What is the Best Way to Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast?

What is the Best Way to Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast? Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast - Here is a simple, 10 second trick. It’s so simple you wouldn’t usually think of it as cure or solution. But it can completely eliminate acid reflux on the spot. And it won’t cost you a dime.


Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast – Heartburn Drugs Cause This Allergy (Study)


Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have been proven to cause several types of fatal diseases, including cancer.


A new study, published in the journal Nature Communications, reveals yet another dangerous disease. Allergic reactions!


And the danger gets stronger as we get older.


The researchers consulted the health insurance records of 8.2 million people, covering around 97 percent of the Austrian population.


They evaluated drug prescriptions between 2009 and 2013 to see which drug was most commonly prescribed after the prescription for a stomach acid suppression drug.


Shockingly, people who had received an acid suppression drug were two to three times more likely to receive a subsequent prescription for anti-allergy medication than they were to receive a prescription for any other medication type.


This is too high to be coincidental.


In fact, the likelihood of receiving anti-allergy medication after an acid suppression drug increased with age, with people over the age of 60 being five times more likely to receive an anti-allergy drug than any other drug.


Stomach acid is vital for several reasons: it enables your body to successfully digest proteins, and it kills organisms and other substances that may otherwise enter your digestive tract.


When you take drugs that suppress the production of stomach acid, you make it more likely that organisms and substances can enter your digestive tract to cause irritation and infections.


In addition, such drugs change the makeup of the bacterial colonies inside your intestines, which, in turn, causes changes in your immune system. It is possible that these immune system changes can make your body inappropriately sensitive to harmless substances, which is basically the definition of an allergy.


This may be the reason why acid reflux drugs have been proven to cause many lethal diseases, including a few types of cancer.


Here is the story of one man diagnosed with acid reflux caused cancer and how he beat both his cancer and acid reflux using three ingredients you already have in your kitchen…


Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast – 8 Things That Cause Heartburn and Acid Reflux (avoid these)


What does curry and hot peppers have in common?


Well, clearly they’re both spicy. Which also means that they could give you heartburn so awful that you’ll never want to visit that restaurant again.


But tread carefully as you sit down to enjoy a delicious dish – it might end up in heartburn, even if you don’t think it will.


Here are some foods that cause heartburn:


Citrus fruits:

Oranges, orange juice, grapefruit and most citrus fruits are classic examples of heartburn triggers. They are highly acidic in nature and increase the acidity in the stomach and cause heartburn.



While tomatoes are loaded with lycopene and other beneficial nutrients, they are acidic fruits which when consumed often or in large quantities can cause acidity problems. This is particularly true for those who are already prone to heartburn.



Onion is a great flavoring agent and is indispensable in most cuisines. However, onions can trigger heartburn in certain individuals.



Like onions, garlic is also a very good flavoring agent that adds taste to the food. But unfortunately it comes with certain undesirable side effects, and we’re not just talking about the smell it leaves in the mouth. It can cause heartburn in certain people.


Mexican food:

Mexican food is known to be spicy and while it is really tasty and filling, it can have some unpleasant side effects an hour or so afterwards and the major problem is usually acidity.



All spicy foods are well known agents of heartburn and chili is no exception. It can be particularly problematic if you consume it in large quantities.


Food with spices:

Spices like cloves, oregano and cinnamon are used as flavoring agents in many foods, especially spicy and savory food. While it enhances the taste considerably, it can also cause heartburn.



Pepper can trigger heartburn/acidity in a few people and should be avoided. Even if you need to use it in any food, use in moderation instead of the usual quantity.


When you get heartburn, try sucking on a sour ball. It produces a lot of saliva, and saliva is good for neutralizing acids. Some safe foods/snack options that doesn’t trigger heartburn include baked sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, broiled chicken and plain toast.


Acid reflux can make every day a constant struggle, where you’re constantly reaching for the nearest medication. If there isn’t any medication, it’s even worse. So maybe it’s time you tried a natural method to quickly and easily take care of that acid reflux. Check it out to eliminate heartburn naturally fast…


Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast – 10 Second Trick to Eliminate Acid Reflux


A burning sensation in the throat and chest and indigestion… sounds familiar? But you don’t have to reach out for antacids every time.


No… instead there is a simple, 10 second trick. It’s so simple you wouldn’t usually think of it as cure or solution. But it can completely eliminate acid reflux on the spot. And it won’t cost you a dime.


What would you say if a glass of cold water was all it takes to cut down indigestion?


Heartburn is caused by many things – eating oily foods, overeating, not getting enough physical exercise and unhealthy lifestyle or bacterial infection. The excess production of gastric juices is the culprit, but it is quite simple to treat heartburn.


The simplest and easiest way is to drink a glass of cold water. It stabilizes the body fluids and soothes the burning sensation in the throat and chest.


Be sure not to drink water that is too cold, and also make sure that you go for a walk after drinking water. It really helps!


Another good idea is to make it a regular habit to drink a glass of cold water just before you go to sleep. This helps in the digestion process and controls the production of acid in the stomach.


The most important thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid acidic food, oily and spicy food. All of these food types can cause acidity problems.


Do you have the habit of drinking a glass of milk or any other cold beverage just before you sleep? Actually, it might not be a good idea. A glass of milk might provide short term relief but what actually happens is that the fat content in the milk increases heartburn instead of controlling it.


If you have severe heartburn, another solution is to add a spoon of baking soda to a glass of cold water and drink it. The alkali in the soda neutralizes the acids and controls heartburn.


However, this remedy is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or pregnant women. Soda tends to cause water retention in the body and this is not advisable in these circumstances.


For more ideas to eliminate heartburn naturally fast, watch this video – What Triggers Your Acid Reflux, and What Solutions Will Work

If drinking water is not enough to cut down your acid reflux, check out this simple remedy that takes only 5 minutes to prepare. It slashes heartburn on the spot…


This post is from Scott Davis’ Acid Reflux Solution. This program helps you to cure your heartburn and acid reflux by using natural remedies to quickly heal your stomach without dangerous medicine or risky surgeries. It can also help you to remove some disorders of acid reflux such as constipation or IBS.


To find out more about the program, go to Eliminate Heartburn Naturally Fast

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