My Number 1 Tip for Stopping Your Shoulder Pain

My number one top tip, as a previous shoulder pain sufferer for stopping your shoulder pain is to learn about physiotherapy you can do on your own in your own home. It only takes a few minutes a day, doesn't require any special equipment and is easy to do.


I used to suffer from severe shoulder pain. You probably know what it’s like – stinging, nagging, sharp and sore, it is constantly on your mind throughout the day, and can keep you up all throughout the night, not letting you have a wink of sleep because it hurts too bad.

After visiting the doctor, I was told I should rest, and take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling and numb my body to the pain. I thought that would work well, and for a few weeks it did. However, as soon as I stopped taking the drugs, the pain came right back.

The shoulder pain came back because I hadn’t treated the cause and source of the pain. I’d just covered it up with pain blocking pills. If you don’t cure the cause of the pain, the pain (which is a symptom of the cause) will persist. Treating the source is absolutely essential to stopping shoulder pain.

After much research, I discovered that physiotherapy is an excellent and effective treatment for shoulder pain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a professional, since they can charge as much as $100 per hour, and pretty much every shoulder injury is going to require at least 5-10 hours of treatment over the course of a few weeks.

So instead, I learned how to use physiotherapy myself. That might sound complicated, but it’s actually very easy. A few simple stretches and exercises at home. After putting them into practice for a few weeks, my shoulder pain had completely disappeared, and I could get back to normal life.

So that’s my number one top tip, as a previous shoulder pain sufferer – learn about physiotherapy you can do on your own in your own home. It only takes a few minutes a day, doesn’t require any special equipment and is easy to do. And best of all, it’s very effective at treating shoulder pain.

For more ideas for stopping your shoulder pain, watch this video – How To ELIMINATE Shoulder Pain – Shoulder Impingement Exercises

I wrote a book about how to cure shoulder pain with home physiotherapy, based on my experiences. I included everything I learned about the special stretches and exercises I’d uncovered during my extensive research. Click here to get that book and use the same techniques for stopping your shoulder pain today.

Author Bio:

Joe Brent is a former chronic should pain sufferer. He beat his shoulder pain for good without surgery and completely rehabilitated himself from the comfort of his own home.

When Joe injured his shoulder from a combination of working out incorrectly and bad posture, he spent hours every day digging through medical and sports literature, talking to medical experts, professional athletes and anyone he could find that had any experience of shoulder and rotator cuff injuries.  He realized that it was possible to skip the surgery and the physical therapy appointments and do all the stretches and exercises on his own.

In just a few weeks, Joe was able to heal his own shoulder pain.  He wanted to share his successful experiences with others and show them how to quickly rehab their shoulder injuries and that’s how he came up with his shoulder pain relief guide called Shoulder Pain No More.

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