How to Manage Food Allergies Associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome?

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What Other Foods Are Causing Your Symptoms?

Most people who suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome are already figuring out that many of the common food allergies such as wheat, dairy, and soy play a big role in the severity of their chronic symptoms.

And while removing these foods alone can oftentimes provide some significant relief there are typically many more food allergies that need to be addressed as well.

This is because as leaky gut develops, your intestinal lining loses its structure and holes or gaps develop that allow small particles of undigested food (as well as bacteria, pathogens, toxins, etc) to pass from your digestive tract and directly into your bloodstream.

And while in the bloodstream, your immune system does its part to fight off these invading food particles while building up antibodies for future encounters.

It’s these antibodies that your immune system stock piles that can make you allergic to a food that you eat. And in the case of leaky gut, since any food particle can pass through your intestinal walls, you can become allergic to any food that you eat.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you can and oftentimes do become allergic to the very foods that you eat most often.  In fact, I find the biggest problems are oftentimes with my clients who like to eat the same foods every single day.

Your immune system has no bias so it doesn’t matter if the food is healthy or not. So you can become allergic to chicken just as easily as carrots.

And this can create a big problem because how are you supposed to heal your gut when you could be reacting to so many foods that you eat. And no, the solution is not to starve yourself.

The solution is to determine your food allergies so you can eliminate those foods from your diet.

There are a few ways to do it and I’ve done them all myself.

Food Journaling

This technique involves writing down everything that you eat while noting any adverse reactions a half hour after you eat. Then you look for patterns over time.

And while food journaling can be extremely effective it does have drawbacks.

First of all, it can be daunting having to write everything down but once it becomes habit, it’s not too difficult. But the bigger drawback is that you’re looking for more immediate reactions and it’s well known that many food allergies are delayed and can take up to 48-36 hours before you fully react.

So oftentimes, if your food allergies are delayed then they can be difficult to pinpoint which can be quite frustrating.

Muscle Testing

One technique that I have found to work very well is the use of Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing. This is a fast, easy, and no cost technique that involves using muscle strength in response to various foods as an indicator of an immune reaction.

After I learned this technique and started using it my own practice, I found that I was getting great results. And because it’s so easy to do, I teach you how to do it in my Leaky Gut Cure program.

And there are lots of practitioners out there that are using this technique very effectively so if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then you can always find a professional to do it for you.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, because muscle testing is subjective there will always be room for error. So you do need to be aware of what you are eating and watch for possible reactions.

But some people need more concrete evidence which is when I recommend the last option.

Food Allergy Testing

Food Allergy Testing via blood sample is the quick, easy, and concrete way to figure out which foods you are allergic to. This involves providing a blood sample and sending it to a lab who introduces various foods and analyzes it for immune reactions.

This is not the same as the skin prick test done by doctors for IgE antibody reactions. That test is only for severe allergies that are likely already known.

And there are various food allergy tests available and not all are created equal. One of the more common tests that you may have heard of is for IgG food allergies.

But you have to understand that there are many different immune antibodies outside of IgE or IgG which also come into play but are not measured by many of these tests.

This is why I use a test called the Mediator Release Test (MRT) which works in a different way. Instead of looking at individual immune antibodies it looks at the cumulative effect of all immune antibodies for much more accurate results.

If you’re interested in running the MRT Lab, you can contact me directly.

Eat This, Not That

Eat: Cooked vegetables that are easier to digest.

Not: Raw vegetables which can be difficult on the digestive tract and provide the body fewer nutrients.

For more ideas to manage food allergies associated with leaky gut syndrome, watch these 2 videos –

Food Allergy Testing and Leaky Gut – Pros and Cons

MRT Test | How the Mediator Release Test Works

Bonus Tip – Rotation Diets

Rotation diets are a great way to reduce your body’s immune response to any given food allergy created by your leaky gut. By rotating the foods that you eat, you reduce the occurrence of these foods in your bloodstream and thus your immune reaction. This is any easy way to help control your chronic symptoms.

Both food allergy testing and rotation dieting are discussed in depth within the Leaky Gut Cure program.

If you want to learn more about these techniques, then you can get the entire program here: Leaky Gut Cure

Author Bio:

Karen Brimeyer is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and health consultant. She has helped over a hundred personal clients heal their leaky gut, digestive problems, lose weight, and resolve their chronic symptoms and conditions.

She is the owner of Optimal Self-Healing in Tampa Bay Florida, a private nutrition and health consultation business and author of the Leaky Gut Cure program.

Karen has worked with a wide variety of populations from new moms to athletes overcome their health problems and achieve optimal health.

Karen found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. While striving to achieve optimal health by following the widely accepted diet and nutrition tips of the media and conventional medicine, she found her own health declining rapidly with the development leaky gut which led to digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Unwilling to accept her situation, she set out to determine the truth about health which led her through her own research as well as studying and working with some of the best holistic doctors and holistic practitioners in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and life coaching.

She has since applied her knowledge with herself to overcome her own leaky gut and achieve an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing. Her happy and healthy pregnancy and now two-year old son, TJ, are a testament to the health she has achieved.

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