What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good?

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good? Hemorrhoids are horrible. And the traditional treatment for it can be even worse. So, a new study published in The Srinagarind Medical Journal is welcoming. It reveals that a specific Asian tea can drastically improve, even eliminate hemorrhoids in days.


Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good – This Asian Tea Treats Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are horrible. And the traditional treatment for it can be even worse.


So, a new study published in The Srinagarind Medical Journal is welcoming.


It reveals that a specific Asian tea can drastically improve, even eliminate hemorrhoids in days.


Pluchea indica, which is usually sold as a tea, may not be widely known in the West, but it is available in some natural health stores.


Rich in phytochemicals, it packs a punch when it comes to its powerful antioxidants and their ability to protect them from free radicals and the diseases these cause.


Researchers noted that the tea was being used as a folk medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids, so they decided to study its scientific properties and effects.


They used rats with hemorrhoids.


The rats were given 50 milligrams per kilogram of their body weight in tea each day over a 10-day period.


On day 11, they examined the rat’s spleens and rectums. They noticed definite improvements in the rats that were given the extract, with their rectums being lighter with smaller hemorrhoids. The rectal damage was substantially less as well.


While future studies are needed to confirm the way in which this extract works as a hemorrhoids treatment for humans, you can try it if you can get hold of it.


But to really get rid of your hemorrhoids for good, you need to tackle the underlying causes, which I will explain here


Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good – This Food Heals Hemorrhoids


The Journal of Nutraceuticals and Food Science has just published a literature review on how one natural food supplement treats the most severe hemorrhoids.


Researchers traced the causes of hemorrhoids back to three habits that they called deranged defecation habits (beautiful term, isn’t it?).


But they found that this natural food supplement counteracted this habit.


Psyllium husk, a type of fiber commonly sold in powder form, is the secret. According to a study published in the Journal Minerva Gastroenterologica E Dietologica psyllium husk can be used to treat even the most severe hemorrhoids.


But first it’s important to understand how your bathroom habits are causing hemorrhoids and also making your pre-existing ones even worse.


These habits, which were also found to be responsible for the development of new hemorrhoids, were excessive straining, prolonged defecation time, and too frequent bowel movements.


If these are the causes, the solutions are surely straightforward. Adopt some new defecation habits – do it for a short time once a day, and do not strain. But how does one do that?


Their answer is eat enough fiber in the form of psyllium husk. They recommend 5-6 teaspoons with 600 ml of water per day (around 20 ounces of water).


They recruited 85 patients with severe hemorrhoids who had been referred for surgery.


After 40 months of taking psyllium husk supplements and following new defecation habits, 68 percent of patients were highly satisfied with a huge improvement and hemorrhoids improved in 56.5 percent of all cases.


So why does psyllium husk work so well?


It’s a soluble fiber. When consumed, it absorbs water in your intestines and therefore softens stools and reduces constipation, which is the main reason for the straining that can lead to hemorrhoids.


Chronic diarrhea, a less common but possible cause of hemorrhoids, can also be treated with psyllium husk because it bulks up your stools.


Psyllium husk is great, BUT to get rid of your hemorrhoids for good in days, you need to address the real underlying cause. And that is all about changing the two habits explained here (and they have nothing to do with fiber)…


Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good – One Hemorrhoids Relieving Lifestyle Factor Discovered


Itchiness, bleeding, constipation, and a chronic cough are just a few of the well known symptoms of hemorrhoids. In short, they’re horrible.


The traditional medical system has many invasive treatments, most of them very ineffective.


But according to a new study published in the Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research, there is one habit that separates those with hemorrhoids and those without it.


The Scientists recruited 87 adults who had been diagnosed with and treated for hemorrhoids.


When they crunched the numbers to examine the characteristics of the typical hemorrhoid sufferer, there were some surprises.


Men were more likely than women to have hemorrhoids, which is consistent with previous studies.


But the surprising finding was that young people between the ages of 20 and 40 were more likely to be affected than older people.


This is not the first time researchers have drawn this conclusion, but most studies seem to suggest the opposite.


One major lifestyle habit that proved significant was exercise, with people who performed regular exercise being less likely than their peers were to develop hemorrhoids.


If you however suffer hemorrhoids already, exercising the wrong way can actually make your problem worse.


Watch this video – Hemorrhoids | Piles | How To Get Rid Of Your Hemorrhoids for Good | Hemorrhoids Treatment

Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good – Click here to learn the right exercises for hemorrhoids and how changing two bad hemorrhoid habits can end years of pain – starting today


This post is from the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol Guide. It is a 3-week plan to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently. As per the creator Scott Davis, the issue of hemorrhoids can be tackled by taking care of two habits. The first habit is food which is directly related to our digestion and bowel movement. The food we eat has its medical benefits and healing properties.


Hemorrhoid mechanism works around unhealthy bowel movement, weak blood vessels, and inflammation according to the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol review. Many foods are known to relieve and remove hemorrhoids permanently.


In the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol guide, a list of foods and the plan on how and when to consume is mentioned very clearly. The second habit is related to exercise. Exercises that will nurture the healthy bowel and relieve hemorrhoids are mentioned in this guide. It is nothing related to heavy exercises; it is something to be done with sitting and lying down.


To find out more about this program, click on Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids for Good


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