What is the Best Way to Cure GERD Permanently?

What is the Best Way to Cure GERD Permanently? Do you want to cure GERD permanently? If you do, here are the 6 common mistakes you should avoid. Read on to find out more.


Cure GERD Permanently -Weird Acid Reflux and TMJ Connection Discovered


Acid reflux is unpleasant at the best of times, but new studies reveal that it could be even worse than once thought.


Acid reflux is the regurgitation of stomach acid in your esophagus.


Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) involves pain in the joint and muscles that control movement of your jaw.


So, what do the two have to do with each other? The Canadian Medical Association Journal has just reported that one might lead to the other.


A team of American and Chinese scientists collected information from 1,522 patients with chronic TMD. 1,522 healthy people provided the same information to act as a control group.


Patients were classified as having gastroesophageal reflux disease if they suffered from at least two days of mild symptoms per week or at least one day of moderate or severe symptoms per week.


They observed that 132 of the TMJ (TMD) patients had acid reflux compared to 61 of the people without it.


This led them to the conclusion that people with acid reflux were 2.74 times more likely than people without acid reflux to suffer from TMJ.

This is not the whole story, however.


Other evidence shows people who suffered from acid reflux were more likely to experience poor sleep, anxiety, and somatization; the latter refers to a condition where people’s psychological distress manifests in the form of physical symptoms like pain without there.


It was also confirmed that people with TMJ were more likely to struggle with poor sleep, anxiety, and somatization.


Although the mechanisms behind the relationship still remain unknown, the researchers believe people could get stuck in a cycle where poor sleep, somatization, and anxiety could exacerbate the pain, thus causing sleep problems and psychological disorders.


Cure GERD Permanently – You’re probably suffering from acid reflux because you’re not including these few vital ingredients in your everyday diet


And for TMJ – fortunately there are some easy jaw exercises that can completely eliminate it as soon as today


Cure GERD Permanently – Acid Reflux (Heartburn) Stopped Using This Bracelet


Many patients who suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, have been prescribed acid-reducing medications with mixed results.


While some find a small measure of relief, they are finding increasingly that between the side effects and the limited benefits, drugs are just not a viable long-term solution.


As well, drugs don’t tackle the real problem with GERD, which is acid washing up into the esophagus, usually due to a faulty sphincter or valve at the top of the stomach.


But advancements in treatments are finding inspiration in unlikely places-like the jewelry cabinet.


Drugs for acid reflux are far from an ideal fix. They cause thinning of the bone and can also cause fatigue, depression, and arthritis. But not treating GERD is not an option, considering how disruptive it can be and the long-term risks associated with untreated symptoms.


For many people, though, medications either don’t work, cause too many side effects, or are simply not tolerated by the body. A last resort for many patients is a surgical procedure called a Nissen fundoplication (or fundo for short). This is where a section of stomach is surgically repositioned around the base of the esophagus where the faulty sphincter is.


This surgery is extremely invasive, and brings with it a host of downsides. But scientists now think they may have found a less invasive surgical fix for GERD in a device that is basically a magnetic bracelet for the esophagus.


It is placed during a less invasive laparoscopic surgery. The way it works is that the magnets hold the esophagus shut like the sphincter would have, and when they detect swallowing or food present, the bracelet, called a LINX device, opens to let the material pass. It closes up again after the food goes by.


It was approved in the US by the FDA in 2012 and is already being used with some noticeable success, but doctors warn caution for 2 reasons.


First, any surgery is risky, even laparoscopic. Second, the long-term effects and success of the LINX bracelet have yet to be studied. Some people have had bad reactions to it and it doesn’t work for everyone.


The real frustrating thing for me is that I know from my own experience and from the feedback of hundreds of clients that Acid Reflux (heartburn/GERD) can be completely cured using nothing but ingredients you already have in your home, but people just don’t know how easy it can be.


Want to cure GERD permanently? Get rid of your acid reflux in 5 minutes using this simple recipe


Cure GERD Permanently – Acid Reflux? 6 Things Never to Eat


Now that we’re past the worst of the holiday food-binge season, it’s time to re-focus and get serious about solving some of our food-related issues.


Many people find that during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, they abandon many (or all) of the good habits that keep their digestion healthy.


If that’s you, then you’ll likely benefit from this list of six acid reflux no-no foods that will get you back on track.


If you have found yourself back on the over-the-counter reflux medications because of the holiday season, never fear. Changing just a few or even all of these mistakes can set you right again, so you can leave the drugs at the pharmacy and out of your body.


If you have acid reflux, remember to avoid these common mistakes:


1 – Very large meals- It can be tempting at holiday time to indulge all night long at various parties and family gatherings. It’s part of the practice of celebration. But now that the freezer is stocked with leftovers, try to limit the volume of how much you are eating.


Instead of 3 huge meals, which causes nothing but pain and digestive problems…reduce the amount of food by ¾ and eat more frequently during the day. Snack on fresh fruit and fiber-packed vegees.


2 – Caffeinated beverages- Unless your drink is a cup of green tea, whatever beverage you are consuming that has caffeine needs to go. Caffeine is a known trigger for reflux, migraine, and high blood pressure. Go green or lay off and switch to water.


3 – Sugared soft drinks- This class of drinks is caffeine’s evil twin. There is simply no nutritional benefit to sodas, sports drinks, or juice cocktails with HFCS. The sugar content and the fizzy nature of the soda causes more harm than any benefit you’d ever see, so switch out all those calorie bombs for some cold, purified water.


4 – Too much alcohol- It is true that a glass of red wine with dinner aids in digestion, helps fight high blood pressure, and provides a host of anti-oxidant chemicals, but it is also true that alcohol in excess breaks down the mucous in the stomach.


This precious substance is what protects your stomach from digesting itself as it wards off the damaging effects of the acid. With reflux, you don’t need any help with the acid part. Put down the wine glass after 1 serving and steer completely clear of hard liquors like scotch, tequila, rum, and bourbon.


5 – Milk Chocolate- You’re not out of the woods yet, holiday-wise. Valentine’s Day is on its way and whatever confections you were able to avoid during the Christmas season might be waiting for you in a different package in February. Chocolate is packed with sugar and fat, not to mention caffeine, and all 3 are on the frequent offender’s list for acid reflux flare-ups.


6 – Animal product overload- From turkey to ham to crown roast, and everything in between (like eggnog and whipped cream topping), meats and dairy products are a one-way ticket to reflux misery.


We overdo it during the holidays anyway, where balance should be in the front of our plate-loading strategy, but that frequently takes a back seat to the merry-making.


If you are suffering the flare-ups, remember that your meat servings should never be larger than a deck of cards- at ANY meal. Dairy is the same way. Switch out these high-fat, high calorie foods for plant-based foods like quinoa and legumes that are also very high in protein. These plant proteins are also great for digestion because of their very high soluble fiber content.


A little better planning and a re-commitment to valuing the peace of your stomach over the short-term pleasure of the taste buds will pay off enormously after only a few days of smarter eating.


For more ideas to cure GERD permanently, watch this video – Ask the Expert: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

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