How to Get Rid of Migraine-Associated Vertigo?

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An Easy Migraine Technique Eliminates Attacks

A new study published in the journal Neurology reveals the amazing effect of a simple practice.

Migraine sufferers eliminated half of their migraine attacks while also reducing their medication by 50%.

Plus, they reported much milder migraine attacks with less pain.

The scientists recruited 114 people between 18 and 50, all of whom suffered between four and 14 migraines per month.

They divided them into two groups: one that received medication only and one that received medication plus yoga.

Before the treatment commenced, all the participants were asked to report the details of their migraines, the severity of pain and other symptoms, and the frequency of their attacks.

The researchers also provided both groups with medication and lifestyle advice such as the need for exercise, healthy dieting, and adequate sleep.

The yoga group was then given yoga instruction for a month, consisting of one-hour practice three times per week. The instruction included yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

They then practiced yoga at home for five days a week for the following two months, as verified by their instructors.

Throughout the treatment period, both groups were asked to keep a diary of their migraines, frequency, and duration of attacks, the severity of pain and other symptoms, the amount of medication taken, and so forth.

Both groups experienced an improvement, but the yoga group benefited far more.

The yoga group reduced their headaches from 9.1 to 4.7 attacks per month, a reduction of 48%. The medication-only group reduced theirs from 7.7 to 6.8 attacks per month, a reduction of 12%.

The yoga group reduced their medication intake by 47% while the medication-only group reduced theirs by only 12%, showing that yoga can save you money too.

Lastly, the yoga group reported a larger reduction in pain than the medication-only group did.

The problem with migraine medication is that the drugs make no difference for many people; according to some studies, more than half of all people do not benefit from them.

The main takeaway is that it is possible to significantly improve, and even eliminate, migraines with the right technique.

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Get Rid of Migraine-Associated Vertigo – It Worked for Migraines and Now for Vertigo

Although they don’t always go hand in hand, migraine and vertigo are very closely related conditions. So the things that help for one often help for the other.

So a new study published in the journal Neurology decided to test a simple FDA approved method that has helped migraine sufferers for years on vertigo patients.

The results were out of this world.

Electric stimulation of the vagus nerve through the skin of the neck can reduce the pain that migraine sufferers experience during attacks, but since migraines often coincide with vertigo, the research team decided to find out how well this treatment worked to reduce the severity of the vertigo attack associated with the migraine.

As subjects, they used 18 people who visited a medical centre for help between November 2017 and January 2019. 14 of these had vestibular migraines, the type that has dizziness as one of its symptoms. The other four had dizziness without a clear cause that was resistant to previous treatments.

They used a questionnaire to evaluate the severity of the vertigo before the vagus nerve stimulation and 15 minutes after it.

In the 14 patients with vestibular migraine, only one patient did not improve as a result of the treatment.

Two of them reported a complete cessation of their vertigo symptoms and five reported a 50 percent improvement.

Six others reported a significant improvement and the average improvement across the whole group was 46.9 percent.

All of them reported an improvement in pain. The average improvement in pain across the group was 63.3 percent.

This definitely implies that electrical vagus nerve stimulation is a good treatment for the vertigo that accompanies migraines.

The problem is that this method only “improves” migraines and vertigo (and then only a specific type of vertigo), but it doesn’t cure it.

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Get Rid of Migraine-Associated Vertigo – Learning to Cure Vertigo and Migraine

It’s not always enough just to tell people about how to look after their health. After all, by now, there can’t be many people who don’t know that eating the wrong foods and sitting around all day will hurt their health.

But knowing what to do and putting it into action are two different things. How many of us always do what we know we should? Not many!

So scientists set out to teach people how to cure both migraine and vertigo. And the results were amazing. They published their findings in the Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology.

Vestibular migraine is a common cause of vertigo. Sufferers get dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and faintness, among other symptoms.

A team of Chinese researchers wondered whether education about their condition and an understanding of its triggers could help them reduce the number of attacks they were getting and make the symptoms less severe.

They used questionnaires, memory diaries, and regular visits to see their 103 subjects so they could learn about their specific triggers and symptoms.

They had them fill in questionnaires before and after the study to measure their understanding of what was happening, their fear levels, depression, frequency of attacks, duration and severity.

The study group got face-to-face health education and multimedia presentations.

Researchers learned that 97.1 percent of their subjects suffered from sleep disorders, 93.2 percent of them had a family history of vertigo or headache-related vertigo, 87.4 percent of them had a history of motion sickness, and 77.7 percent did not exercise, because they felt unwell or thought it might trigger an attack.

Here are some typical triggers:

• 87.4 percent: enclosed spaces
• 79.6 percent: general fear and anxiety
• 76.7 percent: pressure at home and at work
• 51.5 percent: specific foods
• 7.8 percent: rainy or humid weather
• 6.8 percent: time of year—the spring and start of the summer months

At the start of the study only 13 patients (12.6 percent of them) understood their conditions. After 15 months this increased to 101 (98 percent).

79.6 percent reported feeling fear and anxiety before the study, but this dropped to 7.8 percent by the end. Their depression scores improved as well.

Around two-thirds of them switched to healthy lifestyles too, taking up exercise and making better food choices, which probably also helped to reduce attacks.

By the end, 15.5 percent of the group reported having no attacks in the previous six months, and most of the others said that while they hadn’t stopped completely, the number had gone down.

In most cases, their attacks were also less severe and didn’t last as long.

Which goes to show that a little education can go a long way.

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