What is the Best Way to Eliminate Shingles Naturally?

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Eliminate Shingles Naturally – How Shingles Can Make You Blind (Strong Warning!)

Shingles are horrible. The itch, the pain, the discomfort, and sometimes the months of aftereffects.

Blindness is not on the risk list most of us make for ourselves.

But we should, according to a new study published in La Revue de Medecine Interne, or the French Journal of Internal Medicine. Blindness caused by shingles is much more common than you think.

In a review of the literature on the relationship between viral infections and eye diseases, they found that herpes viruses were the most common culprits, primarily because they reoccur over time.

Herpes simplex, the virus that remains dormant in our bodies and repeatedly reactivates to cause fever blisters, is the greatest risk because it reactivates so often.

But herpes zoster, the chickenpox virus that lies dormant in our bodies and later manifests as shingles, is not far behind.

Between 10% and 20% of all shingles cases occur in or near the eyes.

Because the virus travels along neural pathways, you can often feel it traveling in a line up or down your body on one side before a rash appears.

When it involves the eyes, the rash and blisters most commonly appear on your forehead, on the tip of your nose, and on your eyelids. This happens because some of the nerves that serve your eyes, and through which the virus can travel, run through these regions.

You may also experience headaches, eye pain, redness, eye watering, blurry vision, and sensitivity to light.

The danger of this condition is that it can cause inflammation of your cornea, a condition called keratitis, which happens to be the most common cause of blindness in the world.

If your cornea remains inflamed, its cells can start to die and scar tissue can form. Since the cornea is the transparent layer that forms the front of your eye, scar tissue causes your cornea to become opaque and will block light from passing through. This is when blindness occurs.

Uveitis is another common consequence of eye shingles. This is inflammation of the uvea, which is the pigmented layer of your eye that lies beneath your sclera and cornea, on top of your retina. Inflammation can cause scar tissue here too.

Your retina, which is the layer of light-sensitive cells at the back of your eye that trigger the nerve impulses sent to your brain, is also in the firing line.

If these cells become inflamed, they can also die, in a condition experts call retinal necrosis. This will cause you to lose your light vision.

Possibly because the nerves in and around your eyes are so close to your brain, the scientists found that eye shingles pose a stroke risk in the first year after the episode. During this period, people with eye shingles have a 4.3 times higher risk of stroke than other shingles patients.

If your immune system is weakened, you have an autoimmune disease, you are female, or you’re above 50 years of age, you carry the greatest risk that shingles will move into your eyes. But everyone is at great risk.

The bottom line is that you absolutely must treat your shingles as quickly as possible to avoid these and other dire consequences. Here is the exact protocol thousands of readers have used to eliminate their shingles in days…

Eliminate Shingles Naturally – Strange Shingles and Diabetes Connection

Shingles is not just a skin rash—it can become extremely painful with pain that lasts for years. As you know, it is caused by the varicella-zoster (chickenpox) virus.

Type-2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease that spikes blood sugar levels.

What could these two possibly have in common?

A lot, according to a new study published in the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. And treating one disease can help with the other.

In the past, numerous studies have established that diabetes can increase our risk of infectious diseases. In a 2018 edition of BMC Infectious Diseases, for example, a Canadian study concluded that people with diabetes were 21% more likely than people with healthy glucose processing to suffer from any infection—especially skin and soft tissue infections, as well as genitourinary (in the genital and urinary organs), gastrointestinal, and respiratory infections.

Shingles, which is caused by a reactivation of the herpes zoster virus that lies dormant in our bodies, is an infectious disease, so a lot of research has been done in the past on the relationship between diabetes and shingles.

This prompted a team of French researchers to do a review of the available literature to see whether diabetes poses an increased risk for shingles and shingles complications.

They searched medical databases for studies on the relationship between the two that were published between January 2000 and December 2018 in French and English. They found 16 relevant studies of sufficiently high quality.

Of these, 11 reported that people with diabetes were more likely to develop shingles as adults, although the exact magnitude of the risk differed between studies, with some studies finding an increased risk of 6% and others finding a risk elevated by 138%.

The shingles risk was higher for women than for men and increased with age.

Not only was the risk of shingles higher for people with diabetes, but their shingles also frequently presented with complications not experienced by people without diabetes.

Postherpetic neuralgia is the most common debilitating complication of shingles, a burning pain in the skin and nerve fibers that can last for years after the rash and blisters disappear.

The literature review also found that post-herpetic neuralgia was more common in diabetes patients than in the rest of the population.

But anyone who had chickenpox as a child can develop shingles. And if you have it (or the aftereffects), it’s more important to ask how you can heal. Fortunately, there are simple steps, explained here, that you can take to get rid of shingles in days…

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Eliminate Shingles Naturally – Curing This Disease Causes Shingles

The problem with modern medicine is that when doctors try to cure one disease with medication, it causes side effects that can lead to another disease.

According to a new study, this is exactly the case with shingles.

Shingles occurs when the herpes zoster virus, after lying dormant in your body, reactivates and causes painful blisters.

You are most at risk when your immune system is compromised, as it then cannot stop virus reactivation.

A new study in the journal Cancer has just shown how, for example, radiation therapy for cancer puts us at risk of shingles.

The researchers mined data from a Japanese institutional cancer registry and medical records between 2011 and 2015. They identified 17,655 cancer patients whom they divided into a radiation therapy group and a non-radiation therapy group.

They could then compare them to see who would go on to develop shingles.

In the first year after the beginning of the radiation therapy, 2.1% and 0.7% of radiation therapy and non-radiation therapy patients, respectively, developed shingles.

After two years these percentages were 3.0% versus 1.0%, after three years 3.4% versus 1.3%, after four years 4.1% versus 1.7%, and after five years 4.4% versus 1.8%.

This shows clearly that a larger percentage of radiation therapy patients suffered from shingles than the non-radiation therapy patients did.

The researchers concluded that radiation therapy patients were 2.5 times more likely to have shingles than the non-radiation therapy patients did.

When they looked at the location of the shingles outbreaks, they found that these were often at or very close to the site where the radiation therapy was applied.

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