A Great Leaky Gut Diet Tip for Your Grocery Shopping Trip

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I borrowed (stole actually!) this great leaky gut diet tip from a great fitness expert that, like me, understands the importance of the foods that you eat to your health.

You probably don’t stop to the think about the psychological practices that so many of the processed food companies use to “convince” you to buy their unhealthy products.

Before I go any further, I’ll tell you this great leaky gut diet tip.

If a food product has to use its packaging or other advertising to sell you then that alone should be a clue that you should not eat it!

Think about it… When is the last time you saw a marketing campaign or television commercial for apples? When you buy fresh meat at the store does it come in a box or does it have a bunch of bright colors and smiley faces all over it?

When was the last time you had to read the print on a package of strawberries before deciding whether or not they are healthy?

It’s all about food psychology.

Your brain is pre-wired to know what foods are good for you and what you need.

That is why when you see an apple by itself you eat it without question. It doesn’t need fancy advertising to sell you. All you need to see is that it looks and tastes like an apple. It is all natural instinct.

These other processed foods that come in all kinds of boxes and packages on the other hand have to spend millions of dollars in advertising and marketing to bypass your natural instinct and reprogram your brain to convince you to eat their processed foods.

They play off the fact that your brain is programmed to interpret bright colors (naturally found in fruits & vegetables) as foods. So they mimic these colors and make them even brighter on their packaging to further confuse your instinct.

Without the television commercials and bright colors you would probably walk right by them because your brain does not naturally interpret a cardboard box or plastic packaging as food.

So the next time you are strolling through the grocery store, keep this great leaky gut diet tip in the back of your mind.

If the box jumps out at you then just keep walking until you are instinctually drawn to some natural and whole foods. I’d bet you would start seeing some improvement in your leaky gut and chronic symptoms.

Do you want another great leaky gut diet tip for your grocery shopping trip? Watch this video – 10 Foods For Gut Health – Healthy Grocery Girl Health Tip!

Author Bio:

Karen Brimeyer is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and health consultant. She has helped over a hundred personal clients heal their leaky gut, digestive problems, lose weight, and resolve their chronic symptoms and conditions.

She is the owner of Optimal Self-Healing in Tampa Bay Florida, a private nutrition and health consultation business and author of the Leaky Gut Cure program.

Karen has worked with a wide variety of populations from new moms to athletes overcome their health problems and achieve optimal health.

Karen found her passion for nutrition as a teenager. While striving to achieve optimal health by following the widely accepted diet and nutrition tips of the media and conventional medicine, she found her own health declining rapidly with the development leaky gut which led to digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

Unwilling to accept her situation, she set out to determine the truth about health which led her through her own research as well as studying and working with some of the best holistic doctors and holistic practitioners in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and life coaching.

She has since applied her knowledge with herself to overcome her own leaky gut and achieve an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing. Her happy and healthy pregnancy and now two-year old son, TJ, are a testament to the health she has achieved.

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