Leaky Gut Rotation Diet – 5 Reasons You MUST Use a Rotation Diet

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The benefits of following a good food rotation diet have been known for quite some time now. So it’s surprising that I continue to find so many Leaky Gut sufferers and even health practitioners who don’t make use of this great resource.

So if you haven’t yet started using a rotation diet to your advantage then let me be the first to tell you that you are truly setting yourself up for failure and missing out on some amazing benefits that could easily improve your condition drastically.

Below I’ve listed 5 reasons why you really can’t afford not to follow a rotation diet no matter what your circumstances are.

1. Discover Your Food Sensitivities That You Were Previously Unaware Of

Odds are, if you’re reading this right now then you already know of what some of your food sensitivities are. But there are likely many others that you’re unaware of.

And by rotating your foods according to a good rotation diet then you can begin to pick up on patterns and become aware of these additional food sensitivities, some of which will need to be avoided.

2. Prevent the Development of New Food Sensitivities

I’ve seen this one all too often. Even after running expensive food sensitivity tests and becoming educated as to what foods need to be removed from their diet, many people fail to adopt a rotation diet and just switch to eating different foods. And soon enough, they create new food sensitivities to the new foods they eat.

3. Minimize the Impact of Your Current Food Sensitivities

Oftentimes my clients have so many food allergies that it’s nearly impossible to remove them all from their diet or else they would have nothing left to eat. But even in a worst case scenario like this, by implementing a rotation diet, you can effectively minimize the effect of your food sensitivities.

4. Get Rid of Your Current Food Sensitivities

By implementing a rotation diet, over time you can effectively eliminate food sensitivities as your immune system no longer comes into constant assault by the foods that you are sensitive to.

As this happens, your body will no longer need to continue to build up antibodies to these foods which will eventually clear the immune reaction over time.

However, this only works for immune-antibody related food sensitivities and does not account for genetic allergies or intolerances caused by chemical or enzyme inadequacies which will not be improved by a rotation diet.

5. Discover What Foods Work Best for You

All too often, people are entirely over-consumed with finding which foods they are sensitive to so that they can remove these foods from their diet. And they fail to pay attention to which foods they actually feel the best eating which they should be using more readily in their diet.

So it’s important to keep this in mind while on your rotation diet because there are always two sides to the battle and many foods out there can help boost your immune system, improve digestion, and balance your digestive tract.

Whether you suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome or not, the benefits of rotating your foods in general are too great to ignore. Even to this day (although not quite as strict), I continue to follow a rotation diet because I can still continue to tell a difference and feel best eating this way.

For more ideas about leaky gut rotation diet, watch this video – KETOGENIC DIET: Leaky gut and how to rotate your foods!

Author Bio:

Karen Brimeyer is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and health consultant. She has helped over a hundred personal clients heal their leaky gut, digestive problems, lose weight, and resolve their chronic symptoms and conditions.

She is the owner of Optimal Self-Healing in Tampa Bay Florida, a private nutrition and health consultation business and author of the Leaky Gut Cure program.

Karen has worked with a wide variety of populations from new moms to athletes overcome their health problems and achieve optimal health.

Karen found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. While striving to achieve optimal health by following the widely accepted diet and nutrition tips of the media and conventional medicine, she found her own health declining rapidly with the development leaky gut which led to digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Unwilling to accept her situation, she set out to determine the truth about health which led her through her own research as well as studying and working with some of the best holistic doctors and holistic practitioners in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and life coaching.

She has since applied her knowledge with herself to overcome her own leaky gut and achieve an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing. Her happy and healthy pregnancy and now two-year old son, TJ, are a testament to the health she has achieved.

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