a relatively common cause of chronic cough.
  2. Acid reflux aggravates other causes of chronic cough so that it’s worse and harder to treat.


After looking at previous research they saw that acid reflux is less common in Japan than in Western countries, maybe because their diets are healthier and/or their doctors are more aware of it.


If you are American or European, this probably means that the percentage of chronic coughers with acid reflux is higher than the 45.83 Percent in Japan and that most chronic coughing cases in Western countries are long-lasting and hard to treat.


But coughing is not the worst part of Acid Reflux. It can actually cause 6 deadly diseases – as we explain here (and a 5 minutes method to cure acid reflux without drugs)…


8 Embarrassing Things You Need to Tell Your Doctor About


Look, we’re not saying that you absolutely have to tell your doctor about these 8 embarrassing things.


But we are saying that you’ll live a healthier, more vigorous life if you do talk to your doctor about this stuff. You’ll feel better at the end of it all, and if these “embarrassing topics” aren’t brought up, things could get worse. And you definitely don’t want that.


Here are some of the sensitive issues that the healthcare providers are more than used to handling, even though you might think otherwise:


  1. Excessive sweating– While it’s common to sweat when out in the sun or after strenuous activity, if you’re sweating always or take showers more than twice a day, it’s time to visit a doctor. The condition is called hyperhidrosis and can be treated.


  1. Sex after heart attack– People don’t often feel comfortable discussing about sexual intercourse after recovering from a heart attack. But healthcare providers are more than willing to talk about how and when to resume normal sexual activity.


  1. Relationship issues– Feeling lonely or alone is often considered as a social issue. But this is something that should be discussed with a psychiatrist who specializes in therapies that can improve life tremendously.


  1. Prolonged erection– While there are people who try out many methods to bring about an erection, there are others who suffer from prolonged and painful erections that can last for hours. Antidepressants and other drugs can cause this problem, called priapism.


Don’t you hate erectile dysfunction? We do, too. So here’s a straightforward way to get your manhood back up to speed.


  1. Genital rash– scratching is no solution for genital rashes that can be caused by anything ranging from pubic lice to psoriasis. These problems can be cured at once with the right treatment.


  1. Teeth problems– Discolored teeth or no front teeth can be a valid reason for visiting a dentist. People are not aware that there are simple dental fixes for these problems like filling, tooth replacement and removal of spots.


  1. Binge eating and purging– It is not pleasant discussing bulimia, but physicians emphasize that the condition can sometimes be life-threatening and needs to be treated early. It can also cause dental problems because the stomach acids released from constant purging can erode the tooth enamel.


  1. Bad breath– People often think that bad breath is really not a reason to pay a visit to the doctor, but bad breath is not just a mild problem, it can be an indicator of a serious oral problem. So get it checked sooner rather than later.


Here are other problems that can be a major concern if not cured early. You can treat them naturally at home!


Now you can feel more invigorated throughout the day by eliminating snoring and getting more rest – just with these simple and safe exercises!


Fibromyalgia. Rhymes with siesta, but has the opposite effect on you. Treat it naturally with this easy approach, and start sleeping like a rock.


Acid reflux. It burns. So quench the fire in your chest once-and-for-all with this simple method to cure acid reflux without drugs.


Erectile dysfunction. Embarrassing? Pretty much. Oh, look, you can reverse it with these easy exercises. Check ‘em out.


9 One-Minute Habits That Boost Your Health and Happiness


Having a long, healthy life means doing the little things that count. The little habits that don’t take much time but still add up in the long-run. And turns out we’ve got 9 handpicked one-minute habits you can do every day.


Some of these you can do right now, wherever you’re reading this. And that’s just a bit tempting.


Switch from red meat to fish: Many studies have shown time and again that eating red meat regularly can be bad for the heart and increase the risk of developing colon cancer. However, eating fish can significantly cut down the risk of both heart problems and cancer. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which when properly balanced with omega-6 fatty acids, can be very beneficial for reducing inflammation.


Drink red wine: Red wine is very useful for keeping away Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer and Type 2 Diabetes. The compound ‘resveratrol’ in grapes is thought to be responsible for these benefits. The key is not to go overboard and limit consumption to just a few glasses a week.


Microwave the kitchen sponge: While we often consider the toilet seat as the haven of microbes, in truth, the kitchen sponge can have more microbes than the toilet seat! Microwaving the sponge for 30 seconds can kill most disease-causing microbes in it.


Take vitamin supplements: Make sure that you get the required amount of vitamins and minerals to keep away vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are responsible for different ailments like osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, common cold, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But make sure you’re taking high quality supplements since many supermarket brands are worse than skipping them.


Don’t forget to buckle your seat belt: Save yourself from the worst brunt of car accidents by doing one simple thing – wear your seat belt! About 40,000 people die every year in US due to car accidents. Most deaths could have been prevented if they’d fastened the seat belt.


Treat yourself to dark chocolate occasionally: Dark chocolate has been shown to have several benefits – it cuts down the risk of heart disease, improves memory in elderly people, helps metabolize glucose more efficiently and fights against stress and depression.


Take deep breaths often: Whenever you get some free time inhale deeply, take in a deep breath through one nostril, count till 4 and exhale through the other nostril. Do this as often as you can, because it melts stress and calms your mind.


Rinse mouth after meals: Rinsing is a better way to prevent acidic food from corroding the tooth enamel better than brushing the teeth. Plain water or unsweetened tea are good for rinsing mouth and preventing germ buildup.


Sleep on your left side: A study published in the journal ‘Chest’ reveals that nearly 25 percent of Americans experience heartburn in the night. This can be prevented by sleeping on the left side. This stops the acid from esophagus from flowing back into the esophagus.


For more ideas to cure acid reflux without drugs, watch this video – What Triggers Your Acid Reflux, and What Solutions Will Work

Waking up with your throat burning isn’t exactly something that makes you smile throughout the day. That’s why we’ve got an easy-to-follow way for you to beat acid reflux and say goodbye to it once and for all. To cure acid reflux without drugs, check it out


Do you enjoy snoring? Didn’t think so. But what can you do about it? Oh, nothing much except for this extremely effective anti-snoring technique anyone can do


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