What is the Best Approach for Treating Multiple Sclerosis?

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most debilitating and discouraging conditions anyone can have. Waking up day after day knowing you are stricken with MS that gradually drags you, a healthy young person, towards chronic illness and maybe a shorter life.

Suddenly you no longer expect to enjoy many of life’s greatest experiences, knowing the next attack is just a matter of time. Sometimes the attack’s “remission” leaves you with residual, usually permanent, and scary symptoms. You suffer month after month and find you are losing hope of ever getting better.

What REALLY Causes Multiple Sclerosis?

When a human baby develops, fatty myelin sheaths build around nerves of the brain and spinal cord. This development is what allows a one year-old to start to walk. As these myelin sheaths grow, a child gains greater mobility, muscular control and mental activity

Multiple Sclerosis is the deterioration of the myelin sheaths. This happens when the immune system thinks the myelin sheaths are a foreign intruder that must be destroyed. As a result, electrical impulses are slowed or stopped as they travel through the body’s nervous system.

The MS patient loses muscular control, loses feeling in nerves and can even suffer cognitive changes. This results in a lot of different symptoms such as constantly feeling aches and pain, numbness, feeling tired and wiped out all the time, double vision, muscle weakness in arms and legs, vertigo, muscle spasms, burning sensation in feet, breathing difficulty, cardiac problems, gastric distress, etc.

What is the real disease you are suffering from?

The simple answer is that you have an overactive immune system disease. Your immune system “freaks out” when it meets your myelin sheaths and attacks them.

The fact that you are diagnosed with MS is just because of the fact that your immune system “freaks out” in a way that creates the MS symptoms. But you’re NOT having a “MS” disease. You are having an overactive or blinded immune system disease!

How to Overcome Multiple Sclerosis?

Overcoming multiple sclerosis (MS)
 isn’t impossible. Despite no drug curing the disease (as is the case even when a disease is cured sometimes), there are ways to put the disease into remission, and to reduce the symptoms it produces. Surprisingly, they’re simple healthy habits for the most part.

You can overcome multiple sclerosis by following some healthy habits. Recent studies have proven the link between vitamin D and reduced demyelination (the breakdown of myelin). This reduces the progress of the disease and can actually reverse some of the damage it causes as well.

If you get your vitamin D through milk, it’s all the better. The extra calcium and fatty acids that milk provides, and that vitamin D supplements lack, do well to strengthen the rest of the body’s systems as well. And that’s the key to reducing the symptoms.

To combat muscular issues and gastric distress that multiple sclerosis causes, you also need to eat foods that are rich in phosphors and potassium. Other dietary concerns, planned in diets by experts and dieticians, help to address various symptoms of the body by similar targeting.

It’s important to talk to your doctor and caregiver before starting a dietary routine. These diets balance around our specific symptoms and severities as well as unique body chemistry and family medical history.

It’s not possible to make them go away through these practices. So, make your body stronger so it can work with the diminished signals and power provided under demyelination.

To strengthen your muscles, nothing beats stretching exercises like yoga, other low stress stretching exercises or Tai Chi. For a stronger heart and better lungs, low impact aerobics are a fantastic practice.

Fingolimod (FTY720) – an FDA approved oral immunomodulatory drug for treating multiple sclerosis 

FTY 720 MS proved to provide very substantial improvements over the standard medications that were administered by injection or infusion. Most of the patients involved in the trials sustained benefits from relapsing multiple sclerosis symptoms over two years, with some patients involved over 6 years.

Patients had shown up to 60% fewer relapses compared to those receiving placebos. There were 52% lesser relapses when compared to interferon beta-1a (Avonex®) which was given by weekly intra muscular injections.

FTY 720 multiple sclerosis showed that there were increased improvements in stopping the progression of the disease. Maybe even more statistically significant were the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showing less lesion activity and reduced loss of brain volume.

For the patients and their caregivers taking a pill daily by mouth has proven to be much more convenient than facing IV or IM injections. It has been found patients are more likely to begin and stay on beneficial treatment regime because of the trials run on FTY 720 MS.

Symptoms Addressed by FTY 720 MS and How It Works

There are basically two stages for those afflicted by MS. Firstly, they are likely to experience periods where they will have difficulty with movement or balance, have muscle spasms, and perhaps experience mental confusion.

In the early stages, most patients will then have periods with no symptoms causing alarm. As the disease progresses, the times where they return to symptom-free periods becomes less frequent.  The trials run with FTY 720 multiple sclerosis showed marked improvement for the patients in both reducing the flair ups and hindering the progression.

To explain in simplistic terms how it works, it is necessary to understand that T-cells are a type of white blood cell and part of a healthy immune system. In MS patients, it is believed these inflammatory lymphocytes end up attacking the fatty substance (myelin) that surrounds the nerve fibers in the central nervous system (CNS).

The signals transmitted from the brain to the muscles then experience poor transmissions and the resulting symptoms.  FTY 720 multiple sclerosis works to keep these cells ‘bottled up’ in the lymph nodes rather than being released into the body.

As far as side effects, the greatest risk may be in receiving the first dose. It is suggested it be taken under the supervision of a doctor for a period of six hours or so because of a decrease in the heart rate (bradycardia).

Eye exams may be called for because macular edema may develop and liver enzymes may rise after 6 months of use. Otherwise, the most common complaints were headaches and some nausea, fatigue, and a higher risk of flu or respiratory ailments because of having a compromised immune system.

Watch this video – John Schafer, MD: New Options for Treating Multiple Sclerosis

So, what can really be the best approach for treating multiple sclerosis?

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By Dr. Gary M. Levin, a retired medical and surgeon in the United states of America who also runs his own clinic at some point in time and helped in tutoring doctors at the Loma Linda University in the U.S. 

Dr. Gary’s approach for treating multiple sclerosis works by correcting the malfunctioning of your immune system, making it (your immune system) work correctly, reducing or eliminating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis disease and also energizes your entire body for optimum health.

This can be achieved naturally through a healthy meal and nutrition with vitamins devoid of you taking drugs, pills or injections prescribed by medics that possibly have side effects that can put your health at risk at some point.

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