1 Saturated Fat You NEED to Be Eating to Restore Healthy Gut Flora

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The last time we talked, I introduced to you the idea that saturated fats are not as bad as you think. It really has been trans-fats and the increased consumption of refined and rancid oils (like vegetable oil) that are the major culprits in this whole fat scandal that has been happening for the past 50 to 60 years.

The major point that I wanted to get across last newsletter is that saturated fats are not bad and that it has much more to do with the quality of the fat itself. But let’s take it one step further.

Another great quality of saturated fats is that they are very stable, especially at higher temperatures. Unsaturated fats on the other hand are much less stable and can easily become rancid and therefore toxic to your body.

Olive Oil to the Rescue?

And while everyone wants to tout the health benefits of Olive Oil, it happens to fall right into this category. Olive Oil is great for salads and side dishes but if you are cooking with Olive Oil at high temperatures then you might want to reconsider your choice of oils.

The Best Oil for Cooking…

Hopefully now you understand that if you’re going to cook with oil, you want one that is very stable at higher temperatures. And although it isn’t an animal fat, Coconut Oil is actually a saturated fat which makes it a perfect fit for cooking.

You don’t need a lot and the taste is rather mild. But if you were to see my kitchen then you couldn’t miss my gallon jug (it’s much cheaper in bulk) of Coconut Oil that I use daily.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The benefits of using Coconut Oil go far beyond cooking. Here is just a couple of benefits that you get…

Digestion: Coconut Oil has been shown to improve digestive function and improve digestive related problems including Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is widely because it is anti-microbial by nature and helps fight off harmful bacteria, fungus, and parasites that can contribute to your Leaky Gut.

Immunity: Hopefully you understand by now that Leaky Gut Syndrome really creates problems for your immune system. But Coconut Oil is known to strengthen your immune system by fighting off and helping you to deal with virus and bacteria causing diseases.

But Coconut Oil also has many other benefits that help with weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, Osteoporosis, Dental Care, Infections, Premature Aging, and Hair and Skin Care.

Cook With This, Not That

Cook With: Saturated fats like Coconut Oil, Butter, Ghee, Tallow

Not: Unsaturated fats like Olive Oil and vegetable oil.

Watch this video to learn how to restore healthy gut flora – Which Oil Or Fat Is The Best For Gut Health?

Bonus Tip

When choosing a Coconut Oil, make sure that you get the best quality with minimal processing. Choose one that is virgin, unrefined, and cold pressed. Lately, I’ve been getting mine from Green Pasture because I know they make high quality products. And I actually buy it by the gallon!

Author Bio:

Karen Brimeyer is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and health consultant. She has helped over a hundred personal clients heal their leaky gut, digestive problems, lose weight, and resolve their chronic symptoms and conditions.

She is the owner of Optimal Self-Healing in Tampa Bay Florida, a private nutrition and health consultation business and author of the Leaky Gut Cure program.

Karen has worked with a wide variety of populations from new moms to athletes overcome their health problems and achieve optimal health.

Karen found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. While striving to achieve optimal health by following the widely accepted diet and nutrition tips of the media and conventional medicine, she found her own health declining rapidly with the development leaky gut which led to digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Unwilling to accept her situation, she set out to determine the truth about health which led her through her own research as well as studying and working with some of the best holistic doctors and holistic practitioners in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and life coaching.

She has since applied her knowledge with herself to overcome her own leaky gut and achieve an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing. Her happy and healthy pregnancy and now two-year old son, TJ, are a testament to the health she has achieved.

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