6 Bodybuilding Exercises to Avoid

No pain no gain? It’s important to make a distinction between pain that creates a positive effect and injurious pain. You may want to avoid certain bodybuilding exercises simply because they don’t produce a positive effect.


No pain no gain? It’s important to make a distinction between pain that creates a positive effect and injurious pain.

You may want to avoid certain bodybuilding exercises simply because they don’t produce a positive effect.

First, I know there are bodybuilders and fitness experts who swear by some of these muscle building exercises listed below. Truthfully, I think magazines run out of material to write about and have to create new workout routines/exercises to maintain readership.

Different things work for different people, so please don’t get offended if you feel like I’m slamming part of your bodybuilding routine.

1) Behind-the-Neck Pulldown or Behind-the-Neck Barbell Shoulder Press

Unless you have exceptional shoulder flexibility that allows for full range of motion, behind-the-neck exercises are very unnatural positions to be in and compromise our safety and known for creating injury. They also put a ton of strain on the neck as well.

They are an outdated exercise popularized by old school bodybuilders like Arnold, and I have a couple friends who do well with these, but for the average person I wouldn’t recommend it. Personally, I like to do them occasional using really light weights just to stretch out, but I never use heavy weights for behind-the-neck exercises.

2) Ab Machines

My biggest issue with ab machines is that they reduce activation of the lower back, which is meant to flex along with the abs. This will increase the risk of injury.

Here are some good alternatives for building nice abs:

  • Heavy squats and deadlifts. Both of these exercises are incredibly effective ways to train your entire core, and will do a lot for your ab development.
  • Weighted Cable Crunch. I believe weighted ab training is very important because most of us, even when we’re lean, don’t have defined, rippling abs that really pop. Weighted training is the most effective way to fix this, and the weighted cable crunch is, hands down, my favorite weighted ab exercise.
  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raise. This is one of my favorite core exercises. It works the abs and obliques, and you can even add weight by snatching a dumbbell in between your feet.

3) Smith Machine

Some simple googling will render a few studies that scientifically suggest this machine kinda sucks. It completely removes the stabilizer muscles from lifts and forces an unnatural range of motion. The result is sub-par gains in both size and strength, which becomes obvious if you try to switch to free weights.

So do yourself a huge favor and use primarily free weights while training, and rarely supplement with Smith Machine exercises.

Watch this video – GYM FAIL! Weirdest exercise ever!!

4) Pec Deck Fly Machine

Let me first jump out in front of this one and say that I enjoy using this exercise for a pump, and it’s nice for mindful strength training routine, but it doesn’t allow for enough weight to properly overload your pecs to build any serious strength or muscle mass. It also increases the risk of hyper-extending your shoulders as you lower the weight backward.

My best advice in building a strong chest is performing at least 5-8 heavy presses, especially incline presses.

5) BOSU Ball Training

This must be one of the most popular exercises instructed by trainers I’ve ever observed; usually directed towards women. Just an honest observation. It’s unclear how or why this trend started, but the reality is that you won’t see a whole lot of experienced bodybuilders actually utilizing these.

It has been said BOSU ball training is supposed to recruit more muscle involvement, but I did a little research and couldn’t find anything substantial backing this claim up. Here is a buffet of BOSU ball exercises to try if you’re still interested.

6) Partial Squat

This will flat out ruin your knees, and when you’re 50-60 you’ll be feeling it. Now, there are some advanced warriors who really know there stuff and can utilize this build crazy amount of strength without question. However, this isn’t for the average person, no should it be a staple in your routine.

Squats done with good form (go deep or go home) will strengthen your knees instead of damage them, and are often used to rehabilitate injuries.

These are bodybuilding exercises to avoid in general. To be fair I have seen some experienced pros train with some of them in a seemingly effective manner. If you’re going to do so, train cautiously and discover what works best for you.

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The program is about taking control of your own body and health according to your potential and needs. And worry not; you’ll get plenty of proteins with this system. It will boost you with energy, and you’ll feel just a strong as any carnivore would (perhaps even stronger, depending on how much you invest in your exercise). It avoids vitamins deficiency and provides you with a lot of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Instead of saying things like “I think a plant-based diet is good for athletes and bodybuilders,” the V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding System claims “I know a plant-based diet is good for athletes and bodybuilders, and I have results to prove it.”

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