Simple Vegan Meals for Bodybuilding - Arvid Beck, a vegan bodybuilder shared his tips for success in bodybuilding, his training regimen and bodybuilding diet and what he sees as the biggest recent trends in fitness
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“Over the years I learned that a lot of completely different routines and approaches can and do work if you train properly.”

Name: Arvid Beck
Occupation: Security guard
City/State/Country: Dusseldorf, Germany
Age: 32
Height: 5’8″
Type of Competing: Figure Bodybuilding
Weight: off-season 198lbs. / competition 176lbs.

Q: Who is your hero?

In general, ANYONE who decides to go vegan for the sake of the animals and the planet! In terms of bodybuilding: Frank Zane!

Q: What one thing would you change about yourself?

Sometimes I wish I was bit more outgoing and extroverted. Believe it or not, I’m a shy guy most of the time. And yeah, I’m pretty sensitive.

Q: Tell us about the path that led you to plant-based fitness.

I became vegan for pure moral and ethical reasons. I never really liked to consume animal products. Just like most people, I was brainwashed to believe that I HAD to eat meat if I wanted to do bodybuilding.

But there came a point, especially after watching “Earthlings”, where I just thought: That’s it. I’m done with meat, I’m done with milk, eggs, or any animal products. I couldn’t support the inhumane treatment of animals any longer.

Q: Describe what you eat in a day.

My meals are also pretty simple. I’m neither a great cook, nor do I have the time to create fancy dishes.

I prefer to have a few big meals instead of several smaller ones. So usually I’ll have the typical three meals per day and eventually some snacks in between, mainly fruit.

  • Breakfast: Half a package (250g) of oatmeal, with cinnamon, bananas, and some soy or rice milk.
  • Lunch: Rice, couscous, quinoa 250g (uncooked) with some peas or kidney beans in tomato sauce or with curry, and some fruit after that.
  • Dinner: Huge salad and another portion of grains and legumes.

Q: Favorite pre-workout meal ?

I always train early in the morning on an empty stomach. But even if i train in the afternoon or in the evening, I won’t eat for at least 3 hours before the workout. I feel better and more awake that way.

Q: Philosophy on supplements and which ones you take?

Supplements should simply be what the term indicates. They shouldn’t be the foundation of your diet, which is actually the case with a lot of athletes nowadays.

The supplement I will always take on a daily basis is B12, anything else is more or less optional. But I use kelp tabs, sometimes zinc, depending on what I eat.

For bodybuilding, I like creatine, glutamine and bcaa/leucine. Especially when in a calorie deficit during contest prep. Sometimes I use citrulline before my training to get a better pump.

Q: Describe your training regimen.

Basically there are only two training setups that I use:

  1. Full body workouts, with 1-2 days off in between
  2. Push/pull split

Most of my training sessions take me about 80-90 minutes, and I rest 2-3 minutes between sets (depending on the exercise). The volume can vary a lot, depending on the exact training routine and goal.

Of course, the volume will be a lot higher when I do split training. For full body workouts I usually prefer a low volume approach that’s more geared towards intensity, like HIT.

Over the years I learned that a lot of completely different routines and approaches can and do work if you train properly. So it’s also question of personal taste in my opinion.

“A training routine should not only work, it should also be fun to you. That’s more important than anything else in my eyes.”

Because enjoying what you do will give you the long term motivation. Of course that doesn’t mean a training shouldn’t be hard or exhausting.

Q: What tips can you share that have led to your success in bodybuilding? How does that carry over into your life?

“I think consistency is the most important thing in bodybuilding.”

You won’t get anywhere without.

Why? Because you need constant training for YEARS, if you really want to reach your full potential.

You can train and diet as hard as you want, but if you’re only willing to do that for a few weeks/months per year, you won’t build the physique of a champion.

You have to hang in there year round, if you don’t:

  • You won’t have good days and workouts all the time.
  • You won’t always be in the mood for a tough training session.
  • You won’t always be happy when you have to restrict your calories or ditch your favorite foods.

“But hey, that’s part of the game! Nobody said it’d be easy. If it was, everyone would look like a top athlete.”

But if you have the will to stick with your plans, you will reach your goals one day. If you really want something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find excuses.

It’s a lot easier to achieve other things in life, if you apply the same kind of mentality.

Q: What are the three biggest trends you see in fitness right now?

Crossfit is certainly a huge global trend at the moment.

Natural bodybuilding also gets a lot more attention.

Physique and bikini competitions seem to be a big thing right now.

Wherever you go, no matter which federation or contest, the physique class will always be the one with the most athletes! Sure, for some athletes it’s just the first step into bodybuilding, but I think a lot of the competitors really like and prefer this kind of look, instead of the mass monster look of modern professional bodybuilders.

Q: What are the next big goals you have for yourself?

Well, the most important thing to me right now is certainly to be a good father for my little boy! Besides that, I wanna improve my physique to place better in future competitions so I can be an even better example for what you can achieve as a vegan bodybuilder. I wanna reach as many people as I can, to show them that there’s no need for animal products.

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