How to Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids for Good?

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Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids for Good – Hemorrhoids and Heart Disease: Weird Connection

Hemorrhoids occur pretty far from the heart. So, you’d probably think of it as quite a long shot to make a connection there.

But a new study published in the journal Advances in Rheumatology draws this unlikely connection. It also reveals a shocking discovery that may lead to a complete cure for hemorrhoids.

Antiphospholipid syndrome is a disease in which your immune system mistakenly makes antibodies that cause your blood to clot. It can cause blood clots in your legs, kidneys, lungs, and brain, many of which are fatal or severely disabling.

This is obviously a big problem that is not too common, but since this study may also apply to other people who are vulnerable to blood clotting, it is important.

Hemorrhoids are essentially blood vessels inside the rectum or outside the anus that become enlarged, often with blood clots, so you can see why researchers might wonder whether a blood clotting disease can cause hemorrhoids.

They found 41 people with antiphospholipid syndrome, examined them for hemorrhoids, and collected a verbal history from them concerning their history of hemorrhoids. All of the subjects were women between the ages of 36 and 49.

The scientists diagnosed 17 (41.4%) of them with hemorrhoid disease. This means that people with antiphospholipid syndrome are ten times more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids than the general public, where the prevalence is only 4.4%.

But more importantly, you can still do something about your hemorrhoid.

For example, constipation remained an extremely strong risk factor for hemorrhoids.

Those with constipation were 3.92 times more likely than the others to have hemorrhoids.

So, no matter what the underlying cause of your hemorrhoids is, you can completely eliminate them within days, using the simple lifestyle changes explained here…

Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids for Good – Hemorrhoids Co-Occurs with This Pelvic Floor Condition

As if having Hemorrhoids alone wasn’t bad enough, a new study published in the Journal of Women’s Health demonstrates another horrendous condition affecting the pelvic floor area.

But are these two conditions connected or do they just co-occur? That’s the big question.

And an even bigger question is how you can get rid of both.

The researchers noticed that hemorrhoids were more common in women than in men and that urinary incontinence was more common in women than men.

They also noticed that the two conditions seemed to share relatively similar risk factors like obesity, pregnancy, and constipation.

This made them wonder whether these two conditions tended to co-occur, and they decided to find out in a large sample of Korean women.

They used the data of 8,139 adult women collected by the 2008–2009 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

They found that urinary incontinence was significantly more likely in women with hemorrhoids, that women between ages 19 and 39 were most likely to have both, and that obesity seemed to be a contributory factor to both.

They made sure that age, body mass index, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol use, physical activity, and education and income level did not interfere with their findings.

The researchers recommended that doctors who were consulted for hemorrhoids ask women about urinary incontinence too to ensure that this condition does not remain untreated.

In their literature review, the authors cited many of the risk factors that the two conditions seemed to have in common, and at least some of them are alterable.

While most women would not be willing to change pregnancy and childbirth that are risk factors for both conditions, obesity is certainly one that they can tackle through healthy dieting and exercise.

Smoking is also thought to play a role in both, so quitting is an option if you regularly suffer from both these conditions.

Constipation causes hemorrhoids because of the straining to empty your bowels. It can also cause urinary incontinence because it obstructs your bladder.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to get rid of external hemorrhoids for good using the simple steps explained here. And, according to this study, that should take care of urinary incontinence as well…

Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids for Good – The Leaves That Heal Hemorrhoids

The medical treatment of hemorrhoids is sometimes considered even worse than the pain itself (and that says a lot).

This leaves many people to tough it out or seek natural methods (that often are actually more effective).

To help with this quest, a study has just appeared in the Pharmacognosy Journal that reveals simple leaves that significantly reduce hemorrhoid swelling and pain.

Most people know soursop is the fruit of the Annona muricata tree that grows in tropical and subtropical regions, but researchers have also become interested in the leaves of this tree, called soursop leaves or Annona muricata L.

When scientists from the Universitas Indonesia in Depok and Jakarta learned that these leaves had anti-inflammatory properties, they decided to test it on hemorrhoids, the inflamed, swollen, painful veins that sometimes occur in the rectum or around the anus.

They first induced hemorrhoids in mice by applying six percent croton oil through the anus.

They then divided the mice into groups that variously received 100, 200, or 400 milligrams per kilogram of body weight of soursop leaves ethanol extract (SLEE), and another group that received aspirin as a control.

They then examined the rectal tissue of the mice to check the amount of cell death, collection of watery fluid, swelling, and inflammatory chemicals in the tissue.

They found that all three doses of SLEE reduced inflammation of the hemorrhoidal tissue, with the larger doses being the most effective.

It also seemed to help by reducing fluid collection and swelling, but these findings were not strong enough to draw definitive conclusions.

Therefore, soursop leaves in an ethanol extract can help to treat the painful inflammation of hemorrhoids and can possibly help with some of the other symptoms too.

These leaves contain phytochemicals like acetogenins, alkaloids, megastigmanes, and phenolic compounds like quercetin and gallic acid. Most of these are understood to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, based on previous studies.

If this soursop-ethanol extract sounds too difficult to obtain, you can always make your own tea from the dried leaves. These leaves are sometimes available from herbalists or natural health stores.

If you are lucky, you may even find soursop tea bags to buy, especially in specialist online stores.

You either want to apply the tea directly to your hemorrhoids with cotton wool, or you can make enough to sit in.

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But while Soursop leaves may reduce the hemorrhoids pain and irritation, they’re not enough to completely eliminate hemorrhoids. For that you need to make the two simple changes explained here…

This post is from the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol Guide. It is a 3-week plan to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently. As per the creator Scott Davis, the issue of hemorrhoids can be tackled by taking care of two habits. The first habit is food which is directly related to our digestion and bowel movement. The food we eat has its medical benefits and healing properties.

Hemorrhoid mechanism works around unhealthy bowel movement, weak blood vessels, and inflammation according to the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol review. Many foods are known to relieve and remove hemorrhoids permanently.

In the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol guide, a list of foods and the plan on how and when to consume is mentioned very clearly. The second habit is related to exercise. Exercises that will nurture the healthy bowel and relieve hemorrhoids are mentioned in this guide. It is nothing related to heavy exercises; it is something to be done with sitting and lying down.

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