What is the Best Way to Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

What is the Best Way to Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea? Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea - Weird Sleep Apnea and Acid Reflux Connection Uncovered - Past studies to have found direct connection between gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux), or GERD, and sleep apnea. But which disease is the cause of the other (chicken and the egg) or are they actually both caused by some mysterious third element?

Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Weird Sleep Apnea and Acid Reflux Connection Uncovered


Past studies to have found direct connection between gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux), or GERD, and sleep apnea.


But which disease is the cause of the other (chicken and the egg) or are they actually both caused by some mysterious third element?


That’s the question two scientists from Huazhong University of Science and Technology set out to discover, publishing their interesting findings in the journal Sleep and Breathing.


They identified seven studies that included 2,699 subjects that met the sufficiently stringent scientific criteria.


All the studies surveyed were found to have a significant overlap between GERD and sleep apnea, and that people who suffered from one were more likely than the general population to also suffer from the other.


Having figured this out, the next obvious question was thus why this is the case, and to this question, there is still no definite answer.


Some researchers speculate that they are both caused by a third and possibly even a fourth factor, namely age and obesity.


In fact, both become more common as we move into our middle ages because the aging tissue in our airways are no longer as elastic as they used to be, a factor that can lead to a collapse and obstruct breathing during the night. Similarly, the valve at the top of our stomachs that keep stomach acids down may weaken with age.


Furthermore, both sleep apnea and GERD are separately caused by being overweight.


Obesity causes our airways to collapse because of the pressure of the fat around them, and fat around our waists can forcefully pull the valve that is meant to keep stomach acid down open, therefore causing GERD.


Some researchers believe that sleep apnea causes acid reflux.


When you have sleep apnea, you breathe harder, particularly after your breathing unexpectedly stops.


This hard breathing can induce the stomach acid to flow into your esophagus.


However, other researchers believe that acid reflux causes sleep apnea.


When you lie down, like you do at night when you go to sleep, it becomes more likely that stomach acid will flow into your esophagus, as gravity is no longer available to keep it down in your stomach.


When the acid flows into your esophagus and your throat, it causes spasms of your vocal cords that, in turn, block your airway for short periods.


No matter which of these theories are true, you’ll definitely want to get rid of both acid reflux and sleep apnea.


Here are easy throat exercises that strengthen and open up your breathing passages – therefore eliminating snoring and sleep apnea as soon as tonight…


And if you suffer acid reflux, check out this five minute home remedy that immediately hits the breaks on acid reflux (you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen)…


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Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Strange Sleep Apnea and Overweight Connection


People with sleep apnea are often overweight or obese.


It is, in fact, often due to the fat buildup around our necks, backs, and chests that press on the airways, making them collapse during the night while you sleep.


Scientists from the James Madison University wondered whether being overweight and having sleep apnea fed into each other.


Not just through obesity causing sleep apnea in the above-mentioned way, but also through sleep apnea causing cases of being overweight by making people physically less active during the day.


In the study published in the journal Sleep and Breathing, they identified 35 people with sleep apnea and used another 24 people without this condition for a comparison.


They gave all the subjects an accelerometer to wear for between four and seven days, including at least one day on the weekend.


It turned out that the sleep apnea sufferers did not get up and move around fewer times per day than those from the non-apnea group, but this was not all. All their other recorded physical activity statistics were worse.


  1. They took fewer steps.
  2. They engaged in fewer minutes of moderate intensity activity.
  3. They engaged in fewer minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity.


In other words, they moved around too little and too slowly.


Their inability to engage in moderate and intense physical activity also suggested that they did not observe a proper exercise program, such as running, swimming, cycling, or going to the gym.


But this is precisely what they have to do to lose weight and improve their sleep apnea, or is it?


In 2011, scientists tested the effects of exercise on sleep apnea and published their results in the journal Sleep.


They recruited 43 sedentary and overweight or obese adults that had recorded cases of moderate to severe sleep apnea, dividing them into an exercise group and a stretch-only group.


The scientists tested their sleep apnea in a laboratory prior to the treatment and after 12 weeks, when the treatment ended.


The exercise group did not lose more weight than the stretching group, but their sleep apnea symptoms were seen to improve significantly.


As a result, their blood oxygen levels were higher, and they functioned better.


Therefore, it would seem that exercise can drastically improve sleep apnea and that people with this sleep breathing disorder are at a major disadvantage because they are incapable of exercising as easily as others.


Fortunately, we’ve developed an almost effortless way to stop snoring and sleep apnea exercises that open up and strengthen your breathing passages, keeping it open day and night.


You can do these simple stop snoring and sleep apnea exercises even if you’re feeling tired, and completely heal yourself as soon as tonight…


Watch this Video – A Simple Fix For Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Eliminate Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Why Snoring and Sleep Apnea Is Not Your Worst Nightmare


You probably know many of the complications and irritations snoring and sleep apnea can cause.


But nightmares, sleep walking and even violence, have not been associated with snoring and sleep apnea before.


Norwegian scientists decided to put these things to the test and published their shocking findings in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.


The scientists suspected that people with sleep apnea (and people who snore and have undiagnosed sleep apnea) could suffer from other parasomnias as well.


Parasomnias include nightmares, sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, the acting out of dreams, noises, and hallucinations while falling asleep.


Like sleep apnea itself, parasomnias lead to daytime sleepiness and fatigue, and many of them are actually scary to experience.


The scientists recruited 4,372 patients, referred from a Norwegian university hospital, with suspicion of sleep apnea.


When diagnosed, 34.7% of their subjects did not have sleep apnea, 32.5% had mild apnea, 17.4% had moderate apnea, and 15.3% suffered from severe apnea.


43.8% of those with sleep apnea suffered from extreme nightmares.


Furthermore, 3.3% of them sleepwalked, 2.5% exhibited sleep-related violence, 3.1% performed sexual acts during sleep, and 1.7% struggled with sleep-related eating.


The good news is that both snoring and sleep apnea (and potentially nightmares) can be eliminated through the use of the simple throat exercises found here…


The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program offers a revolutionary new approach to help people stop snoring. Snoring is not only disruptive to our partners, but it poses health risks as well, especially for people who suffer from sleep apnea.


This all-natural program will get you to shake off your pesky and unhealthy snoring habit using only easy to perform natural exercises.


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