Alternative Treatments for Varicose Veins to Improve Blood Flow

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Many of the alternative treatments for varicose veins involve working with the body to improve circulation. The benefits of improving the circulation when you have varicose veins are that it actively prevents blood from pooling in the area of a faulty venous valve, thus ensuring that your veins do not become even more stretched than they are already and give the area the opportunity for some natural repair to take place.

Aromatherapy massages are a very pleasant and effective way of helping to improve leg circulation and providing relief from the discomfort of varicose veins.

The massage practitioner will massage the legs, using a combination of rosemary, cypress and other oils that are suitable for your skin type and condition, working upwards towards the heart while avoiding the varicose veins themselves. This approach has some major benefits particularly when your affected veins causes muscle cramps and spasms.

Yoga can be an effective treatment that provides significant relief from the symptoms of varicose veins because there are a number of postures or sutras that are ideal for improving the circulation and strengthening the body to make it work more efficiently.

Postures that involve raising the feet above the heart, i.e. shoulder stands, allow the blood to drain from the legs towards the heart taking any unnecessary pressure off your leg veins.

There is also evidence to suggest the deep breathing involved in yoga helps to oxygenate the blood. If you wish to try yoga out, attend a class if you can as a good yoga teacher will have an awareness of the best postures for your level of physical fitness and health and will be able to guide you appropriately. If that is not possible, there are an abundance of yoga resources available but be careful not attempt postures that are too difficult for you.

Applying a cold compress to the affected area can provide almost instantaneous relief from discomfort and astringents like apple cider vinegar or witch hazel can also be added to the compresses to reduce the swelling. Hydrotherapy can also be a useful way of treating your varicose veins.

This involves alternating hot and cold baths of the affected limb to improve the circulation. The patient needs to hold the leg in the hot water for 3 minutes then placing it in the cold water for three minutes and swapping between the two.

It is very important to note however that diabetics should only use warm water, rather than hot water in order to prevent burns and skin problems. This needs to be repeated daily for about a month in order to obtain maximum benefit.

Adapting your diet can have a positive effect on varicose veins for a variety of reasons. It is recommended that you follow a high fibre diet as it acts as a stool softener. This is of benefit because straining can put additional pressure on the circulation which may cause varicose veins to form or get worse, not to mention running the risk of haemorrhoids.

There is also a large amount of evidence to support adding plenty of dark berry fruits into your diet. These include cherries, black currants and blackberries in either whole or juice form as the bioflavonoids work to strengthen the veins and capillaries as does the high levels of vitamin C present in these fruits.

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