Paleo Diet Rules – The Truth About Paleo

Paleo Diet Rules - What you do need to cut from your life are the processed foods that taste awesome but have ZERO nutrition. Balance is one of the basic tenets of this diet, so there’s going to be far more plant-based food on your plate than just meat.


“An organic cookie is still a cookie.” – Gary Collins

Emma has been fit for most of her life. Even when she had her third child with her husband, Freddy, she always made time for running, swimming and hitting the gym.

Between work and the kids, Emma’s plate was full for most of the week. In spite of that, she still managed to squeeze in some “me time” to keep herself active and healthy.

But now that she’s in her mid-forties, things have changed a bit. Emma finds that she’s not going as fast or as long as she used to.

And although she was at 160 pounds, Emma’s goal was to lose at least ten more pounds to get back to her old weight.

The other thing bothering her was a nagging trick knee. Emma didn’t pay any attention to it before, but it had gotten progressively worse over the years.

It had gotten to a point where it hurt so much that she couldn’t go to the gym.

Concerned about what was going on, Freddy suggested that Emma see their doctor, or “Doc Doug” as they called him.

So, they had her knee checked, but the scans revealed nothing other than inflammation.

Emma was pretty careful when she worked out, so they ruled out an injury.

After going over Emma’s results, Dr. Doug referred her to a friend of his who was a nutritionist.

At first, Emma scoffed at the idea. She thought, “What does food have to do with it? I eat pretty healthily. Why can’t he prescribe me something for my inflammation?”

But as it turned out, Dr. Doug’s friend did the trick.

Dr. Mel, who specializes in Paleo nutrition, helped Emma in MORE ways than one.

They had several discussions about Emma’s diet, and from there they were able to pinpoint the culprit behind her pesky inflammation.

Even though Emma thought she ate “healthy,” but she also snuck in all sorts of processed, sugary food in her diet.

She often had vegetables and fruits, but Emma also liked to snack on cupcakes, Oreos, Snickers and other sweet treats before AND after meals.

She also had a good serving of grains and legumes, plus energy bars and “low fat” health food as well.

So, Dr. Mel advised Emma to restructure her eating habits and remove all the inflammation-triggering food from her diet.

To do that, she suggested doing a Paleo-based eating plan.

Emma scoffed again. “The ‘caveman diet’? Is that really going to help me?”, she thought to herself.

But just over a month later, Emma was a new woman.

She had the energy and figure to give her twenty-year-five-old self a run for her money.

Better yet, Emma stopped being cranky when she didn’t have her sweet snacks yet…mainly because her cravings came to a halt.

Her skin and hair glowed, and the brain fog went away.

And best of all, her trick knee disappeared – it was as if she never had it in the first place!

Paleo: Not Just Another Dietary Buzzword

Emma is hardly an isolated case. Thousands of people from all walks of life have made the same switch and vastly improved their lives as a result.

Whether you’re a twentysomething trying to get through your last year in college, or a retired grandparent who wants more energy throughout the day – going Paleo is possible.

This primal approach to eating isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, it’s a customizable diet that follows some basic guidelines of what to have on a daily basis.

So, there’s plenty of legroom within the Paleo umbrella of eating to keep you healthy and shield you from diseases.

As far as the general public is concerned, the Paleo diet is a new concept. It had only taken off in last decade and a half in the form of books and websites.

But the scientific roots of this concept go way back. In fact, there have been thousands of studies done in the past that led to the culmination of Paleo-based nutrition.

For instance, Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary biology, came out with “Origins of the Species” in 1859.

It was here where he discussed the basic concepts of natural selection. He stated that this is a mechanism that allows a species to evolve.

And nutrition has a lot to do with this process. His work laid the foundations for evolutionary and Paleo-related studies over the next hundred years.

For instance, Dr. Weston Price came out with a book in 1939 called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects.”

He was one of the first researchers who established the idea that the modern Western diet was, in fact, wreaking havoc on human health.

He observed that many indigenous tribes who didn’t eat processed food were the picture of excellent health. This included people from all over, such as Africa, Alaska, Canada, and the Polynesian regions. 

And here’s the kicker – Dr. Price also found that their health took a sharp dive once they started partaking in the convenient comfort of Western food.

In Damon Gameau’s 2015 documentary “That Sugar Film,” he echoes the same point. He discovered that an aboriginal community in Amata, South Australia experienced the same devastation.

After Coca-Cola and other modern food products altered their diet, rates of obesity, heart diseases and kidney problems skyrocketed.

In the mid-80s, a revolutionary study put Paleo eating in the spotlight. Dr. Boyd Eaton’s paper “Paleolithic Nutrition: a Consideration of its Nature and Current Implications,” caught the attention of the global scientific community and the general public.

Thanks to his work, it drove home the point that from an evolutionary standpoint, humans aren’t suited to an agricultural-based diet. He noted that our ancestors didn’t consume grains to live full, healthy lives.

And like I said, these studies and other bodies of work are only one of the thousands that lead to the same truth:

Paleo, not processed, is how we’re meant to eat.

And if this is a “trend”, then it’s one that’s millions of years in the making.

Paleo Diet Rules – The Primal Truth of the Matter

The best way to explain what Paleo is to you…

…is telling you what it’s NOT about.

In spite of the ‘caveman’ label that often comes up, switching to this new lifestyle doesn’t mean living like one in the literal sense.

As an inhabitant of the modern world, you surf the internet, enjoy your morning espressos, and fly in a shiny metal tube several thousand feet above the ground.

You don’t have to give up any of those things.

What you do need to cut from your life are the processed foods that taste awesome but have ZERO nutrition.

The modern food industry has come up with all manner of products that are technically edible but aren’t designed to actually give your body what it needs.

Instead, they’re loaded with synthesized compounds and flavors that go to town with your hardwired senses.

Your brain may perceive that bag of chips as salty and crunchy…

…but they don’t deliver the nutrients to sustain your fundamental biological processes.

And that brings me to an important point: your body is just not designed to take on this nutritional abuse.

Human physiology isn’t meant to ingest these processed substances. They mess with your natural cravings connected to your survival instincts.

Instead of having a piece of fruit that has the sugar AND fiber to keep you healthy and fueled...

…you’ve replaced it with a tall Mocha Frappuccino that’s a hundred times sweeter with none of the nutrients you need.

Some might say that people from that prehistoric time lived short lives. But that had to do more with other factors like dangerous living conditions and the absence of medication.

And no, Paleo doesn’t mean eating tons of meat to get your protein.

Balance is one of the basic tenets of this diet, so there’s going to be far more plant-based food on your plate than just meat.

Given the solid scientific research that was done over the decades that support Paleo eating…

…it has less to do with re-enacting what our ancestors did on a daily basis…

…and more about eating natural, whole foods that are designed to help our bodies THRIVE.

Getting Out from Under the Western Diet

In today’s fast-food dominated world, we’re sicker and fatter than ever.

The National Center for Health Statistics found in 2014 that 70% of adults aged 20 and over are overweight – including those who are obese.

And I don’t have to tell you the health risks associated with this epidemic.

What you do need to know is HOW the food industry today is contributing to it.

With the staggering amount of processed and sugar-laden food in our daily lives, it seems impossible to escape this trap.

But there is a way to break the spell.

Arm yourself with facts, and understand how precisely modern food is destroying our health.

Watch these 2 videos that are related to paleo diet rules –

Debunking the paleo diet | Christina Warinner | TEDxOU

The Paleo Diet Explained

Written by Dr. Carl Bamlet who is a chiropractor and a certified nutrition specialist. He creates the Food, Health & You Complete Implementation System which is a lifestyle guide primarily focusing on diet and nutrition.

Dr. Carl Bamlet is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of nineteen, underwent surgeries and chemotherapy, adapted to a lifestyle that eliminates all processed foods and the various toxins that people routinely get exposed to due to the modern diet. He has been cancer free for twelve years.

He is healthy and free from the various common lifestyle diseases. With the help of this ebook, you can also prevent cancer, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic disorders, diabetes, and many other ailments.

This holistic guide will help you to embark on a lifestyle that is rid of everything that ails our modern diet. The lifestyle guide does not recommend any medication or fad diets. There is no expensive proposition or quaint lifestyle changes. The different plans are easy to follow and they are relevant for people of all ages and ethnicities, regardless of their history of medical conditions.  

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