Eliminate Acid Reflux in 5 Minutes – How Do You Stop Acid Reflux Naturally?

Eliminate Acid Reflux in 5 Minutes – How Do You Stop Acid Reflux Naturally?  Acid reflux is nothing to take lightly. A healthy mouth is critical to a long and healthy life. If you suffer from acid reflux disease (GERD), check out this simple home remedy (you probably have all the ingredients already) that eliminates acid reflux in 5 minutes…


Eliminate Acid Reflux in 5 Minutes – Five Acid Reflux Factors (and cure today)


It’s easy to pop a pill for acid reflux. Sometimes they’re helpful, but now we know that these pills cause cancer and worsen acid reflux down the road.


So, what’s a person to do then?


Fortunately, a new study published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology has identified five lifestyle factors that cause acid reflux.


Change these five things and your heartburn should be gone in a heartbeat.


The scientists noticed from previous studies that many factors that seemed to play a contributing role in acid reflux are not yet included in the lifestyle intervention guidance for the treatment of this disorder.


In response, they decided to compile a list of possible contributing factors to find out which ones with the largest risk factors for acid reflux.


They recruited 1,815 subjects from six hospitals, 832 with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and 686 without it.


They were all asked to complete symptoms and lifestyle questionnaires to assess the severity of their GERD and the lifestyle factors that may contribute to it.


They identified several factors that definitely contributed to the development of GERD and to the severity of the symptoms.


Men were more likely than women to suffer from GERD, but there’s nothing we can do about that.


But here are five factors you can change:


  1. Smokers and people who drink a fair amount of alcohol are also at risk.
  2. People who eat fast were more than four times more likely to have GERD than people that ate at a normal speed.
  3. People who ate past a feeling of fullness had a 2.8 times greater likelihood of suffering from severe GERD symptoms.
  4. Those who wore girdles or corsets had a 2.2 times greater chance of severe GERD.
  5. People with a high body mass index carried an 80 percent greater risk of GERD.




The researchers also learned that you should not eat very hot foods if you have GERD (hot being defined in terms of both temperature and spiciness).


Lying down soon after eating is also a definite no-no.


Now, you probably already knew about many of the above factors, but the problem is some of them are not easy to fix quickly.


But there is one thing you can do today that will eliminate your heartburn immediately. It only takes five minutes and you can start right now. I’ll explain all this here


Eliminate Acid Reflux in 5 Minutes – How Acid Reflux Ruins Your Teeth


As if suffering frequent heartburn wasn’t enough, new research reveals that this uncomfortable- but most often considered harmless- health issue may be ruining your teeth and causing all kinds of problems in your mouth.


So, if you often experience acid reflux, make sure you read today’s article to learn how it’s ruining your teeth and what to do to completely eliminate heartburn for good.


When you fill out patient paperwork at the dentist, questions may include specific health concerns, like whether or not you have a history of heart problems and high blood pressure. They also may ask you if you use more than one or two pillows to sleep at night.


Why would a dentist need to care if you sleep with 4 pillows or in a recliner instead of in a bed?


Actually, there is a very good reason- if you have heartburn and it is bad enough to cause you to have to sit up at night just to get some sleep, it means that the acid that’s causing you pain is washing up into the esophagus, throat, and even your mouth. When this happens, the acid bathes your teeth in a mixture of highly acidic liquid.


This strips away the enamel and protection from your teeth, which leaves them vulnerable to cavities and almost guarantees gum disease.


Gum disease and chronic oral infections can also lead to heart disease.


The recurring infections and disease in the mouth can spread throughout the body, causing biological stress that raises your blood pressure.


Over time, high blood pressure, chronic infection, and oral diseases can lead directly to heart failure.


Acid reflux is nothing to take lightly. A healthy mouth is critical to a long and healthy life. If you suffer from acid reflux disease (GERD), check out this simple home remedy (you probably have all the ingredients already) that eliminates acid reflux in 5 minutes…


Eliminate Acid Reflux in 5 Minutes – These Common Acid Reflux Pills Cause High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack


In a collaborative study involving 3 universities- Stanford, London’s Imperial College and Houston Methodist College- researchers looked at the systemic effects of common reflux drugs and found disturbing results.


Not only are these drugs completely useless in the long haul, they’re now proven to raise blood pressure and cause both stroke and heart attack.


Drugs like Prilosec, Nexium and other Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) work by constricting the valves in the stomach that produce acid. For people with acid reflux disease, the over-production of acid, frequently paired with a faulty hiatal sphincter, causes pain and erosive esophagitis.


The drugs are prescribed to stop the acid from causing so much pain and to keep it at a minimum, so it doesn’t wash up into the esophagus. Over time, stomach acid eroding the lining of the esophagus causes the lining there to resemble more like what the stomach has, but the abnormal cell development can turn into cancer.


The problem with the PPIs, the researchers found, is that they don’t just constrict the acid pumps. Because the drugs wind up all over the body, they affect all manner of vessels, including those of the circulatory system.


The constriction of these vessels over time, say the researchers, is leading to severe problems with high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as a thickening of the lining of the arteries, which can tear. This leads to a much-increased risk of stroke.


The study authors note that the findings help to explain why people taking PPIs are at a much greater risk of having a second heart attack when taking the medications, and that the results of the study should warrant further research.


The ironic thing is that even if drug companies are pushing millions of dollars’ worth of medications to ease the acid reflux pain, there is a simple home remedy that will completely eliminate acid reflux in 5 minutes… without side effects.


For more ideas to eliminate acid reflux in 5 minutes, watch this video – How To Treat Acid Reflux Naturally in 1 Min – Heartburn Relief Instantly

What’s more, you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen (or can find them in any supermarket). Learn exactly how to eliminate acid reflux in 5 minutes here…

Or, if you have high blood pressure, discover how 3 easy exercises drop blood pressure below 120/80 as soon as today…


This post is from Scott Davis’ Acid Reflux Solution. This program helps you to cure your heartburn and acid reflux by using natural remedies to quickly heal your stomach without dangerous medicine or risky surgeries. It can also help you to remove some disorders of acid reflux such as constipation or IBS.


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