How to Get Your Muscles More Tone by Compound Exercises?

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If you are training for muscle growth, your best shot at success is what’s known as systemic growth.

This means that you don’t isolate your muscle groups while training as much as you focus on compound movements. You attack exercises like squats, deadlifts, and incline bench presses because they engage two or more muscle groups.

My friend TC Luoma at T Nation had this to say on the topic of compound movements:

“For the most part, given sufficient stimulus, muscle growth happens all over your body instead of in one teeny location. As such, doing work that stresses the whole body – putting a big load on the spine that the entire body must support – will cause more growth in your biceps than working the biceps directly.

“To put it another way, doing heavy trap-bar deadlifts will do more to make your arms bigger than doing curls. A popular rule of thumb in the lifting world states that in order to gain an inch of circumference on your arms, you need to gain about 15 pounds of muscle, and that’s pretty much right. Otherwise you’d see guys walking around who trained nothing but biceps and, as a result, were inverse T-Rex types with huge arms and tiny little bodies. But you don’t.”

Should we throw out leg extensions and biceps curls?

Not at all. I’m simply saying muscle-specific exercises should have a lower priority in your training regimen.

Compound movements should be your bread and butter, your foundation.

TC goes on to say that we have been misled in bodybuilding magazines because they tend to give the impression we should be doing curls for days. He makes a valid point about how steroid use changes the game quite a bit here:

Steroids, however, make your whole body ultra-responsive to any kind of mechanical stress. If you’re using sufficient quantities of steroids, anything works. All those body part-specific routines issued through countless bodybuilding mags “written” by bodybuilders did us all a huge disservice. They convinced many of us to concentrate on curls, kickbacks, shrugs, anterior delt raises, and leg extensions when we should have spent a lot of that time putting big systemic loads on our spine with compound movements.”

I can tell you from personal experience that when I focus more on my squats, my biceps get stronger. Yes, this is true even though I’m not training my biceps with a proper squat movement. This is because our body is a system, and when we stimulate it in certain ways, the entire body gets stronger as a result!

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