What is the Best Way for Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees?

What is the Best Way for Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees? Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees - Arthritis Avoided In 2 Minutes. Arthritis is considered incurable by the traditional medical system. And this makes a new study that happened in the University of Louisville and presented at the American Association of Anatomists annual meeting a big deal. This is as it revealed a two minutes daily habit that prevents and could even reverse arthritis.

Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees – Arthritis Avoided In 2 Minutes


Arthritis is considered incurable by the traditional medical system.

And this makes a new study that happened in the University of Louisville and presented at the American Association of Anatomists annual meeting a big deal.


This is as it revealed a two minutes daily habit that prevents and could even reverse arthritis.


In past studies, researchers have highlighted the fact that people with chronic gum disease are more than twice as likely as the general population to develop rheumatoid arthritis.


These studies made scientists think that the bacteria responsible for gum disease, called porphyromonas gingivalis, might actually be the cause of other inflammatory diseases, rather than just co-occurring with them.


They put together their new research and from that, authored a paper in the Journal PLOS Pathogens in 2013, offering a hypothesis of how this works.


In studies on mice, they found that porphyromonas gingivalis produced an enzyme called peptidylarginine deiminanse (or PAD), which is not found anywhere else in the body.


The problem with PAD is that it converts certain proteins into citrulline proteins, and our immune systems really hate citrulline proteins!


Our immune systems treat them as harmful foreign objects that need to be destroyed. If citrulline proteins occur in our gums, our immune systems attack our gums. If they appear in our joints, our immune systems attack our joints.


Consequently, this is how gum disease causes rheumatoid arthritis.

The porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria settle all over your body, including your joints. From here, they set in motion a chain reaction that prompts your immune system to attack your joints with chronic inflammation that can destroy your joint cartilage.


This obviously means that you should flush and brush your teeth regularly to dislodge these bacteria that can cause so much mayhem.


But brushing may not be enough to reverse a case of full-blown arthritis, for that you need to follow the three steps for preventing arthritis in fingers and knees that can be found here…


Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees – This Vegetable May Cure Arthritis (they’re even making a drug out of it)


Nothing disables the quality of life like arthritis –waking up in the morning with stiff hands and legs can ruin the day, right?


Well, keep your chin up, because researchers at Royal Veterinary College in London report that there is this one awesome vegetable that keeps arthritis pain away and cartilage damage to a minimal.


Mom was right all along – broccoli is good for you and you should be eating it as often as you can. The reason why broccoli is so good for osteoarthritis is because of a chemical compound present in it.


Broccoli has a phytochemical called sulforaphane that has been known to block inflammation and also reduce damage to cartilage.


Researchers have identified that sulforaphane provides benefits against osteoarthritis by blocking certain enzymes in our system that cause inflammation and joint destruction.


In a study from the University of East Anglia and University of Oxford, the effects of sulforaphane on cultured cartilage cells were observed.


When inflammation was induced, normal cells released a lot of enzymes that break down cartilage. On the other hand, sulforaphane-treated cells did not produce as much of the cartilage-damaging enzymes, and hence showed a reduction in cartilage damage.


Sulforaphane improves gait balance, joint movement and bone architecture, thus helping to offer tremendous improvements in those who have been suffering from osteoarthritis.


The only problem is, patients suffering from arthritis need to eat huge quantities of broccoli to gain its benefits. Not everybody can down 5 pounds of broccoli a day. A drug company in the UK is currently testing a sulforaphane pill based on these studies. Just one dose is equivalent to eating 5.5 pounds of broccoli.


So, are supplements the only way to get sulforaphane?


Not necessarily. There are many other vegetables that contain high doses of sulforaphane. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, kale, collards, mustard, turnip, and radish are good sources of sulforaphane and a diet that includes generous helpings of these healthy veggies might just be the thing you need to cut down the pain and discomfort.


The main thing to beat arthritis is to have a solid strategy. There is no one magic pill that cures everything. Do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and before you know it, the pain is gone forever.


Here is the step-by-step strategy for preventing arthritis in fingers and knees, thousands of readers have used to permanently rid themselves of arthritis. You can too…


Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees – New Arthritis Paradox Discovered


Arthritis (especially osteoarthritis) is often thought to be caused by the overstraining of the joints. For example, knee arthritis occurs from being overweight.


But the opposite may actually be true, according to a new study in the journal npj Microgravity.


Inside your knees, there is tissue called meniscus. This tissue is responsible for distributing your body’s weight evenly across your knee joint.


It consists of cartilage and gets broken down if you have arthritis.

A team of researchers noticed that astronauts who spent a lot of time in space had an increased risk of osteoarthritis. Interestingly, in space there is no gravity and therefore no strain on their joints.


The researchers placed meniscus cells in a bioreactor built by NASA that simulated space conditions.


After just three weeks, they observed genetic changes in the cells that normally occur when arthritis begins to take hold.


From this, they concluded that microgravity caused genes responsible for healthy meniscus tissue to switch off while simultaneously causing genes that led to the breakdown of this tissue to switch on.


The harmful effects of microgravity on weight-bearing joints might result from the fact that they are precisely engineered to withstand tension and large biomechanical forces.


When this tension and force in the form of body weight is removed in space, the joints cannot perform the functions for which they exist, thus triggering their degradation.


This is similar to what happens to the cartilage of people who don’t exercise at all. Their bodies seem to realize that their joints aren’t being used, and consequently starts breaking their cartilage down.


So, the key to fight arthritis is not to take all strain off the joint but to exercise it moderately, along with ensuring you make the right movements.


For preventing arthritis in fingers and knees, watch this video – What Home Remedies Help Reduce Arthritis Pain?  

For full reversal of arthritis, you however should follow the 3 simple arthritis steps found here…


This post is from the Arthritis Strategy Program. It was created by Shelly Manning, a former arthritis sufferer and a health consultant.


A Brief Background on the Author


Like you, Shelly Manning also suffered from arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. This was due to her weight and desk job. Her condition eventually took a toll on her relationship with her (former) husband.


It was when she went to Hong Kong that she met Janerdquo, an old woman who owned the restaurant where she ate. Janerdquo supposedly offered her a bowl of a weird-smelling soup, which helped ease her joint pain. She ate there each day for 10 days until she was completely healed from arthritis.


Shelly Manning decided to research this natural remedy and to create a step-by-step treatment plan to others who are suffering from different types of arthritis, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis.


That’s why she created “The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy.” According to her claims, this unique strategy will get rid of joint pain and stiffness, repair your damaged joints, and treat the underlying cause of your arthritis.


Shelly teamed up with Christian Goodman, the owner of Blue Heron Health News, a publishing company that aims to help people to take responsibility for their own health by using natural health alternatives for preventing arthritis in fingers and knees naturally.


To find out more about this program, go to Preventing Arthritis in Fingers and Knees Naturally at Home   

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