Bleeding Varicose Veins Treatment – How to Stop a Bleeding Varicose Vein?

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Because of the nature of the condition, where the affected veins are located very close to the surface of the skin, bleeding varicose veins are a real danger that can be seriously hazardous to health, and even can be fatal due to rapid and extensive blood loss.

Bleeding varicose veins are often caused by falls, cuts or blows to the skin which mean that bleeding of this type need to be dealt with quickly and decisively in order to prevent complications. Because varicose veins are stretched, this means that they bleed much more easily than healthy veins because the vein walls are thin.

In addition to this, these weakened veins will bleed more heavily due to the fact that the pressure in a varicose vein is much higher than in a normal vein which actually accelerates the blood loss.

Bleeding varicose veins are more likely to affect senior citizens, because in additions to the points raised above, our skins get thinner as we age, which means that any scrape or scratch will inevitably cause more significant and potentially life-threatening damage making the problem more difficult to manage and treat.

In the event that you should be unfortunate enough to experience an accident that results in bleeding varicose veins, follow these simple first aid rules that may well help you to avoid a tragedy:

  • Apply pressure as well as a cold compress or dressing to the open wound in an attempt to bring the bleeding under control.
  • Lie down on the floor, making sure that you elevate the affected limb above the level of your heart to reduce the blood flow to the wound.
  • Try to ensure that you clean the wound properly with antiseptic to prevent unwanted wound infections.
  • If you do manage to stop the bleeding, make sure that you dress the wound appropriately.
  • If you cannot stop the bleeding, obtain urgent medical attention immediately.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if you take any blood thinning medications or any medical conditions that prevent your blood from clotting properly. Severe blood loss can kill surprisingly quickly so it is important that you get to your doctor or accident and emergency department as soon as possible.
  • Even if you do manage to stop the bleeding, it is advisable to visit a doctor very soon after the incident. The reason for this is you may need to find a way to prevent the bleeding from happening again as uncontrolled bleeding can have a seriously negative impact on your health.

Bleeding varicose veins are also an indicator that more radical, possibly surgical, treatment may be required as the affected vein has now become potentially unstable and may leak without warning.

Watch this video to learn how to stop a bleeding varicose vein – What to do when varicose veins bleed?

If you have experienced bleeding varicose veins as well as also suffering from some form of arterial disease, or peripheral vascular disease in the legs, you are likely to also be referred for further treatment as work will be required to ensure that good circulation and mobility are maintained. When bleeding varicose veins occur, it is vital that you obtain medical attention as soon as you can.

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