Tips from a Professional Female Bodybuilder – GETTING AFTER IT AND GOING PRO

Tips from a Professional Female Bodybuilder – Emilee Peterson, tells her story of how/why she decided to go pro as a female bodybuilder; What steps she took to transition to plant-based nutrition; her staple post-workout meal recipe (or breakfast); and her favourite exercises.


“since I have made the transition [becoming vegetarian], I have gotten stronger and it actually helped me build muscle mass.”

Name: Emilee Peterson
Occupation: GNC, Metro Cop in training
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Age: 29
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 145 lb.
Type of Training: Female Bodybuilding (high-intensity low-rep heavy weights)

Q: Tell us the story of how/why you decided to go pro as a female bodybuilder.

Being a professional female bodybuilder … Wow, that was a dream of mine since I decided I wanted to compete. I knew that I had to compete in an armature show and place top two to be able to compete in a national show where top two go pro.

I competed in my first show in November of 2012. I placed third. I was happy with that placing. First show and getting third was amazing for me. I then decided I would hop right into another prep and try to go for a show in March of 2013.

I ended up hurting my shoulder and needing surgery, and that took me out for the majority of the year. Around November of 2013, I started back in the gym, trying to get myself back into the routine of things.

I talked with my coach at the time and decided I would do a back-to-back show. I would compete in August and November. So he got me ready. I placed third for the August show in Colorado; I wasn’t happy about that placing since I was only one who was the most conditioned.

“I didn’t let it get to my head, I still kept the intensity up and came in fuller and bigger for the November show, where I won the whole show. I won my class and the overall!”

Now I had the fire in me to compete in a national show!

I picked Pittsburgh in September 2015. I gave that show my everything.

I have never wanted something so bad in my life. I seriously ate, drank, and breathed that show.

Everything I did was for that show. Nothing else mattered.

Then the show rolled around. It was the longest day of my life.

It was a one-day show where I did pre-judging in the morning and the routine in the evening.

I ended up going on stage for pre-judging at 5:30 p.m. when the night show should have been starting. That day had bikini and physique going.

I was moved right away to the middle where I smiled so big.

“Nothing could take my smile away.”

Then night show – this is the fun part, the routines.

Physique started at 10:30 p.m.

I was backstage, since the night show was moving fast and my nerves set in.

I didn’t think I could finish the show.

I was eating and eating, trying to get energy, but it didn’t seem to work.

Once it was time for me to head to the stage, I crossed my fingers and just hoped I wouldn’t pass out.

But then I watched the girls in front of me, and I just let myself go and had fun.

There was nothing I could do now, I just needed to have fun. I worked hard, and now it was time to show the judges who I was through my routine. I killed my routine! They called all of us to the side of the stage, and they started to call the numbers as the girls left to go receive their trophy.

I couldn’t believe they said my name and said I was a new pro! I placed second and I couldn’t be happier!!! The girls I competed against looked so amazing. Now Olympia is my next goal.

Q: What were the steps you took to transition to plant-based nutrition?

I first wanted to know all the sources of protein I needed to be eating so I wouldn’t lose the muscle I had gained. I found a few I really liked, like tofu, silk tofu, and sun warrior protein powder; I do have egg white once a day so I don’t [eat] a lot of tofu in a day.

I also looked at complete protein foods like quinoa. I found I really like that post-workout.

I really just read everything I could about how vegetarian athletes broke down their diets. Some were fighters, so that helped me get an idea for when I prep for a show and I can gauge my off-season diet.

Q: Staple post-workout meal recipe (or breakfast).

I will have to put my breakfast, since that is my favorite one! One scoop of raw fit mocha protein powder, 1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon and stevia, and a nice tablespoon of almond butter.

Q: What does your training look like these days?

Right now, since it is my off-season until March, I train heavy low reps, trying to build some muscle so I can come a little bigger and more well-rounded. I train sometimes seven days a week if I am feeling good.

“I listen to my body. If I feel tired, I rest. If I am feeling good, I’ll train.”

Q: Favorite three exercises, and why?

This one is hard. I love all kinds, but I would say dead lifts are a favorite. I can show that girls are strong too and can pull some serious weight and still look like a girl.

Second would be anything for shoulders. I get a pump so fast, and I loovveee when my shoulders look like baby pumpkins! Thirdly, I would say incline dumb bell press. This is a strong point for me, so I like to toss around heavy weights.

Q: Tell me a story of the mentor who played a key role in building confidence in yourself.

This is something I still struggle with, to be very honest. When I was younger, I had a really bad eating disorder. I never thought I looked good enough for the “hot” guys. I have a great support system that helps me keep a positive mental state.

I have days where I think I look good and feel great, and then I have days where I don’t think I look good or have enough muscle. Sad to say, I have more low days then high days, since it’s hard for me to accept a compliment from someone.

I think they are just trying to be nice. So I still need to work on this area in my life.

Q: What would your friends/colleagues say you’re really good at?

I would say being dedicated. Once I have something in my head I want, I will go for it. I’m an all-in or all-out kind of person, no grey area for me.

Q: What is your most meaningful tattoo, and tell us the story behind it?

I would say my right sleeve. It’s Japanese style art. My grandma was into Japanese stuff and really got me into it, so it’s a little dedication to her memory.

Q: Fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I’m a big kid. I love cartoons; Dragon Ball Z is my favorite.

And I’m absolutely terrified of roller coasters.

Q: What unpopular opinions do you hold?

Being vegetarian would be something a lot of people I know don’t agree with.

They think I will lose size and be weak.

But since I have made the transition, I have gotten stronger and it actually helped me build muscle mass.

Q: What three pearls of wisdom would you tell your 18-year-old self?

It’s okay to eat as long as you’re eating right.

Stay in school.

And don’t try to fit in with the crowd.

Q: What have you changed your mind about in past 10 years?

“To live in the moment, for we are not guaranteed the next one.”

I used to stress over everything. But I have learned that you need to live for now and focus on what you can do right now to better yourself and your situation.

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