What is the Best Way to Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

What is the Best Way to Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms? During 2018, an interesting debate broke out between the Minnesota Department of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine about the use of medical marijuana in helping to treat sleep apnea symptoms. Read on to find out more.


Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms – Snoring and Sleep Apnea Destroys This Brain Function


Sleep apnea causes numerous health issues. That’s well documented.

Snoring (without a sleep apnea diagnosis) has been proven to be less dangerous but can still cause many of the health issues that sleep apnea is responsible for – just on a milder level.


So anyone experiencing snoring or sleep apnea should take notice of a new study published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society.


Because it reveals damage being caused to one organ that nobody wants to lose: The brain!


Australian researchers performed a study to investigate whether people with sleep apnea struggled to remember the details of autobiographical events.


They recruited 44 people with untreated sleep apnea and 44 people without any sleep breathing problems and asked them to recall specific events from their childhoods, their early adult lives, and their recent lives.


Interestingly, while only 18.9 percent of people without sleep apnea had any memory problems of their own lives, a whole 52.3 percent of people with this condition could not recall their lives in varying detail.


In addition, they also tested two other types of memory in their subjects.


  1. Semantic memories from their own lives, such as the names of people and streets. Sleep apnea sufferers fared much poorer than good sleepers, confirmed the findings of previous studies.


  1. Episodic memories from their own lives, such as their first and last days at school. Both groups were equally good.


They quoted previous studies that revealed a substantial loss of grey matter in the brain regions that worked with the autobiographic memory network for people suffering sleep apnea.


This is no surprise, as snoring and sleep apnea starve your brain of oxygen while sleeping. It’s therefore essential you heal your snoring (or sleep apnea) today.


But how?


Fortunately, it’s easy to treat sleep apnea symptoms, by strengthening and opening up your breathing passages – therefore healing both snoring and sleep apnea – using the simple throat exercises found here…


Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms – Can Marijuana Cure Snoring and Sleep Apnea?


During 2018, an interesting debate broke out between the Minnesota Department of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine about the use of medical marijuana in curing sleep apnea.


Minnesota approved the use of marijuana for sleep apnea and wrote a brief that summarized the existing research.


The Academy, on the other hand, released a position statement that not only claimed that solid evidence for its effectiveness was still lacking, but that explicitly warned people not to use it due either to that fact that many people might be intolerant of it or due to potential safety problems.


So, who’s right and who’s wrong?


The Minnesota Department of Health found four studies that they thought it was worth trying.


In the first study published in Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology in 2008, scientists concluded from the existing literature that sleep breathing disorders were at least partially caused by stimulation of some vagus nerve pathways.


One of the functions of your vagus nerve is the unconscious control of your lungs and breathing, which shows why it might be involved in sleep apnea, and it contains a large number of cannabinoid receptors, which are the receptors that marijuana works on.


In that same journal in 2014, scientists showed that an injection of dronabinol, a version of the THC found in marijuana, directly into the vagus nerves of rats reduced their sleep apnea and increased the tone of their upper airway muscle.


This is promising, because it suggests that THC can address a cause, namely poor muscle tone, rather than simply addressing the consequences of sleep apnea.


The other two studies were proper studies on humans.


The first was performed on 17 sleep apnea sufferers, found that it significantly improved the sleep breathing quality of the participants after 21 days of using either 2mg, 5mg, or 10mg daily.


The second compared the use of dronabinol with a fake treatment and used 56 sleep apnea sufferers as subjects, and was published in the journal Sleep.


Its subjects used 2mg, 5mg, or 10mg of dronabinol an hour before bedtime and it was found on average that they experienced a 33 percent reduction in breathing pauses throughout the night. Those on 10mg reported the most satisfaction with the treatment.


The only problem?


Dronabinol, sold under brand names like Marinol, is not natural marijuana. It is a synthetic, i.e. laboratory-made, version of THC. This is the type of synthetic drug that we would usually warn against because it is not natural.


No study on real marijuana as a treatment has been done because it is still illegal in most places, thereby causing a major brake on research.

Real marijuana primarily contains THC and CBD, and smaller amounts of healthy flavonoids and terpenes.


You can easily obtain 10mg of THC from natural marijuana, as you can from dronabinol. If the strain you buy has 10 percent of THC, just use 100mg before bedtime.


The only question that has yet to be answered is whether other marijuana ingredients hinder the ability of THC to relax your upper airway muscles and reduce your breathing pauses.


Whether or not you use or try marijuana is entirely up to you. But for the purpose of healing snoring and sleep apnea, there is a much easier, legal method.


You see, you can treat sleep apnea symptoms by using simple throat exercises – found here – you can strengthen and loosen the muscles around your breathing passages and heal your snoring and sleep apnea from as soon as tonight…


Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms – How Snoring Kills (even in absence of sleep apnea)


We usually think of snoring as a harmless annoyance.


Yes, it’s loud and it may keep your partner (and you) up at night. But doctors often consider its sister, disease sleep apnea, to be much more dangerous.


But a new study just presented a study at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America revealed the real danger of snoring.


In fact, it’s death toll makes it the #1 killer in today’s society.


The researchers obtained the information they analyzed from the UK Biobank, a research project that recorded the health of 500,000 volunteers over time.


They then analyzed the data of 4,877 of these volunteers for whom cardiac MRI scans were available.


Study subjects were divided into three groups: 118 of them who had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, 1,886 who self-reported as being snorers, and 2,477 who reported neither of the two.


Compared with the unaffected group, both sleep apnea sufferers and snorers were more likely to have enlarged left ventricles.


The left ventricle is the bottom left chamber of your heart. It is the largest of your heart’s chambers and the main pumping chamber, and it is responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood to your whole body.


Enlargement of the ventricle and thickening of its walls, which is caused by snoring and sleep apnea in this study, are big problems that are similar to those caused by high blood pressure.


It means that your heart has to work harder and would thereby eventually lead to heart failure.


For more ideas on how to treat sleep apnea symptoms, watch this video – How To Stop Snoring Naturally & Quickly (11 Tricks!)

The good news is that snoring and sleep apnea can be eliminated from as soon as tonight by using the simple throat exercises found here…


The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program offers a revolutionary new approach to help people treat sleep apnea symptoms. Snoring is not only disruptive to our partners, but it poses health risks as well, especially for people who suffer from sleep apnea.


This all-natural program will get you to shake off your pesky and unhealthy snoring habit using only easy to perform natural exercises.


To find out more about the program, click on How to Treat Sleep Apnea Symptoms

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