Here is a Gluten free shopping list for thyroid health

Here is a Gluten free shopping list for thyroid health - Revealing here is a gluten free shopping list for your thyroid health which shows gluten free alternatives to some common foods
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A gluten free diet excludes all types of grains that contain gluten. Your local health food store is one of the best places to seek out gluten free alternatives to common grain based products.


Here is a gluten free shopping list which shows gluten free alternatives to some common foods:


  • Breads: rice, buckwheat + ‘wheat free’ varieties.
  • Breakfast cereals: organic corn flakes, rice bubbles, Amaranth, puffed buckwheat + gluten free muesli.
  • Flours: 100% buckwheat, rice, Besan (chickpea), Lupin, coconut.
  • Noodles: rice + 100% buckwheat.
  • Pasta: vegetable + rice varieties.
  • Porridge: Quinoa, rice + Polenta porridge.
  • Rice: brown rice + white rice varieties.


It is important to read food labels carefully as gluten is often a hidden ingredient in packaged foods. This includes; baking powder, flavourings and hydrolysed vegetable protein. Beer may contain varying amounts of gluten as it is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of germinated cereals, usually barley.


Cross contamination of gluten free foods can occur during the manufacturing process when these foods come into contact with foods that contain gluten.


For example, if the same equipment is used to make a variety of snack foods some gluten free items may become contaminated. Food labels often include a ‘may contain gluten’ statement if this is the case.


Watch this Video Below Here – Gluten Free Shopping List – 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge

If a food is labelled ‘gluten free’ is does not necessarily mean it is healthy


‘Gluten free’ foods are not always healthy and can in fact be harmful to the thyroid. Food manufacturers regard corn (maize) and soy ingredients as cost effective substitutes for gluten containing grains.


Corn and soy ingredients should be strictly avoided when you have an under active thyroid problem. Further, corn and soy are common food allergens and in turn can also initiate symptoms of food intolerance.


When you are checking labels also look for soy and Canola oil. These cheap oils are popular with food manufacturers and are routinely labelled as ‘vegetable oil’. This makes them sound healthy but they are actually damaging to the thyroid gland.  If you are not sure be a label detective, look closely under the ingredient list to see if it states the product contains soy.


Activating your gluten free grains


All grains including gluten free varieties have naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors that make them difficult to digest and also lower absorption of important minerals.


Eating large quantities of grains and using flours that have not been soaked, sprouted or fermented can lead to mineral deficiencies and long term bone loss. This means all gluten free flours and wholegrains should be activated with these traditional methods to release their full nutritional potential.


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Louise O’ Connor, the author of The Natural Thyroid Diet –The 4-Week Plan to Living Well, Living Vibrantly, who is a specialist in Thyroid Health. She is a highly regarded Australian Naturopath and founder of Wellnesswork.


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